Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This week just passed, I was just enjoying the movies that came out. The first is the remake(well story, a little different) of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes then followed by Guardians of the Galaxy, Hercules and last Deliver Us from Evil. On Tuesday which is my budget night to watch the movies at my local theater, I usually take my mum with me to watch movies because she likes movies I like to watch. This  was what we both planned on Friday, as well.  Friday was a full day of watching three movies and I did enjoy the day; so did mum. In the next few hours/days or so, you will read the next three posts about the other movies I’ve mentioned.

Here is the review.


Follows from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, an cotangent called the Simian Flu went viral. Caesar and his apes are learning to live by some rules like “Ape no kill ape” and etc. The surviving humans go to the dam to switch on the electricity but are faced with the apes as an organised force. Koba hates humans and revolts against them and Caesar.


Unlike the original Planet of the Apes five movies which in its time was and is for me is a classic end of the human race portrayal of what it should look like in the future.  End of the world scenarios are a probable event which could happen in the future and yet movies, books and comics show us this and still we don’t heed to the warnings. Of course, the future is not set in stone but we don’t have  much time. These two sentence seem so far-fetched  to even think about but that is what I thought when I watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Under the current intelligence of the old and the new stories of the Planet of the Apes itself is a book which was written by Pierre Boulle. Little did I know that until I did a search for it.  Of course I should have known this but I still like the old movies as well as the new.

The overall view of the movie is verily linked by one thing and that is humanity itself. We once were apes as we evolved into humans so will the apes. Intelligence is taught and the serum from the the Rise of the Planet of the Apes plays a part for the apes; we see it expand by Caesar strong stance in the beginning with Koba who’s son is shot by a human Carver – after the hunting of deer. Caesar’s son Ash is conflict by his fathers’ strict upbringing and Koba sense of hating humans. Koba takes controls and Ash lets him lead and war was inevitable course for the Apes and Human but a man, his wife and son bonds with two apes. The man Malcolm convinces Caesar to get the Hydo-Electric dam working but Koba sets thing in motion which creates the war between Humans and Apes because he found a store of armor that the Humans have kept hidden. After getting Carvers’ hat, Koba plans the war that he hates humans. Meanwhile, Malcolm’s son is communicating to an orange ape while Caesar fears his wife is dying after the birth of a son. Because of Carver stash a gun away, Caesar had to tell Malcolm and his party to leave. Meanwhile Caesar returns to his wife who is was close to dying as Malcolm, his wife and son with the orange ape sees the reasons. But Malcolm’s wife had some medications to save Caesar’s wife, this made Caesar say to Malcolm to stay for one day. Humans and apes help to put on the power together. Little did they know Koba had  made his decision after fighting Caesar.

Ape kills Ape but ape survives thanks to Malcolm and family, during which Koba convinces all apes except for the apes loyal to Caesar. Ash encounters Malcolm and finds out his father is alive and follows …

In this movie it showed that the writers  showed humanity at its best and worst; and ultimately in to two types of homo-sapiens – human and ape. The sense of leadership that Caesar wanted was peace like between humans and apes.

I stated above, the Planet of the Apes is based on a book which I haven’t read, but it seems the old and new movie adaptions seem to have one thing reoccurring that a future apes will survive and humans will become their slaves or prisoners. Charlton Heston’s character from the past to the future of earth didn’t get to know where he was until he was in the forbidden zone where he saw the statue of liberty. Mark Wahlberg’s character lived in the satellite above earth  and the apes on board escaped from their cages; he and others went to the escape-pods as the satellite started to crash to earth. Even though, those two Planet of the apes had different story-lines where apes who used sign language while the original talked; the basic emphasis on time travel seemed very much through out the movies – even though the timeline is awkward to understand.

Of course the old and new versions still play with the main points I’ve stated above, even though I enjoyed it it was much better than the first two of the newer versions. This movie for me is like the original one with Charlton Heston – The Planet of the Apes.  To compare it with the original is a bold thing for me to say but it was moving as the original was. ♥

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Autobots Transform

Well this post, I wanted a smashing title. What better way than to say the words Optimus Prime would say to his fellow Autobots.  And this review is about Transformers:- Age of Extinction.


Follows on from the last movie and after the destruction of Chicago – the Autobots are wanted and are tracked down by a paranoid government official and the Decepticons. An robotic engineer, his daughter and her rally driver boyfriend soon become involved after the engineer brings home a broken down truck. Over night the engineer soon realizes the truck to be an Autobot and the leader of the Autobots – Optimus Prime.  The creators of the Transformer race has brought their own retriever who sided with the paranoid official. A company under the government official who has some stake in the company, were under Megatron’s control. Optimus Prime revives the legends…


The ride has come full circle for me, watching this movie on the big screen; where I as a child teenager in the eighties remembers the cartoon and this movie reminded me of the animated series. Riding on a dream was my only thought when I heard that this movie was coming out.

From its first to this movie its story line has been to protect the seed which in humans terms is a bomb of destruction and a transforming the planet for Transformers. The Legend Transformers are the Dinobots. The funny thing in the movie was the robotic engineers’ work mate, whom died in an effect to save the friend and his daughter. The engineer Yeager  played by Mark Wahlberg made this a better story than the last two in the Transformer movies. Those one liners were better than saying, “a fistful of dollars” – of course, that is better for a western movie. ;)

Okay there are parts that seemed to be mediocre yet it also show the brutality of how humans are affect by the threat of another alien attack. Well as expected I found this action packed film more a living back to a time where cartoon or animated series were the only way for watching science fiction.(Well the tech was not as good as it is now.) Now computer technology has created a better image of the moving picture that has been entertainment for us. Each robot that transforms is a generate computer graphic interface program software that ultimately is drew on a certain tablet like mouse pad that transfers each line, squiggle and mark into a set of codes that make a transformer(of course, there is more than what is explained here; just a short example.). Just like Golem in Lord of the Rings, the actor had sensors to bring the creature to life. Just the same way that the Autobots and the Decepticons were at war with each other in the cartoon/animated series; perpetuated the seamless adventure of humans and aliens fighting over a something that each want – peace.

I believe that is why I like this movie and not just that but the Transformers themselves to show their hearts. The movie capsules the soul and the heart in both humans and aliens. For me Transformers:- Age of Extinction is a whirlwind ride of action and you might need to see it twice just to see every detail. ♠♠♠♠

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There is two types of movies to have the same name. One was based on a comic book and TV cartoon; meanwhile the other is based on the Japanese movie from the late 60’s.

Did this american version spoiled the original Japanese movie?

For me no, however you’ll have to judge it for yourself. I read all the gossip about Godzilla but when I went to watch it a few weeks ago I enjoyed it that I wanted to see it again. It was rare for me to say this but it is a movie that film buffs should take note.  Oh I’m ahead of myself.

Plot is very straight forward, a group at a nuclear plant in Japan, had an earthquake which brought a nuclear disaster. The scientist in charge is an american(the actor who played Malcolm’s father from Malcom in the Middle) had sent his wife to the investigate the problem. The scientist had to close the reactor and lets his wife dies. Their son is a lieutenant of a bomb squad soon finds out that his father is not a crazy scientist as he thought when they breach the area which sets in motion a sequence of events which lead the two to find the truth of the nuclear disaster.

Then a secret is uncovered to the two that there is a monster which wants nuclear power. The armed forces and such had to fight three monsters which the head scientist of Monarch – a Japanese scientist had faith in one monster – Godzilla. As this secret organisation – Monarch was interested in the monster at the nuclear plant was in a dormant phase hatched to be a bat-like creature which is called by Monarch – MUTO. They soon discover that another has escape from an underground cavern somewhere in or near Indonesia. These MUTO are female and male and were parasites to an even larger monster than Godzilla. The female was in a secured location where the American armed force use their waste byproduct from nuclear plants.

The overall movie was such a buzz that even though there are some familiar faces such as the actor who played Dr Rosen in the Alpha TV Series on Foxtel or cable (for my US followers); there is also the chief of police from the Continuum TV series on Syfy(which is on now).  ♥

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Journey to the West

For the young boy in me watching one of my favorite TV shows from Japan called Saiyûki known as Monkey told a story of a Buddhist monk and the three disciples to find the holy scriptures from China to India. Well here is a trip down memory lane with the same plot because it was based on a story by Wu Ch’êng-ên and is also based on Chinese mythology. Of course, this movie shows the same journey but it is before the journey itself, which the TV series showed.

It pretty much shows how the Buddhist monk with hair is able to find demons and fight them. But meets a troupe of demon hunters whose leader is a woman was after someone to love her and help the troupe. The women has a magic bag which turns the demons into a ball. The 300 nursery rhymes is a small booklet which the young monk receives from his master monk.

The Buddhist monk soon understood his love for the woman became the catalyst to his finding enlightenment. Overall the movie is action packed with martial arts or Kung Fu, comedy and just what I like when the actors speak their language. I adore the language and even though, it has subtitles – I rarely read it. I understood the emotions that the actors acted out and it was very much the way I like movies from other speaking languages.

I feel that movies should have that X factor in it. This movie certainly has it because the actors provided it and especially other speaking languages should aspire too. I love any type of movie from any part of the world, but I do have a small soft spot for the China, Hong Kong, Korea, the South East China and Japan.

I enjoyed reliving the saga of Monkey from its earliest beginnings in this Journey to the West. ♠♠♠♠

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The Host

As promised from my last post I am reviewing the movie The Host which is the adaption of Stephenie Meyers’ novel of the same name.


The Earth in a future where peace seem to be a seamless event but nothing is far from the truth. A young teen woman is taken to be the body for the alien host but she rebels against it. This woman soon fines that the alien host has the same  feeling of the human she inhabits.


This is a book which I read and couldn’t understand but as a movie it was more better than expected. Unlike her Twilight movies and book series, this movie had a good story-line  which emphasize the book – for me. It felt like a possession of sorts, yet it was not so. For some reason, I enjoyed this more than all the Twilight movies put together. It was like a writer who had a little voice who speaks to you about his life. In this movie it was the human soul that fought to live within the body to keep the alien host from taking over. In a sense this science fiction movie is more about the human soul and the alien host learning the human condition.

The Host of the woman finds love, sacrifice and the brutality of humans against her kind as a horrible and senseless act. However the emotions of the host and young teen woman had been like two separate beings within one body. The strain was almost exhausting to watch but how could you not get into the sense of the character who had two types of voices, emotions yet completely different. When the host found it unbearable to have such emotions like the human she inhabited became so exhausting she wanted to die than inhabit another host-body.

Without revealing the ending, it was just as beautiful as having a quiet afternoon with your own thoughts. ♠♠♠♠½

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Trek Nation

Before I start this post, I thought to give a little note about my last post. Okay, it wasn’t a post about science fiction, fantasy but it did have the real horror of war. The emotional savagery of war. The psychological essence of the change in the human condition. That is what comes to me as a movie viewer and book reader. My total absorption of the characters within a movie or book is paramount. Be that character – for instance – Spiderman – being that superhero as if you are that character leaving the world and immerse within the character, just like being a host from Stephenie Meyers The Host.(Which I’ll review next.)

So here come the reason for this post – Trek Nation – is a documentary I watched on Crackle. I seen this before and it was an exhilarating ride to nostalgic time with Star Trek. This historical  reminiscent ride through the eyes of Gene Roddenberry’s son Eugene Jr was an eye opening course of the human condition – of father and son relationships.

Any Star Trek fans who watch this would say, the reason to their life choice was because of Gene Roddenberry ‘s vision of humanity. There are a lot of fans who became scientists, astrophysicists and other scientific fields meanwhile others like me became writers, computer experts and was saved by the genre that is science fiction.

The most part of this documentary about the man Gene Roddenberry and the son Eugene’s quest to know his father. In an interesting way this documentary, show the fullness of a man who had flaws but ultimately his visionary of the future is seen in Star Trek.

There is one place that any Star Wars fan would like to see is when Gene Jr interviews George Lucas. There is one question that is beautifully answered. The funny thing about this documentary is Gene Jr was not really a follower of his father’s show but is a  fan of Star Wars. The sense of the documentary is the finding of the man that Gene Jr never knew at all.

This was to me a sense that we never get to know our fathers well enough after the fact when they are gone. This also moved me, also to get to know my own father in a way that I never thought of before.(I still have my father but this documentary has taught me one thing – cherish the moments you have with your father – this is important.) This documentary shows something more than just the Star Trek shows that was and to the future of Star Trek – it shows a son getting to know a father and understanding the facets of the man that was Gene Roddenberry.

A note:- I’m a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars.

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Empire of the Sun

Since Anzac Day on 25th Friday, I wanted a movie to watch something to do about war in particular such as this awesome movie which was based on a novel by JG Ballard. Well on Saturday, I watch this movie as the title of this post. Even though some of you may know of the band but this not about the music band.


Director – Steven Spielberg
Screenwriter/s – Tom Stoppard
Cast/Actors – Christian Bale, John MalkovichMiranda Richardson and more


Jamie Graham a young  British boy live in Shanghai with his parents, whose life turns upside down when Japan declares war.  The struggles Jim goes through to stay alive in a prison camp alone with no parents.


This movie I watch it when it came out and it was to me the basic strengths of our human condition to survive. The young Christian Bale’s character emphases the strengths of humanity in a form of a boy coming of age story. A boy whom became a man with values which portrays well in this 1987 movie. The incident where Jim stops the commander from hitting a POW by taking the chair and smashing the windows and spoke a few words of Japanese is a classic scene of which epitome the strength of standing up for a friend. I think there was such brutality and none would help then. The words may have been stop hitting him please hit me… Even though I might be wrong with the translation but the meaning behind the words is absolutely clear. That scene is the finding moment for me which made me think Christian Bale is an actor to watch out for. Funny thing I was right.

The ending of the movie show how the tribulations of Jim’s life in a POW camp changed him. There were defining moments of friendship between a Japanese youth who is soldier. A note also is this movie may be based on the life of JG Ballard. Even though some of the scenes may have happened in real life – like the scene of the hitting of the POW would have died. Of course, it was a time, when the Japanese knew they were loosing the war. Maybe this movie was based on JG Ballard but it also shows the defining moments of boy becoming a man. That in itself is the reason this movie stuck so well in my mind back when I first saw it and even though I watched it on Saturday, it still stirs the emotions of one boys’ life in a war. ♠♠♠♠♠


Anzac Day is a day where we remember the fallen heroes of two wars and all other wars that to me should not have happen in our history. But it did. And we must take in pride what the soldiers did for us. But I also want to remember the countries of the world who lost their heroes but most of all the families of those who stand proud in remembering them. I too remember them and lest we forget.

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Whats Crackling?

Okay its an unusual way to start this post, but if you were me trying to explain how March went, I would have to hit you with a bat – I’ll let you think about it. Hectic is an understatement. Let me just say that I’m regaining my composer. The muse that I usually foray my discussions with had a bleeding holiday, as of April Fools Day, at three o’clock – that is depends where in the world you live in- my muse returns with full force. Thus the snappy post title.

Review time… This review is from the last week of March, where I watch a movie and a manga TV Series. Where did I watch these movies and manga TV series? It is simple and I did a search and by the posts title it is a good clue – Crackle dot com – where else.

You can sign up or sign in with your Facebook account or simply watch the movie, TV series, internet shows or trailers. However be prepared to watch one minute ads which repeat and when the show or movie is half or to the end an extra ad of 30 seconds. Apart from that I found a better online streaming site of movies. I urge you explore and enjoy.

So without further to do I’ll review these:

Rorouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

Details – 94 episodes in 3 seasons


Kenshin the wanderer was once a legendary swordsman in Japan, in the Takugawa period and Japans change to the Meiji period. Kenshin known as Battousai the Slasher wanted to forego his past and stand for peace. With his tell sign of the X, on his left cheek of his face; he is faced with pass enemies and new ones which he uses his reversed sword for protection. He meets a woman who sees more than what is on the surface when he helps her. She is a master of a Dojo where she seeks students but finds then with Kenshin. The meeting of the students also come with their own problems, where Kenshin seems to step in to help to protect.


Battousai the slasher was a real person in Japan’s history but was not as the fame Kenshin in this manga or anime.  As you get to watch each episode with some clarity of plot each episode runs about 22 to 30 minutes. Each episode is from its start introduces the main characters in Kenshin’s travel in Kyoto. From the first season its the story of Kenshin and his past and the friends he meet alone the way. In the second episode he meets a young pick-pocket whom was under a gangs influence and he steps in to help. Of course the woman known as Kaoru of the Kamiya Kasshin Dojo takes the boy as her pupil after victory of the gang. Of course each episode may not be over for the character who comes to the dojo.

It is one theme of this manga for me which was said in each episode, To help and protect people. Also there was more than one theme; like using a weapon such as a sword for protection. Thus that is why Kenshin uses a reversed edge sword. Even though a sword is for killing; Kenshin also use the sword for protection and peace. Imagine you were in a feudal society and you swore never to use the sword for killing – this manga is exactly the portrayal of Samurai X. Feeling that peace is the answer to all things, pulls Kenshin to grow into a better person. In the 94 episodes, Kenshin finds love, happiness, friendships and most importantly standing up for the beliefs he learnt after being the Slasher.

The second season sees Kenshin in a fight against the royalists of the Takugawa period against the government of Meiji Period and a renegade slasher second to Battousai who engages in the governments demise. Kenshin saves the government from the renegade slashers’ dominion of Japan.

Third season is about the Feng Shui. Of course its about the Chi or Ki or force of where the place of objects are placed in harmony. Well,  Takugawa planned Edo as he placed the city’s map in line of harmony. But that harmony is gone since the Meiji Government interceded the change. But three hundred years before the Takugawa made the city maps , there were two clans aptly named wind and water, waged war and water won.

Kenshin always seemed to be in the middle of every torment comes to the people. His creed of protection was his only sense  and his style of fighting propelled him to almost superhuman status. As you get to know the reasons there is one thing that the Meiji government think of Kenshin as a hero and icon.  Of course its easy to get into the feel of the period and it is easy to understand the people of Japan  through manga.

Astroboy was my first manga I watch long ago and over the years I watch many others and each of them had the same sense as this manga series I watch- Peace, love and most of all friendship and respect of others.  ♠♠♠♠♠

The Breed

Details at Crackle dot com also a R rated movie.


Set in a future where vampires and humans are trying to live together. A rogue vampire kills an agent of the NSA , the partner follows the leads with the best Vampire police Adrian Paul. Together with Bai Ling to find the vampire killer.


It felt like an alternative earth where vampires come out of the closet in the future world where communists rule the world. The NSA has an agent learning about the Vampire world through the best detective of the Vampire police. The vampires live in a ghetto called Serenity. Adrian Paul had lived through the  the second world war and was made into a vampire by the vampire who wanted to come out to the humans. Of course, the problem was at the time the humans and one particular vampire were skeptical about the coming out.

I like the story plot in a way it was not horror per say, but it did have speculative fiction to draw a person in. In the opening scene was the most that was horror and then the rest was like a future crime investigation which almost looked like the matrix. Love the computers which were looking like the old cathode ray tube television set with mono screen and typewriters connecting to an unseen hard drive unit. But it also had paperwork. A weird sense of communism that held and governed; and mostly see how advances seen through a communist ideals. Even though, the plot on Crackle was different to mine it did pull you to watch it.

Of course, watching it at first I thought it was very unusual and weird, but I always give the benefit of the doubt and see it for as it is. YES it was a good watch in a weird way. If you like weird and bizarre movies then this is for you. Ultimately it is a good plot and an interesting to watch. ♠♠♠♠

Keep watching here…

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1690 Hits

1690 hits is a big thing for me and wanted to give a little note in this post for my followers and those who like my blog. Those who like my blog – Please return and follow the site, and once you follow, please read the next sentence. For my followers – Please look at the rest of the Menu options and keep up to date with my other Blog News which is my official site as an author of short stories(and hoping for my novel in progress).

In my official site, I have thoughts and such about writing and little things I might like to share about me. I would appreciate it immensely for your support to follow my official site.  For those who have watched or read my official site, I would like to say a great big thank you to all.

Sorry for the self promotion but since I adore WordPress as a great and viable site, I thought WordPress wouldn’t mind the good word from a blogger.  If I can make it to the 2014 hit mark, I might give something away but I need to figure out the prize until then, I might think on what it will be. Please stay tuned…

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March Review

March is gone, April is here (Depending where you are in the world); and here I’m with another late review from an Viewster session of nine movies. Just a reminder about Viewster is this, all movies are free to watch and if you don’t mind watching with commercial ads which is only two which sometimes are repeat over and over in consecutive succession there is a jewel among the thorns. The nine movies I watched from Viewster are; The Killer Shrews, The Horror Vault 1 and 2, Fear of a Faceless God, Carnal, Jolly Roger-Massacre at Cutter’s Cove, Creature of the Night, Curse of the Wolf and Night Junkies.

First I like to say this and I would not watch Fear of a Faceless God because I can’t remember anything of the movie there was no zing to feed my hunger of horror. I like a movie which I can sit after it days later and remember the movie and this didn’t do me that favor. Where as Carnal was a little better, it also had some poor issues which I think was a little bit unusual. Carnal also is one movie I wouldn’t recommend to watch but it did have one thing going for it the story was about a disease – Syphilis. While the acting was like a B-Movie, it did distort the vampire myth a bit.

Apart from these two movies and the next two movies which I thought needed no review at all. The Horror Vault 1 and 2 were short films like a short story anthology. The Horror Vault 1 has nine short films  which encapsulate fear and madness and mayhem. In fact the Horror Vault 2 also captures this but each story had a plot which does have more merit than the aforementioned two movies. If you want to see these movies, I must warn you to watch at you own peril. Each person has their own likes and dislikes. You might be thinking – Why would I watch these movies? Well! I thought the movie names was a beautiful title and one I thought was almost similar to a movie I saw a long time age.

Okay here are the ones I thought viable for a review.

The Killer Shrews


Where to watch - Viewster
Year - 1959
Filmed - USA
Director - Ray Kellogg
Cast - Ingrid Goude , James Best , Ken Curtis and more
Minutes - 69
Age Restrictions -  18


On an island off the mainland coast, a group of scientists are experimenting on overpopulation with a certain type of rodent – the shrew.  A Captain and his mate are coming to the island for the scientists supplies and retrieving a passenger in the return trip, but a hurricane is on their heels. A crazy scientist who can’t hold his liquor soon makes trouble for the group of scientist and the Captain. While there the Captain soon discovers strange things are happening, but the female scientist whose father is the head scientist of the group on the island, soon have to explain to the captain about the shrews.


Well science fiction and horror blended together well in this classic black and white movie. The funny thing about it is very typical of the science background information that harbors a sense of research that the screenwriter had done. The horror of overpopulation is one element which some see as a problem. Of course the movie showed the shrew was a good choice of being the subject of species for overpopulation because it had a bit appetite for food and mating in a number of weeks or days. Of course the experiment went wrong which the movie didn’t show. We only figure out by the female scientist. Of course, putting a good looking captain for the female scientist was the tension needed for the crazy scientist to snap. An incident during the hurricane made the captain to ask questions and he took over the survival of the group of scientists. Without putting to much emphasis on the shrews structure that they mutated from their small stature to look like dogs.

It is an engaging movie with mystery, suspense, horror and science fiction to boot. These classic movies stand as a testament to the brilliancy of the way films use to be filmed with such integrity of the times.  ♠♠♠

Jolly Roger – Massacre at Cutter’s Cove


Where to watch - Viewster
Year - 2005
Filmed - USA
Director - Gary Jones
Cast - Kristina Korn , Rhett Giles , Tom Downey , Tom Nagel and more
Minutes - 80
Age Restrictions -  18


A group of graduates on summer holidays, are at a beach camping. After a big storm, a treasure chest is found by a couple while the other two couples were talking at the campfire. At the campfire  there two couples had a tiff and then were talking. While the two couples that found the treasure chest, the male decides to open the chest to find no treasure  but a human skull. The male teen and his girlfriend soon see a pirate who hacks their heads off. The next couple soon found their fate but the couple who had the tiff, sees the pirate coming after them. Their survival and the towns is paramount.


Like most horrors with slash and hack this is just above the normal ones with one difference – a pirate on a massacre. Loosely based on the true character of the pirate – Jolly Roger – it certainly is a must see film. Okay what am I saying?  Well, this film was similar to The Fog where a ghost like zombies attack a seaside town because of the founding father destroys a leper colony. Jolly Roger is a pirate come to life once the chest has released his spirit – evil spirit. Of course, a curse has been the center-point of both films. The curse was  given by the pirate and he goes on the hunt for head to put in a treasure chest. Even to compare this movie to The Fog is not true to my nature. At least this had a better plot to it than the two The Horror Vault movies put together. Pirates is a boys dream to pretend to be a pirate. It did tickle my funny-bone which made this review. ♠♠

Creature of the Night

Plot – A rock star’s secret has haunt him for years. His secret comes out to a fan who has a deprived view of the rock star. The rock star did not want to bring harm to anyone.

Curse of the Wolf

Plot – A group of people live in the wood, but one of the group hated being in the group and decided to leave. She hated being with the group and found a way to live in a city.

Overview of Creature of the Night and Curse of the Wolf

Why would I do an overview on both? SPOILER ALERT – the Werewolf or packs of werewolves – you take you pick.  Creature of the Night has an underlining plot of a killer killing people but the rock star thought he was doing it after he took precautions. It was a good story with some scenes lacked actors charm. Otherwise its was a good look at not being a werewolf and not hurting anyone. ♠♠½

While Curse of the Wolf was more with finding another way of suppressing the beast with veterinarian medicines. The female that wanted to leave the pack had found that injecting this serum helped to stop the beast. In this way it felt like denying the beast  was her downfall but not until her beast wanted out.  ♠♠½

PLEASE NOTE – I didn’t put the details because you can find it on Viewster. Of course my plot and overviews is short because I have another review is better.

Night Junkies

Details at Viewster

Plot – Set in modern London where a junkie is telling a story about his addiction.


Looks like a Stephanie Meyer type movie but with one difference this is nothing like it. This vampire has no fangs but has one weakness sunlight like other vampires. This vampire tells how he became a vampire and his addiction to blood as it is and his next fix. He soon meets a stripper with ideals and she soon falls for him. He tries not to fall for his next fix but he does with the stripper. That is where she soon finds out who and what he is – a vampire with sharp teeth which looks like normal teeth yet the strength is enough to open the vessels in the neck. The sub-plot is as interesting as the main story but as you enter the world of Night Junkies it soon opens to how many vampires are on the streets. At least this movie didn’t change much of the myth of vampires. ♠♠♠


A Small Note

Easter is coming in two weeks and three days time which I will be busy changing a few things to this review site – meanwhile –  Happy Easter.  If you celebrate in a different way, I extend my respect in your celebrations and have a safe one. Anyway I thought if I don’t get to post after Easter its probably because I’m be busy writing a novel or novella or something else depends what life throws at me(always be prepared). So I will give you two more reviews in the next few days and then see if I can do some changes here. The reviews that is coming will be about vampires and a manga. So stay tune…

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