Wicked Bag of Tales #2 Sign Up

This is a little short noticed but then again, it’s only 18 days left before you can sign up and plan for the three months of solid writing and cross your fingers if you are picked.


Here’s what this is:

An anthology of stories 10,000-15,000. You will have 3 months to write this perfect tale. BUT you won’t get to choose the genre OR idea. WE pick the genre. A fellow WRITER will pick your idea prompt. And you don’t get to know either BEFORE you are selected.

Still interested?

Here’s what you do:

Send Jessica A. Weiss a PM at wickedeastpress.lefora.com forum with your real name and contact email.

Names will be collected for 1 month. The last day is June 21, 2011 by midnight EST.

Between June 22-June 24th 10 names will be drawn at random from a jar. Those 10 names will get further instructions by Email.

** All authors must be dedicated to fulfilling this task. If you think you may not be able to commit, please do not sign up for consideration.**

***Authors that participated in “Wicked Bag Of Horror Tales” are permitted to try their luck this time around.***
Just remember I am doing this again, and I hope with every piece of my body I get to do the second Wicked Bag of Tales.