Wicked Bag of Horror Tales

2ry6pskPrepare for the twisted and most wicked bag of tales. What can happen in an ordinary life in a suburb of your town?  Aliens, ghost hunters, bathtub spiders, dinner on the road, a stranger’s directions, vacations gone wrong and families goes astray…
Well, in the pages of this collection of nine stories, there is twisted tales of horror from the spectrum of the genre. Each tale well scare…Prepare to watch your backs once you finish these nine tales…
Be prepared to read this with the lights on and lock those doors and windows.

My Notes

This is the first of the Wicked Bag of Tales instalments where a challenge is set with a number of writers to write on a theme picked by the editors and a story idea from those writers.  However with this first instalment only nine made it to the finish line.  However, with these nine tales you’ll get to see something beautiful.

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