On Topics for Next Month

Well it will depend on what I shall be doing in the next week. For the moment I am posting things that I am doing.  It must be finish before November. October is the month where I will be nose down and concluding a hell of a lot of things to do.

Of the topics: 

    1. Writing to finish off Short stories by the end of October.
    2. Pick up stuff from my hobby room floor and be ready for cyclone and flooding season^.
    3. Complete a summary for a single collection of three or four short stories.

Well, that’s it for me for this week the last week of September. Next month is those three topics above to finish and some minor writing here and hopeful be ready for November’s Nanowrimo.

^ Cyclone and Flooding season in North Queensland is a matter to be prepared. December starts our Summer season and with the high temperatures storms and rains brings my town in some trouble. It depends on the amount of rain in the coming months and by December my town will be inundated with flood water, if the rivers are at average levels.


Progress report and Thoughts


Short Stories Progress Report










Waiting Responses






Okay, the table above is my Short Stories Progress Report. I had my first year, that is 2010 had twelve acceptances of which are all exposure of which two of the short stories are part of my opus which I will need to change anyway. What is an opus? Yes opus is a music score written by an composer and yes its also written by a writer. Its meaning is work; be it for a musical or literary. Anyway, my comparision of last year and thus far is relatively on even keel. I like to see where I am and thought to share this here.

There is seven short stories difference but I have to write another four. But I’m not counting the chicks before they hatch. I had a plan to write for stories that is a paying market. What is a paying market? Well that is where a publisher or small press buy a short story or work for a payment of a quarter of a cent per word or a cent per word or advance for a novel. Note: this is depended on the editrors of the publishers or small presses whom read the submissions. Once accepted, you get the contract and on publictaion you get the payment for the few weeks work on your short story or months on a novel, depends on which you send to a publisher or small press.

Of course, the process of writing is write, edit, edit, write, edit and on until you feel it is alright for your beta readers. Then when its returned from your beta readers, its a rewrite and reedit  or a second view by the betareaders and then send to an agent if you have one, a publisher or small press.

Okay, my thought to writing is very much a learning curve. Noting that I just started to expose my creative genius last year; does not mean I have been slacking around (even though my posts does suggest it). I started writing as a hobby but in the year 2000 when computer programmers went on a selling crazed for the Y2K bug was an money earner; was the time I thought to do research about being a writer. Eight yerars later I started a writing course and passed with flying colors. Then last year I did another writing course and I improved much better. As well as that I was on track to my writing resume growing.

Damn thing I decided to write for a paying market and thought it was a good course to do, but after a few months of thinking, I spat the dummy and started to write anything that was of interest to me. I think that I lost my way for a while but only now dawns on me.

Well, I hope I can post when I remember at least once a month. About a couple of weeks or so ago I was accepted in the   Short Sips Anthology by Wicked East Press – coming soon.

Please remember it is my thoughts, from the internet and from other writes on the processing of writing.