Harry Potter: It All Ends

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2; starts with Harry, Ron and Hermoine on the continue search for Voldemort’s horcruxes and for the great ending. After three times of looking at this picture every detail on the cgi is such that I could pick it up very well. However it does show a sense of wonder. I am not getting into more of the story because we all know it if you have read the books.

The very first movie, when Harry’s Christmas present was the Invisibility Cloak sent to him by no other than Dumbledore.  Then the subsquent stories of Voldemort changing form is the reprising theme of the subsequent movies, brought you up to the time of the dark prince and the death of Dumbledore. Of course, the elder wand was in the hands of Draco and then it was in the hands of Voldemort.  The compelling thing about the elder wand in this movie was felt by Voldemort and could not pick up the reason who should have been using.  With each of the horcruxes being distinguished, the strenght of Voldemort seems to wane. Just go and watch it.

I know the books is very detailed than the movie. I enjoyed it more than I could afford.


NOTE: Here is my thought about the movies and the books – the book brought the detail, while the movie brought the book to life. In that sense I feel reading and watching Harry Potter is such a joy. Even though reading fills the gaps of the movies, your imagination could actually put the characters in sync with the movie or vice-versa. The people who played the characters will always be in my imagination when I read the seven novels of Harry Potter series. My food for thought.

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