Wicked Bag of Horror Tales

2ry6pskPrepare for the twisted and most wicked bag of tales. What can happen in an ordinary life in a suburb of your town?  Aliens, ghost hunters, bathtub spiders, dinner on the road, a stranger’s directions, vacations gone wrong and families goes astray…
Well, in the pages of this collection of nine stories, there is twisted tales of horror from the spectrum of the genre. Each tale well scare…Prepare to watch your backs once you finish these nine tales…
Be prepared to read this with the lights on and lock those doors and windows.

My Notes

This is the first of the Wicked Bag of Tales instalments where a challenge is set with a number of writers to write on a theme picked by the editors and a story idea from those writers.  However with this first instalment only nine made it to the finish line.  However, with these nine tales you’ll get to see something beautiful.


Tolkien A Biography

The Lord of the Rings What a title and a book to read again, again and again. Now, I got your attention,  the audio book I have just finished in the last few days is called Tolkien A Biography written by Michael White narrated by Gordon Griffin from Clipper Audio; details the life and times of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

I never thought the tragic life of a man could shape him into a legend but his background shape him to know his world and this grabbed me when I first read the Lord of the Rings way back in 1984. This biography actually brought back those memories which shaped me into a writer. Essentially the sense of terror of school bullying had been and in my sense of escapism were the books I read at the time. Four years earlier I found out that I was a twin. I never came to grips with it until I read Frodo and Sam travelling to the council of the Elves.  That precise moment when Frodo said I’ll bear the burden of the ring, and Sam and his friends came to help Frodo had me understanding that even I was alone; but I still had the presence of my twin with in me.

Tolkien’s religious belief was portrayed well in the audio and it took me back to my upbringing and maybe that and reading the Lord of the Rings had me spellbound. My writings were different but I think it was Tolkien that spurred me on to become a writer.

I found comparisons with another writer in this audio book, I never thought possible. These comparisons are similar but not at all the same; for instance, my epic story which is at the moment in its twenty third rewrite, slowly being five to six books in length; I felt like Tolkien – he worked on the Silmarillion for many decades as I have worked on my epic. It seems to me that the similarities is much the same.

I at the age of seventeen read a variety of works had come to read more of the other tales of Tolkien, like the Silmarillion and the unfinished tales and the works seemed to melded to the Lord of the Rings and now listening to the Tolkien’s A Biography; it sense of Middle Earth became to me a wonder and I was drawn into Middle Earth as a character. Nothing ever after had captured me so much, but a few did and those were by authors like Rowlings, Eddings and some Australian and New Zealand authors.

I have been a fan of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings ever since 1984 and every year since, I have always enjoyed devilling into Middle Earth. I who watched the films with great interest when the first one came out and its sequels was so dumbfounded at first but was so much erred by the fact that when I have read it as I always picture it as the film. Its cunning sense of each character portrayed to me was such a beam it flamed the core of my being to continue on my epic.

To end this review I enjoyed Tolkien A Biography, because it shows that belief in ones work; with life, work commitments and pains of the world brings a new light to Tolkien, I never thought or even state it a should be read book or audio book to be listen to. Either way to read or listen to it you will see behind the man who brought the best works in the twentieth century.