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Please Note – this is about my Official site not this site; however, I use links in the menu above that goes to Robert Cristante dot(.) com site.

I have been looking at my site that is Robert Cristante dot com and notice I couldn’t do things at all without using the File Transfer Protocol password. This started to confuse me and then using a windows hosting had come to my media playing up so I was more than unhappy. Then I was so confused that nothing works.

After a few days of researching I soon realized that I made a big mistake – but on face value when I started window hosting with one click WordPress  everything was going smoothly until the end of last year with password for ftp and then last few weeks the installing of WP 4.1.1 had me going off like a Dalek loosing vision. With this in mind of the researching I decided to go with Linux hosting with my provider and see how it goes. One this I did wrong with the other was not making a backup  and lost everything – not quite everything. I made my own backups  of the pages from Robert Cristante dot com, I have all the pages I had in a word document.  But I have another site as a back up – this site is a free site which I kept but as close to my site.

So for now I’ll leave you with this thought, backup everything in triplicates. One last thing, here is okay because WordPress dot com are beyond great and they have backups well in hand.  One last note, very soon, I will be doing to this site is changing the menu above for how I want this Review site to be.

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Please keep this in mind that my Official Site is having problems. If you click the above menu you might not get back to this site; so here I give you a tip, left click of your mouse and click on open a new tabbed window for each menu item except for contact and R.C. Reviews..

I can’t keep up with which update I am doing at the moment, a few problems I have had so far are such that I need a holiday and it seems fortunate that the holiday I had plan for looked almost in question two days ago. Lucky the incident that happen on Monday that seemed to be very fatal had lowered to minor. Thank the man upstairs that it was just a very minor problem.

My official site has been a major problem for me at the moment, it seems that internal problems which I have to figure if I need to do something – what can I do? I can easily say a few swear words and wait patiently and see. It’s been a day and now I wonder what is going on. I assure you, I will be as patient until Sunday, when I will do something…

As of the moment, there will be no reviews until after April 10th, 2015. It seems that my holidays are slowing creeping up and in the next two weeks, I’ll be preparing for my trip. It will be a three week plus three days holiday. I just can’t wait for the trip. It will be a good time for me to have a quiet time with my family relations. When I return from my holidays, I will give you some pictures of where I am going. Holiday is in a state in Australia.

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Insidious and Insidious:- Chapter 2

Horror movies is fairly my kind of cup of tea but what I hate is movies that shows a video camera within the movie. Ghost movies or paranormal movies that have people videoing  themselves is so old like the Blair Witch Project or more precisely like reality TV. Well these two movies for review are different and felt more real than reel.



A family moves to a old house, when things start to strangely scare the mother who is a music composer. These strange things soon develop into the first born son and it puts the boy into a comatose state. Things get worse as the mother of the boy calls a priest but that is when the husband couldn’t believe her of their son’s troubles. This sets the whole family to move to another home but the same problems occur and that is when the priest intervene but after that the husband plays along because his mother calls in help from a specialist in paranormal activity. Soon the grandmother of the boy, tells her son that she went through the same thing.

Overview of Insidious

The story was there if you looked carefully at the movie. The signs were there. The father didn’t like taking photos because of his past experience. The story of “an outer bodily experience” in a horror sense is beautifully done with this movie.

Imagine you go to sleep and before you know it you wake and see yourself from the bed and enter in a world of limbo. Where you see souls living in darkness wanting to return to the world you know. The Further as the specialist puts it is where you travel further than anyone could in dream land and it is where demons stay and latch on to the dreamer whose soul roams limbo and the Further. Kids have this ability and sometimes they develop it into their adulthood. But it is not as horrible as this movie.

In one of these experiences, Dalton traveled to far into the Further that he became lost in the limbo world.Because of Dalton was haunted by a demonic entity which resulted in a comatose state.

This was a rented movie I watched and I enjoyed this than the Paranormal Activity movies put together. This had the story down pact to a T. The ending was such that it felt like it ended abruptly. (Of course it did and there’s a reason for this in the next review.)

Insidious – Chapter 2


After returning from the Further, Dalton and his father is returned and after a few months Dalton’s father started to show unusual behavior that comes forth so much that Dalton’s mother takes her thoughts to the grandmother.  The specialist had died in the first movie but the police are investigating this while Dalton’s father show unusual habits.


The roles are reversed this time, Dalton must face the Further again but it was such that a visitor from the further had latched on Dalton’s father’s body. This soon became what a more can the director give. It was another story that is wedge in with a crazy man who dressed as a girl when he was a boy for a domineering mother. The history of this man seemed to seep through the videotape of Dalton because Dalton’s father’s spirit was there asking for help.

It was the story that pressed me forward and it was also a beautifully portrayed story of a outer body experience. A story solely generated around a boy and his family experience in these two movies is so exquisite and intricate that compass the netted story to more than one event. With this movie ending is really a what more can happen and before I give away the ending, it also seem to show that another movie should be coming. (I know that this as a prediction that Insidious is going to be a franchise and possibility a cult movie classic.)

Insidious ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠½ and Insidious – Chapter 2 ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠½  are rated as such because I enjoy them so much. I could not rated it any higher because horror of the psychological kind; Insidious is the first movie that shows outer bodily experience so correctly.

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The Hobbit:- The Battle of the Five Armies Review

Well my precious, where do I begin with this movie review. Oh before I do and this is for those who read the reviews of The Hobbit:- The Battle of the Five Armies from other reviewers –  I must say this before I do this review – forget the reviews and just watch it for what it was. I did.


It started where it left off with the Desolation of Smaug and the Laketown up in a fiery uproar. And the Dwarf King going through his own madness to find the heart of Erebor – a jewel which bring madness to the kings of the Dwarves. Bilbo holds the jewel in the fear that if Thorin’s madness escalates, he gives the jewel to the elven wood King. During which the Orcs and the darkness of Sauron comes to the fore in which Men, Elves, Dwarves and two type of Orcs fight a war which bring tensions to each race.


The Hobbit movies has come to the end with this last movie which I feel compel to agree to some of the reviewers out there. However, I feel that the whole story of Tolkiens’ Middle Earth is shown with the three earlier movies, this and the last two movies of The Hobbit. It is very much the reason why I feel that a marathon will be need to watch the whole six movies at once – that is, starting with the first of The Hobbit trilogy and then The Lord of the Rings trilogy of the movies. Why you may ask?

Well its fairly simple, this movie seemed a little less epic in the feeling of it. But think of the story that follows from this movie. If you feel then that this movie is  good enough then follow me with this review.

Thinking back to the beginning of the first movie where Bilbo decided to sign the contract and he stated that he was on an adventure – with a rough group of thirteen Dwarves and Gandalf. It was this hobbit as a burglar and the one ring which he took off Golem by a riddle  put the first sub plot which came to blossom in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

The same sub plot with the dwarf king and Bilbo, where Bilbo had to lie to his friend because of the dragon sickness. Similar sub plots played through the last two movies which could be picked up if you remember that The Hobbit was the prequel to The Lord of the Rings.

Saruman the White, Elrond and Galadriel came to rescue Gandalf and here is where Saruman felt he was doing a good deed but we all know, he fell to Sauron’s power. This sub plot unfolds in the Lord of the Rings. When Legolas and his father spoke together also starts the main plot for the Lord of the Rings.

Yes it was not enjoyable as the other two but this movie also sets the plot to the trilogy movies to The Lord of the Rings. For this movie I found that this was actually a tie-in movie to The Lord of the Rings movies. Even though, I enjoy it as well.

Peter Jackson put the Hobbit movies into three parts with three main plots from the book. This is genius, in a way because it showed the basic story from the parts of the book I enjoyed. I really enjoyed the Hobbit :- The Battle of the Five Armies.

The reason for ♠♠♠♠½ is really this, The Hobbit:- The Battle of the Five Armies is the binding glue to The Lord of the Rings. It really is funny to think like this, but for me it was how I viewed it. And as a writer I could see the flowing subplots joining together with the epic that is Tolkien’s view of Middle Earth or more precisely Jackson’s view of Middle Earth in film.

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First post for 2015

As I recover from the new year party, my first thought was how about a review. But before I do, I hope you all had a good festive season. I have some reviews to tackle but I must start with my first big screen event of the year. I also have a book review in a week time to review.

As of yesterday, I had to read all emails since my last post and catch up with a few things. I’ll start on the first review, as soon as I can.

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The year that was 2014

Personal life is okay. With a busy year coming to the close, I am having a wonderful time relaxing  and enjoying the festive season up to the 6<sup>th </sup> of January 2015 with no viewing  movies at all – except for the current Hobbit movie. Reading to relax.

Today’s post should be about the year but I’ll make it as short as possible, since I’m having a short holiday. And yes it was a roller-coaster ride for the movies. Movies was my most watched this year. Reading seems to be left to dwindle in a side road of a freaky circus which made me feel all nostalgic. The reason for the nostalgic reading because I like to re-read novels I read before.

On the outlook for 2015, a small resolution for the new year is to read at least five new books. Well, with new year resolutions, I know that I will not do exactly what I said here but I will try.

So for the year ending as this is my last post for the year, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a safe one, as well.

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Remake Movies

In my Halloween is coming post, I stated that I will explain the reasons for remake movies. First I must say, I’m not an expert for remaking a movie that has been done before.

The issues could be many from the technical to just retelling it with new actors and new story-lines.

Technical – is usually from the film perspective that is the 8mm to 90mm negative gauge from different company’s formats which would have been analogue. I call this analogue. Lens and cameras that uses the formats that is specific to the negative gauge  are then given to cinemas. These cinemas have projection devices which used the special format range from 8mm to  70mm until 1992 when Digital started. From 1889 to when sound came in the 1900, the film gauge was black and white with no sound Silent Movies. Those sound films were short motion movies in 1923 took flight with synchronized sound which was then recorded to the motion film. As the technology progress in the 1950’s, the widescreen was made for cinemas to view. Color had been used in 1889 as the primary colors (usually painted on the film negative gauge) but it was a very dull look on the film’s negative gauge. These are what made the negative gauge film on the projection units to make the negative film burn. Sometimes those films fade and the exposure to excessive use made those films difficult to fix.

As the computers came out in the 70’s and every home in the late 80’s and early 90’s could afford a computer, this soon helped the film industry. This is were color and sound and the film gauge excelled in; as videos tapes became a part of watching and buying those films at home. The digital age had started in 1992 but the slow technical marvels that the film industry use to restore the old movies was such at first was a miracle. But those early films negative gauges were either damage beyond repair or they wanted to do remakes.

If I was to go through every train of thought and sometimes it is hard to explore the fore thought of the whole film industry. So these changes could be explored to greater detail if you are interested in the search engine you prefer. For me the technical side was either old or damage to replay even though some of the old movies are played constantly very year. You see how dull it looks, as if the color has faded, as the streaming, constantly flickering seems to start and some places seem to be lost.  Then the Videos came into effect which were copied from those film studios for mass market. This seem very idyllic but they too soon would fade until the Compact Discs came out. MPEG is a movie file format which was used in those movies that were digitally remastered. Not long after that DVD’S came out and they were able to fit a hole movie on a compact disc. This showed the film industry the beauty of technology but they had a problem as technology grew faster the money for the technical aspects of a film became a costly endeavor. Old technology was phasing out as the new 3d formats came to the scene which was another medium for viewing motion picture. The red and blue filter lens fitted to the cardboard frames to resemble glass,  have leaped in bounds since the first 3d movie that came out in the 1980’s. Now there is UHD – Ultra High Definition which enhances the colors but don’t quote me on it because its only relevantly new technology.

Oh boy, I veered of the path and summarize the technical reason  because I love the technical side of things. Back on topic about remake movies. Okay, let me state again technical is usually the major issue to remake movies. Also money is the other issue which we all agree is an issue we all understand. A good example is the movie King Kong there is three remakes. The first King Kong in 1933 was a black and white feature in a film gauge which was analogue and aged with time. In 1976 the remake of King Kong was my first movie I watch with my father, mother and sister. The actress Jessica Lange had a beautiful figure and my comment about the breasts was the last time my father did come with us to the picture theater. A little side track but reliving the remake which I saw in 1976 and later the original in 1933, I liked the 1976 version better. The reason was because of Jessica Lange who incidentally became my first crush of the movie world. Of course, the remake again with King Kong in 2005 was such that it was also beautiful to watch. A little different to the original and 1976 remake, it was the story line that was fantastic. Well Peter Jackson directed this version and it was in itself different to the original and the remake. Of course the basic story-line where an expedition to an island to its last inhabitants are still savages and believe in a monster and their rituals to live free from torment from the beast. Those of the expedition thought of the money they could get from a giant ape/gorilla. Then havoc ensues in the vicinity of the Empire building. May be this was the idea of the movie that was thought by the writer and then screenwriters write a screenplay script to match the idea.  If I think like a writer and its possible that this was exactly how the first movie became the original.

This is my issue here, the screenwriters have these ideas and then they have to sell those ideas to become great movies to watch. Even though the technology in the 1933 was first and only; a miracle of movie magic, it also was the only available technology at the time. Costs were as high as they are now even though the dollar value was lower then. A film that costs $100,000 to make in 1933 could well cost about 1 million to make now(of course this is my thought patterns and the value of money could be different).

The screenplay scripts are what makes the movie watchable but the director and the editor is the persons to show the screenplay script it visual aspects of a film to a success in the box office. There is the cast and crew behind such things that make a movie beautiful to watch also plays a part in the remakes of old movies – as my example with King Kong, the main story was showed well but the subplots of the movies or action scenes were different to the original and the two remakes.

Another is the Halloween movies by John Carpenter and Rob Zombie; the story line in the John Carpenter’s were hinted at an unstable child life of Meyers as a kid and he was after his sister but this was not as clear as it is in Rob Zombies’ version.  I like both versions and I stated in the review posts in 2013, that they complemented each other.  Sometimes remakes are good like Halloween. The script of movies sometimes feel amicable and it shows the rhythm of pace to be slow and disjointed. The flow of one scene to the other needs to be fairly tight and thought out to speed the action scenes.

I like reading books like I watch a movie and I like watching a movie like I am reading books. I have the uncanny way of reading between the lines in the book and I have the same ability to read between each scene of the movie. It is this that starts my basis in this question; Why make remake movies? My thoughts is either the screenwriter who wrote the screenplay to the producers wanted to remake the movie and use the new technology that was not available when the film was made. Whatever the reasons, the objective is simple and its what I watch for in any movie – Is the movie like a book I read that keeps me wanting to watch and make me forget the world problems for 80 minutes or more.

The Great Gatsby is a film which was made in a remake since the original in 1926 which was a silent film. The original was adapted from the stage production which is an adaption from a novel of the same name. Of course, the second film in 1949 for copyright issues is not ready available which I haven’t seen at all – know it exists because of wiki*. The 1974 version  with Robert Redford is the version I watch and remembered and it was a good love romantic movie. There is another version which was made for TV and it setting was in a different place. The 2013 version with Leonardo DiCaprio had the 3D effect and it was this that made me watch it for the technical.

As you noticed the 1949 version of The Great Gatsby had some issues with copyrights, that is truly the problem that most movies in the film industry have trouble with especially if it is a remake. That is the ultimate problem, the legal issues of making the remake movie. Thus that is why when you watch a remake the basic story line is there but slight changes are made for legal reasons especially copyright. The person who writes a screenplay must ask permission for doing such a remake but it is another long process with lawyers that take months and even years before a said remake movie is done.

As with all copyrights the owner of the said novel has copyrights and the publisher have the right to sell said novel depending on the publisher’s terms of the contract. I believe it would be the same in the film industry but its a longer contract with lawyers of the big movie-makers. Of course, it is the reason for such remakes that flop and others excel.

Well here end the long post but it is informative enough to understand it. It seems so plain and simple but usually the most common issue in making films is the legal issues from the adaption of the novel. I think we movie goers seem to want it to follow the book so much but never consider the legal issue of copyright. I have considered the copyright issue and if the film industry did follow the letter that would breach the copyright law.  I think most importantly is to enjoy the movie for what it is and then consider the full impact thus is what I do when I review movies and books here – especially copyright. I put it in my own words and how I feel when watching or reading the film or novel.

* Research at Wikipedia website.

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Books I Read Over and Over Again

Over the months I started the review site, I have watched more movies, DVDs  or rental movies than reading books.  Some of the movies I have seen has been written as books before the movie was made. For example, one such movie is the The Host which I couldn’t read the book thus the movie was better than the book. Another is The Great Gatsby. Hey you are wondering, why the Great Gatsby? Well its about the roaring 40’s and its a good story that really shows how the science of the engine itself  in those vintage cars. You’re not buying that explanation, are you? Okay it was the first movie I saw on 3-D at my sisters’ place and a little bit tipsy which was one hell of a 3-D experience. Later I watched on pay TV in normal view and got the better experience of the movie itself and more sober. But movies these days seem to have that 3-D effect as the object seems to come at you for a split second but doesn’t reach you. Oh, the Great Gatsby version with Leonardo DiCaprio is the remake from Robert Redford’s version.

What am I saying in this post?

Well I seem to watch more movies than read books. Not necessarily true. I have been reading many books and sometimes there are books that after reading them seem like all the other books I’ve read before. Even though I reread a few of the books like a person devoted to a religion, who can pass the yearly reliving of the Tolkien’s Middle Earth. I certainly cannot pass this yearly foray of pleasure, or returning to the David and Leigh Eddings’ world of magic and gods playing with the humanity senses of what make them human. Or even going into a the dark worlds of the Dark Elves of the Forgotten Realms.

No matter what I read, I rarely get the pleasure of the worlds I have visited when reading JRR Tolkien, Eddings, Raymond Fiest, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, George R R Martin, Robert Salvatore, Sara Douglass, and many more to mention here. All the series of the mentioned authors, and on occasions, I do find some new author appealing but I do find it hard to read first persons stories(I did this and that scenario.). The beginning usually and more precisely should capture the reader. Usually the first sentence does it but the next one usually becomes I get frustrated and throw the book to the floor. So I jump ahead to the first chapter, then its like reading from a different persons view. Then, I cease to read it. After a number of days I go back and reread the book and… sometimes the writing of the author pulls me forward.

Here is one author Ian Irvine, I had trouble reading from the beginning and it wasn’t like I mention above. It was entirely third person point of view – if my photo memory is correct – which usually is at 95% of the times. The language was purely a high standard, for me. Like the above paragraph, I reread the book at a later time and it astounded me. The Three Worlds Sequence which is a four book series became one of my favorites, yes I get to reread it again.

There are times when I feel that rereading the books I read before, an exhilaration of wanting the stories to keep going forward and onward. Of course, in the end, the worlds I enter seem to be pale illusions to the world I live in. What do I mean by that? Pale Illusions is not what I wanted to say. Vivid is more a better word that encompasses the state of the pictures that the words on the page create in my mind. My senses are alive in an imagined world written by my favorite authors I mention above. Is this reasonable assumption? In a way, I lean toward a yes.  It is very simple, I read to leave my world that I know and travel to a fantastical world where I can forget the pain I have.

This is the criteria I look for when reading a novel. Can I be transported from the trouble world I live in to a world of fantasy. The escapism of the novel is the point for me. Thus rereading the novels by my favorite authors makes me want to relive those moments again and again.


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Halloween is coming

I say ten days to go before I go on a killing spree in my dreamworld and get away with it. Seriously, its one of those days when you can treat or trick someone and get away unharmed… or may be not.

Okay I viewed many horror movies this month so far that I am going to summarize the best ones.

Hostel and Hostel II


There is a hostel in Slovakia, where backpackers come to visit and enjoy but some strange things occur to backpackers.


In Hostel – two male American students on holidays meets another backpacker and were going to this hostel with a lot of sexy women. Then that backpacker they met soon disappears. And before long you get to see where the backpacker went and so on.

The overall picture of Hostel was not much of a story-line with some holes which barely gets you wondering what is going on. Yet in a sense it throws you quickly into a world where business people get their thrills by killing people. Spending thousands of dollars.

In Hostel II, once again you see three young female students from America going to Slovakia to the same Hostel where a festival was on and soon the three girls were taken to the abandon factory where the rich men and women would torture and kill the backpackers.

This second hostel movie had more of a better story-line than the first. This made a better sense than the first. If you were to watch hostel by itself I would not advise to do so, because it seemed choppy and with no sense until the end. However, Hostel II is best watched straight after the first movie. Why? Well the story plot flows well, and its this that gets me say now I understand more better.

Hostel is patchy with ♠♠½ meanwhile Hostel II is plotted well with ♠♠♠.

Please note – there is Hostel III on DVD which I haven’t seen yet.

Fright Night 2


Same like the first Fright Night – a vampire moves next door to you scenario – meanwhile this is a motel where students bunk in a room and across from the motel lives an vampire.


This is based on an legend of Elizabeth Bathory who bathed in bath of blood. There is also another legend which coincides with the Blood Moon – at midnight which a female virgin born at midnight would make the vampire able to walk in sunlight. This is almost as ridiculous as the notion of having a werewolf staying in its form forever.

This vampire woman was very much a hag who wanted female virgins to drink and bath in of their blood.

This remake has a different plot to the Fright Night Part 2 1988 movie.

This Fright Night II is sensual, comedic and yet had the classic Dracula feel, sealed with fangs ♠♠♠½.

(In a new post well after November, I’ll post something about remake movies.)

Summary of some Movies

The Purge – Once a year you can let yourself go and go on a rampage – Kill anyone from dusk to dawn. In this movie it seem surreal yet sometimes it seem to be a futurist analogy of what we want to do instead of actually doing the deed. It does feel like that way especially in the neighborhood in the movie. ♠♠♠

One other movie was the remake of Patrick – yet this Patrick had been set in an refurbished convent as Roget Clinic away from the city/town and a lighthouse was a few hundred feet away from the clinic. This clinic has onsite accommodation for nurse staff whom would later go home on their off shift in the town/city. Yet Patrick grasp followed the nurses or anyone getting too close to Kathy, his infatuation for her extend miles. ♠♠♠♠

There were two more but they did not stick to my head like the above stated movies.

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Update on my life

Okay where do I start?

Well in the last month, I have been watching some anime or manga and doing research for my Nanowrimo story. I also have been sick a few times and still feel a little weak. Of course there were times when I went out and enjoyed myself but in the midst of being feeling a little worried of my health – I hope in time I should feel a little better. In a month and seventeen days, I’ll be one busy bee as November will be doing the 50,000 word challenge and during that month also be Movember.

This month is Blue September and all you have to do is Google it. As some of you my followers who followed me here know that I enjoy playing Texas Holdem poker and for you new here; well I do like playing. And in the beginning of the year I started playing again and its been one hell of good time. One thing I like playing is poker and for me its my sport. I won one game in August. And won in the beginning of September. Two medals this season so far.

Well, it has been on hell of a slow month; yet, I predict the next two weeks and October will go fast.

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