Robert Cristante is an Australian born residence, living in his family home, in a small country town in the north of the state of Queensland. He found his love for reading epic fantasy and horror more alluring and it feed his imagination, while reading Science fiction had lost the momentum of grasping the significance of the future. Even though, Science fiction, is not his cup of tea, he will dabble in it from time to time. While his drive of enjoyment for writing is second nature to him; Horror and Epic Fantasy, he found more alluring than science fiction. However, he does write a splash of science fiction which he read somewhere that is called Science Fantasy.

His appeal to Books became his reason to be an author. This appeal seemed to bring him into reviewing which is his way to get through the writer’s block that come to him more frequently because of his constant migraines. Viewing movies is his second love and reviewing them is another writing process he enjoys, that this site is reshaping to be just that.

Note also his love of the horror, fantasy and science fiction is the motivating aspect why he is doing this as well as smashing the wall of writers’ block.

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