Nanowrimo – Two Week Update and the hump day.


Week One

Well the first day, I started with just 830 words and steadily went up to a thousand and then I went further up to 2000 plus words a day. Until the first weekend I went close to 5000 words. Monday close to 3500 words and Tuesday was close to 3000 words.

Week Two

Wednesday and Thursday the word count reached close to the 5000 words. Where as Friday no writing done because I have to spring clean my bedroom and it the only time when I could do it. And the reason for this is Summer in Australia gets hot very quick and living in the tropics also bring humidity and I get a lot of headaches and such and its time for the air conditioner to be on and dust is not acceptable with my mum. Okay, yes I do live my parents, and rent is cheap but I have to make my mum happy and clean my room. Thus the reason for no writing on Friday. However on Saturday I did 4688 words and I was stoked to bits and I actually came up to my personal best word count is 25000 and passed it by 888 words. Sunday and Monday were the less word count to date.

The Hump Day

Unfortunately I know I will not write,  except for this lovely post and I am writing nothing today. Why you may ask? Well a year older and I need to celebrate it with as much party as ever. As for the rest of the two weeks of this month is and will be head down and my two to three finger typing  as fast as they can to complete the rest of the 25000 words. 

NOTE: on the first of December, I’ll do the wrap up of the last two weeks of nano and a few diagrams or tables to show my progress of the month.


The Good News


I know I am on the third day of nanowrimo, but I like to express some good news. I have just recieved an email which I might like to jump around in my room as nature intended – naked of course; and a happy dance. The happy dance may be used later on when I have finish the editing with the editor.
It’s Weighing on your Mind will be coming soon…
When the proofreading, editing and galley notes, contracts are complete; and I’ll share with you my story. Until then I better go back to Nanowrimo.
PLEASE NOTE:- I will make sure about this update, when more information comes to my attention.