Harry Potter: It All Ends

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2; starts with Harry, Ron and Hermoine on the continue search for Voldemort’s horcruxes and for the great ending. After three times of looking at this picture every detail on the cgi is such that I could pick it up very well. However it does show a sense of wonder. I am not getting into more of the story because we all know it if you have read the books.

The very first movie, when Harry’s Christmas present was the Invisibility Cloak sent to him by no other than Dumbledore.  Then the subsquent stories of Voldemort changing form is the reprising theme of the subsequent movies, brought you up to the time of the dark prince and the death of Dumbledore. Of course, the elder wand was in the hands of Draco and then it was in the hands of Voldemort.  The compelling thing about the elder wand in this movie was felt by Voldemort and could not pick up the reason who should have been using.  With each of the horcruxes being distinguished, the strenght of Voldemort seems to wane. Just go and watch it.

I know the books is very detailed than the movie. I enjoyed it more than I could afford.


NOTE: Here is my thought about the movies and the books – the book brought the detail, while the movie brought the book to life. In that sense I feel reading and watching Harry Potter is such a joy. Even though reading fills the gaps of the movies, your imagination could actually put the characters in sync with the movie or vice-versa. The people who played the characters will always be in my imagination when I read the seven novels of Harry Potter series. My food for thought.


Getting Old and rejections slips


Ha Ha it sounds dreadful, but it is true I am getting old. Damn it! Arthritis is an old persons problem. I know that is not the case and arthritis affect many people no matter their age. I keep thinking forty is not my problem. Ha it is now. But being diagnosed with that amongst other things it pretty much mean that I should be… Well lets not think of it.

Pretty stupid to think of it but with having other medical problems that I barely getting use to the diagnosis, even after the three years of knowing it was the problem, the message might be sinking in.

I know that stating something as this on a blog for people to see, is a very hard thing for me to say or even do. I think I might need more time to think for the world to know. It is just that my problem had baffled my doctors for most of my life. From one diagnosis to another over the forty years had been a very ineffective progress. What it boils down to is this, I have a disability which affects my lower body that is, my legs, bladder function and the number twos plus the new diagnosis of arthritis.

Apart from these health issues, I keep wondering why I have four rejections slips to my stories. I keep wondering if my brain is registering correctly that my writings is not going well or its simply that my ideas are not…

I know I must not talk about it but I know I need to because its part of the industry. All those rejections I have had so far; been the best rejections. It is very true, only one rejection I had was very bad. All of the twenty or so stories I sent out only one bad rejection. Of course those rejections made me think “well fix a bit there or change title and restructure a little different and send it, then wait.” Well, do not wait with baited breath for the answer, just go onto the next story and concentrate on the next story. Or start on another story. This is the advice of many writers and it is the best advice.

Actually I do remember of one  rejection that came back with a detailed help for my story. This particular editor of a small press had sent me the best of best rejections. It show me where my flaws were and I tried to fix it but my computer crashed before I was able to back it up or even print it out. The story I sent to this editor was for the Luv Anthology and only exposure. I knew I would not have any luck with it but from what I saw had picked my flaws.

Okay, doing another story is easy to say than put to practice. I know that because it is in the back of my mind; I hope I get it accepted, sometimes a second rejection comes and then I leave it for two weeks and return to see what happen and what I did wrong. I know where my weakness lies and it is the tenses. Past, present and future tenses – I believe my brains deceptively jumps over those issues or flaws. Damn I hate that when it happens. I know my ideas are good but the brain seems to fly pass those dreaded tenses.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Autobots transform and roll out…

I always wanted to say that… then I would make a sound as the transformers changed from cars to robots, as I use to watch it on TV – ah the memories of a 14 year old boy. Click the link at the end of this sentence and you’ll see more history of the Transformers.

Well the movie… the third movie is as I remember it all of those years ago is the transformation sound effects is more in thx now than the old stereo.  Of course there is a difference between the movies and the cartoons but I didn’t look at it that way because I always enjoy the story. Autobots and Decepticons fighting against each other.

Of course the first two movies began with the introduction of the Transformers and Sam a boy who is graduating from school and going to college and buying an old yellow sports car which turns out to be Bumblebee.  Bumblebee as a transformer copied himself into a yellow mustang. Of course, Sam inherits his fair share of troubles with his new robotic friend. Meeting others of the Autobots and Optimus Prime, started a chain events between the war against two different robots from Cybertron.

Megatron the Decepticon leader was found by a secret government in the USA, and when the Autobots and Sam find out the story unfolds… to the Second movie called the Revenge of the Fallen. In this sequel, they soon were aware of more deceptions and Decepticons were on the search for something. Sam in his college year had cryptic visions and returns to help the Autobots and the government to prevent the Decepticons from getting something.

The Dark of the Moon, Optimus Prime learns something from the time of war in Cybertron is landed on the Earth’s moon. The Autobots were on a mission in Chernobyl and the Decepticons laid their trap. In the next few scenes Sam and his new girlfriend is then finds out that her boss(grey anatomy star) was acting as an  agent for the Decepticons…

After all the end is fabulous and I leave it in your hands to see it. I liked it that much.


A little note tonight I will be going out to see the Harry Potter movie again.


Since I started this in April, I never thought it would be that much. I had to review every month and thought my personal and my active professional life would be here in one website. I am just happy with the number. This just a happy moment.


Well let me see…

Well its a month and eleven days since my last post and I have been on a up and down keel with health issues and writing. With that in mind I was lucky enough to read more then write of late. Its just that reading a book sometimes becomes a last resort thing but in the days I stay in bed, I read.

    1.  Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment – is a story about a bar chick who dresses as a man and joins the army and finds out something about most of the men in the army; there is vampires, werewolves, trolls and such things to make you laugh on every page.
    2.  Cecilia Dart-Thornton The Bitterbynde trilogy – The ill-made mute, The lady of sorrows and The battle of Evernight is a story about a disfigured girl that is helped by an elderly woman, becomes a lady and falls for the King Emporer; even though her memory of her past is slowly returning. If you like a celtic fairytale then this is for you.
    3. In the interm of the month of not blogging, I was revieing my short stories and sourcing out new avenues to sell my stories;
        •  Sent a story to a competition and it looks like I didn’t get in. That is fine, because I just have to rewrite and touch it up for another anbthology.
        •  Sent two stories to Pill Hill Press for the hacked up holiday massacre anthology and the Big book of  new short horror anthology. Just waiting patiently for the answer.
        • In the beginning of the month and sometime at that time, a rejection which now looking at it I made some mistakes. Just rewritten it and leave it until I am ready to hit that send button.

In my small town, we have a day off to attend our annual show day. It is like an carnivale; where rides on the dogdem cars and other rides that spins on a G-Force speed and hopefully not to get a piece of gastric juices raining down on you. One year long ago it was raining and when I came home to find a unusual sticky substance on my umbrella. I better not think about that… Anyway, I had a three hour long at looking at other people having fun in those G-Force spinning rides and laughed at many having white faces coming off those rides. I never did get on those rides and I wouldn’t even do it on a dare. Health problems is my perfect excuse. Of course, the show day have activities for the schools and framers and the towns people with the best paintings, art and craft, the poulrty, show bull or cow and special events.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2

The final in the seven films or so, I am not actually counitng, but if I could review it, it would not do it justice to say.  So just wait for a review later when I go and watch it another time.

Doctor Who

I have been looking at the series of the Doctor, from the very first doctor. For those who know nothing about the Doctor Who series can google it or I could give you a short synopsis of the show:

The Doctor is a Time Lord who can regenerate into different persons but ultimately his memories are the same, has two hearts and has many companions who travel in a spaceship called the TARDIS. The Tardis is a British blue police phone box on the outside, but the inside is bigger than the outside. The Doctor is always helps those in trouble with each of his enemys. They are the Daleks, Cybermen and his nemesis  the Master.


Well that’s a rap, I always wanted to say that. Hehe. I hope to be able to do a daily blog but will see how things go.