Update 2 – Nanowrimo and Movember


I am enjoying a few things like my corner pub has reopened for a week plus, and now I can return to drinking my favourite beer – Guinness; it is an acquire taste that I enjoy early in my life, thanks to a doctor. The most important thing on my mind; I am not usually an open person however when an opportunity came in, I decided to say it in an article or story format. I usually never relate my health problems with some little snippets here. Well, I was shortlisted for an non-fiction anthology for a health problem I have since the day I was born, even though I never knew it. I knew I had this problem but the problem was not named until later on in my life. That is my second shortlisted story in the two years. I just have to cross my fingers and every part of my body, just hoping the head editor enjoy it as well. I will not say what the health problem I have as yet until it is accepted, even if it is not; I will need to think very hard if I share here.

Okay, I know that drinking is a no-no for many young bloggers at there, just wait when you are of legal age. Just before you do go an binge drink, don’t. I can say this from experience that you would not want the results. Men and women have different tolerance to alcohol and I know the hangover consequences and memory lapses.(Memory Lapses is possible but it does return after a number of years.) Even your liver would know it. Kidneys also for that matter. Alcohol in the blood stream plays havoc on the liver after a number of years. Of course, I’m no doctor and they know more about it, ask your local doctor. I bet they can say the worst scenario.  Well it was a doctor who started me on Guinness because I was not eating very well, and a few deficiencies about appetite. The taste was okay and it did bring my appetite back to normal. It was until I was in my legal age that I sat at a bar and saw the consequences of binge drinking and the results when I worked as a waiter. I drink occasionally now and stay under the limit I can drink. Of course, Drink Responsible and have a designated driver. Catch a taxi/cab/bus or train for work the next day after a night out. You do not want to have to lose your driving licence or your life for such a good night out.

At the beginning of the month of October, I had a party to go to and I enjoyed it without having a beverage of alcohol – soft drinks and that is responsible drinking. The party was on the outskirts of my town, and driving twenty-minutes to the party was a bit iffy, if I drank a beer or a scotch. I didn’t want to get caught and to date I have not.

Over the next few weeks after the party, a few stories returned with a few rejections(we writers do need tough skins). In that I figured I was doing something wrong. I have not looked at what was wrong with the stories(I could guess its my language and tenses). I will at the later date and then rewrite and change the title and see what will happen(this is where I shred the whole story and rewrite it). I know my problems but the brain is to blame(this is a true excuse) with not seeing those mistake in time.  Ah well, what of the last week of October? I have a few thing to do like two stories to complete and rewrite and re-title a story to a press. Well it seems, I have to rewrite one of those stories and disesmble it and shred it to pieces before sending it out(my second guess is I may not send it).  Hoping I’m up to it because I have a few days to do it. Yes I can and I know I can.

Well, the summary of my collection is complete for a single-author colloction. This entails a collection of 3 or 4 completed stories that totals to 85,000 to 100,000 words. I have four stories with a common theme that I summarised and ready for Nanowrimo – I am ready and I cannot wait for it. For 30 days to write a 50,000 word novel and after that I will then complete it before next years deadline. I like to prepare for a year and possibly this will be the start, I am hoping to pave the path to a new career.

Oh there is a good cause for November call Movember. The cause is for men to grow a mostache and raise knowledge about Prostrate Cancer and depression; a little bit more info is here. Some men donate money for the cause to help the men talk about the Prostrate cancer and depression – obvisously there is a site for this – just make sure to pick your country and there should be more information.

PLEASE NOTE:- Any of the above about drinking alcohol and Movember are things I think should be spoken about and possiblily a lesson can be learnt. Anyway food for thought. Nanowrimo is a fun project to do.