Nothing Exciting

(Note: this is a trial for future posting)

It has been a very uneventful day, today. Well apart from my minor health problem which happened last night. It was just an usual visit to the bathroom toilet, and bang the pain started. I slowly got up and went to my room and lied down to make sure it would go away. No way, the pain stayed and by morning I was unable to get up with much difficultly. Eventually, I got up and went to the doctors with out an appointment.

I explain that I had the pain all night and need to see a doctor. I went into the waiting room, and sat for just two minutes and I was called. Mind you I was lucky have such a nice doctor. She explained it might be muscle or kidney stones. With a urine test will explain if it was kidney stones. She gave me some strong pain killers and other meds for the relaxing of the pain.

Its not a good time for being in pain when Easter is just around the corner, and it will be my first one not travelling anywhere to go and play a tournament poker. If my pain subsides by Saturday, I hope I can enjoy Easter with the family.

Otherwise, I’ll be seeing the lovely doctor again next week.


Some good news


Well, over a number of seven months it finally here my short Sci-Fi horror, Planet Hell is out with another number of great contributors with some great stories of Bounty Hunter finding their most wanted man, woman or alien.

Why do zombies scare us?

unquiet earth

The first line on the back of the cover of Unquiet Earth is released with these stories:

1. Dead Man Serving by Joe Jablonski

2. Blue Plate Special by Bruce Harris

3. Night Fever by Lorraine Horrell

4. The Dead Living by Joshua Brown

5. Late Riser – Only Survivor by Darren Gallagher

6. Upping the Ante by Chris Allinotte

7. Fixed and Dilated by Stephanie L. Morrell

8. My Pet Zombie by Adam P. Lewis

9. Surrounded by Death by Dan Duritsa

10. Undying Love by Matt Kurtz

11. Shambles by William Wood

12. Augustus by Dustin Reade

13. Zombies for Desserts by Robert Cristante

14. Keeping Dry by Gregory Miller

15. The Other Zombies by Dustin Reade

16. Playing Possum by Terry Alexander

17. Rotten Silence by Louise Kerr

18. In the End, We are like our Fathers by T. L. Barrett

19. Playing Possum by Terry Alexander

20. Slave to the Flesh by Steven Chapman

21. Diary by Lucas A. Turney

22. NISI by A.J. French

23. The Hunger by Lucas Turney

24. Still Heart and Empty Lungs by Stephanie L. Morrell

25. Bergamot Silhouetted by Sean Monaghan

26. A Mother’s Love by Terry Alexander

27. Destination: Antsiranana by Lucas A Turney

28. The Uninvited Guests by David Perlmutter

29. Flowers at their Graves by Charles A. Muir

30. Live Wire by Yolanda Sfetsos

31. An Unexpected Family Reunion by John X. Grey

32. Dawn, From The Dead by Ash Hartwell

33. Make it Count by Rafael E. Cariaga

34. Even Zombies Have Taste by Ellie Garratt

35. Zombie Shopping by Darren Gallagher

36. Converting the Dead by Lorraine Horrell

37. Clockwork by Dene J. Dumont

38. Hungry by Steve Gilbert

39. A Fable of the Undead by George Wilhite

40. The Secret to Survival by T. L. Barrett

41. Solar Mutation by Stephanie L. Morrell

42. Little Zee by L. Joseph Shosty

43. The Customer is Always Rot by Brian Rosenberger

44. Ticket Booth Survivor by Dustin Reade

45. Sweet Shop of the Zombie Apocalypse by Sean T Page

46. Starring Role by George Wilhite

47. Accused, For Their Reasons by Darren Gallagher

48. Rock Pile by Terry Alexander

49. The Necromancer by Jason D. Brawn

50. C12H16N2 by Lucas A. Turney

51. Once Upon A Christmas Eve by Lucas A. Turney

52. Mrs. Wilson’s Elite School for Zombies by Lorraine Horrell

53. Attack of the Zombie Hamsters by Rebecca L. Brown

54. The Zombie Zud by Jack Horne

55. In a Little Undead House by Chris Allinotte

56. Necromancer by Mitch Lavender

57. Things Past by Dustin Reade

58. The Damned Do Cry by Dene J. Dumont

59. Memories by Kevin Millikin

60. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by M. S. Gardner

61. Bread and Circuses by Dene J. Dumont

62. Coliseum Of The Dead by Ash Hartwell

63. Left Overs by Gary Buettner

64. Eight Seconds of Smugness by George Wilhite

65. Bones of Contention by Chris Allinotte

66. Santa Baby by Rebecca Snow

67. So you want to be a Zombie by Chris Bartholomew

68. When All We Have Left by David Renfrow

69. Dying Bites! by Anne Lowndes

70. Storm Frost Mountain Maze by Robert William Shmigelsky

71. Progenitor by Hillary Lyon

72. First Visit by Mason Swithen

73. Come Die With Me by David Gow

74. Date with a Zombie by Andy Echevarria

75. Steam-Powered Dead by Naomi Clark

76. The Leftovers by George Wilhite

77. The Ugly Little Zombling by Alva J. Roberts

78. Bad Samaritan by Ryan Neil Falcone

79. When Hell Freezes Over by Rob Rosen

80. Night Shift at the Meat Packing Factory by Charles Kyffhausen

81. Waiting by Ricky Massengale

82. What Happens After by David Sklar

83. Special Forces by Jerry Wright

84. The Battle of Mayfield Springs by Jerry Wright

85. Dead Mistresses Tell No Tales by Jerry Wright

86. The Crematorium by Suzanne Robb

87. The Legend of Casey Jenkins by Suzanne Robb

88. Three In The Morning by Armand Rosamilia

89. It’s a Wholesale Kind of World by Suzanne Robb

90. Stronger, Faster, Deader by Suzanne Robb

The Writers’ Block

Well I have come to a brick wall which is called the writers’ block. May be with all the distractions and minor problems at home has me jumping in all directions and my excuse is the brick wall. Yet here I am trying to change my way of thinking and trying to break that wall by one brick at a time.

It is not easy but slowly this whole week I have been trying to break free from the wall. I hope I can.

Looking back and forward

I have tried many sites for other ventures but now I have something which I feel that WordPress is better with layouts, themes, designs and I could use with ease, also  has many more than other places for blogging. Thus here I am with something that I hope I can do a daily diary of my thoughts.

As I do odd jobs when there is work, writing provides a new sense of power. Well, power in a way of turning letters into words, phrases and then into sentences. From those sentences to a paragraph and onto many paragraphs to a page or three to become a title of a short story, then the editing of that story and then rewriting it and then leave it to do the next story. After six weeks or two days of not thinking of the first story, I tune into the second and then go back and do more polishing of the first then send it out to a small press. Continuing on the second story, while I wait for the acceptance or the dreaded rejection. I sometimes think that a rejection is better than not receiving an answer. I had a few rejections and those made me only more determine to write and revised those stories and even those written would be rewritten and sent out to different small presses.

My first story is a flash fiction of under 500 words in May 2010 called “The Birth” – a story of birth, between mother and child. The story came about the infatuation of my own sense of loss of being a twin. I knew since I was ten that I was a twin, and to this day I feel it – a quarter full.

The second and third flash fiction started in June 2010, then short stories were  accepted in the next few months up to October 2010.

These stories are:

  • Henry Joyce and Mr. Reaper
  • Kitty at large
  • The Games of Champions
  • Freakish Creature Hour
  • Marcarllus’s Redemption
  • to name a few.

Three small presses accepted my stories, with exposure only.  These wonderful and great presses are Pill Hill Press, Wicked East Press and Static Movement; also check their fourms out PHPForum, WEPForum and SMForum.

Since October 2010 to  January 2011, I was working on a 10,000 word story which will be coming out soon; well it became to be a 9,005 word story. That story will be coming soon as I get to know and I’ll let you know all as soon as I do .

Then from January to today, I have written and rewritten stories, a poem accepted, two rejections and lived through Cyclone Yasi and took two weeks off writing which today ends.  Not forgetting the five floods that comes from monsoonal weathers in North Queensland.

The Outlook

Weather wise, much a cloudy day today in North QLD  and I reckon a good few showers to come.

Personally, I think my writing will take the next step which will be recieving a contributors’ copy.

To end this day with a few things, like a strong drink, watching the old box(TV), relax, play no limit poker and enjoy the weekend with a few friends.

Cheers, Happy blogging and writing,