Movie Review that is coming

As I am watching a few good movies, lately I have noted that another year is almost coming to its end and I haven’t done a book review. Well I feel that is because of the books I’ve read have either been turned into a movie or the ones that I haven’t read are movies. […]

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Star Wars is coming

As you may be aware, Star Wars The Force Awakens is coming to cinemas in December 17. I thought to do something that is a little different to my normal reviews. I thought to do a memory down the lane post. I just read an article on the Empire magazine about the movie and a […]

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Fairy Tail

It is Manga time. Yes, Japanese comics with a difference, watching anime. Plot Lucy Heartfilla is a seventeen year old wizard, joins the Fairy Tail Guild and she meets many of the guild’s most strongest wizards. Natsu Dragneel invites Lucy into the guild and she finds them to be a very rowdy bunch which she […]

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Terminator Gensys

Plot John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor from termination. Once Reese is there something doesn’t add up and he wonders what has happened. Overview The point of view has changed in this movie – Kylie Reese is telling his story and how he was found by John and to […]

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Review 2 – Cube Trilogy

With this review, is another three movies that was on Pay TV on Demand which I watched. Each movie has the same plot thus this review is going to be a short one. Cube, Cube²: Hypercube and Cube Zero are rated R because of the horror elements in the movies are very horrific. Plot Main […]

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A Little Promo

To my followers here, I have a new site as an author and I would like you to follow that site as well. At the moment, I have started with a new platform of the operating system – the old system was Windows based while the new is Linux based.   The transition from Windows to […]

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I’m Back

Well I’m back from 24 days holiday but technically, my emotional state was at a low since a week after my mum went into hospital. What happened on my holidays? Well I enjoyed meeting my relatives on my mother’s side. And let me say, I enjoy shopping and looking at the city of Adelaide, South […]

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Holiday’s Yeah

It is going to be a beautiful few days as my last minute things before I’m going on my holiday somewhere in South Australia. Its very close to the day when I’m leaving for the holiday, that I’m feeling a little excited. Of course, when I return, I’ll come back with a few movies to […]

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New Site Up

As you can see I have changed this site as it is a basic review site of movies and books, I watch and read after two days. On the left side that is the sidebar, is an which show a small amount of info of me and there you can find the link to […]

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