New Update

I am in the process of changing my blog and adding some new pages. PLEASE bear in mind that I will be doing so over the next few days. I had a website which I felt not so happy with but decided to use WordPress as my official website. After all with such a great spam filter,  and the most important is the ease of adding pages is just my second time I must give credit to   in  just a day.


Computer and Internet Series, Part 1


I am going to do a series of computer and internet in terms where everybody can understand. Please remember, I have some experience in this field. And I may have been away from the industry for a long time because of stress and health issues. I am going to give free advice for you to think about your computer for your home and the use of the internet at home. There is a wealth of advice from different websites however, they try to give you technical terms and explain like a robot-like answer or their advice may sound good can well be damaging to your computer.  Of course, some of these websites have good advice. It is hard to sort out the best from the bad. If I can in this series I will try my best to give a list of those sites; I think that are good. Just remember that over a number of a few months I will write it as best as I can.
With this first part, I found spam to be a problem to most of us as internet users, and we rely on such technology to give us a scope of bringing the world to our fingertips, so to speak. Some people have mental issues and others have disabilities and they use the computer and the internet for that purpose to engage people and buy things on the internet. Meanwhile a certain amount of people rely on the internet for doing business with other people around the world.

Spam – What would you do?

Well the first and easy answer to this is delete it permanently. It is easy as deleting, even if you know the person. I mean you truly know your friend and meet face to face, even then. But be wary from where it comes. So today I did just that and it is best to do so. Of course I am trying to stay open to all people but Spam can be just beeping annoying.  Lucky this great site – WordPress has spam filtering. I like to thank the techies because it would be too cumbersome for me to look after. I know the job these techies go through because I once work as one. Not on websites and such but I do understand the same stresses of a techie on websites and such. I know I use the short-term of Technical Support. Hey I know the ups and downs of  technical problems that clients have (some are awesome while others are well I hope not to be). I quickly gave up on that job because it had not one problem but many. My stress levels hit the roof and my health went askew for a while.


Anyway if you have spam on your computer then you better have a good name brand spam checker. Those are the ones with the Antivirus programs. I would not recommend any free ones and I have played with a few free ones. From experience they either brought spam through the program or through some email and never detected it.  I had two years of problems and I basically had to do the easy option, that is reformat my whole computer.

Note: when budgets are low for a starving writer like myself, I had to fall back to my old job.

First and foremost to stay away from pornographic websites (I was looking for information at the time for research for an erotic story) and when you see that the flashing banner saying: you are the millionth user and you have won an iPad or whatever you have won, is a short and twisted scam to get your details and spam your computer. Just don’t click it and give details otherwise you be a dumb-witted fool. Okay I made a mistake and once I learnt it, it never happened again. I make sure the hand with index finger-pointing up or arrow or I-beam is where I want it before I do the clicking of the mouse. If I make another mistake I quickly close out of the internet window, completely. Hey I’m only human after all, to err is human. Of course we all make mistakes and learning from them is a must. If window does not close, restart your computer. When you open the internet do not restore previous internet window. Why? Because you will have the same problem and it may occur again(spyware).

close out of the internet window, completely… restart the computer is a quick way… when you open internet do not restore previous internet window

So this post is to say thank you to WordPress for there good and great services. 😀 I like to give credit when it is due.
I hope to make bloggers aware of the problems when you least expect to be problems with spam. I had my share of problems and learnt from my mistakes, I hope everyone learn from mine. Maybe the spam issues I had, would have been another thing which is called Spyware. Next when I post I’ll talk about that.

 this is my thoughts and experiences with spam

Just a REMINDER that this is my thoughts and experiences with spam. Oh before I forget, when you comment here please make sure to write in sentence form because I like to know who I am talking to; and also look at the right sidebar title about comments.  That is why I post this topic for I have received many posts with spam but if I find nothing that I can understand, I will delete permanently. I want to be as open as much as I can to receive comments but not when there is spam.

I want to be as open as much as I can to receive comments but not when there is spam.

So now ends my spam topic. All of this is for windows operating systems. I have not heard anything about Mac’s or Apple products having any problems of spam, spyware or viruses on their computers. So I am leaving you who are mac’s or apple enthusiasts to answer my question. Why is that?
The reason behind the question is that I am changing my mind. I am a windows man and thought wow. I have an apple iPod and iPad and nothing has happen at all. Am I just like using the apps that I am not really know the use of Mac’s or Apple products. I always thought everyone has to have trouble with the computer or internet in one way or another. I just wonder what is the difference from Windows and Mac’s/Apple.

When I can, spyware is next…

My New Year resolution

This sample is my way of giving you my new way of making a check list. I sent a submission on Christmas Eve, last year. I did not notice my mistake until much later on, when I was checking the website forum I frequent. I forgot to double lines spacing and I always print out before putting in the double lines spacing – the reason for a print out is because of backups – a hard copy. So I hope this year with my New Year Resolution is to make a check list for each submission that I send. I print out this submission check list and I make sure that everything from the submission details I have is on this list.

The sample is scanned in as a picture and it’s not clear as I wanted but it is suffice for you to see that when I think of a new year resolution, I put to practice.  At this time I usually work out the plans for the whole year and do some budgets for the whole year as well.
Oh I am feeling generous and I also put the table which is below. PLEASE NOTE:- this sample is for me to use and forever not looking on the internet when I solely write, I have a copy written in my own hand. As you can see in the sample it is very roughly hand written.

Oh if you want to use the sample, you can follow it and put design it to your preference. Also be aware I put the anthology as a title and I also put for Novel note on this as well. This is for you all to understand that I keep one for the whole lot during the year, I’ll change it and make it more better. As you can see on the sample – not clearly; I have color code some of the cells because I can understand it better.  You can change it to your tastes. I am going to change this soon because of a few problems I just noticed.
In concluding the sample picture is a check list for me and thought to share. I better go and change it into a spreadsheet like Excel.

Oh in considering the harmful way I use paper you could use digital data backup but I am not sure how reliable it can be(I am a skeptical person when using technology especially banking). I do use paper for the hard copy as a backup. Why its better and more reliable than using hard drives and other media(explain more at a later time). I do use both sides of the paper when I do print for information or checking my stories for written mistakes and editing purposes.  Damn one thing to think about is that fire could destroy all my backup copies.  I think I need to invest in a fireproof  safe(it is a costly venture). Here is another way of keeping most of the digital data backups in a blog(so to speak) or do a search for a site that solely do digital data backup(and relatively free – if possible).

Just talking about backups has reminded me about one of my plans for this year. I will do a series of computing posts which might help in an honest and easy way for you all to understand. Of course I’m not so sure if it will be a monthly or whenever I feel up to it. Just look out for that in the near future as my first post is about Spam. I know it is a plan and the first; a lot of people are receiving many emails and spam is a part of that thus I decided to post about it first and another reason I could count how many spam mails I receive during the year – around 30 + in emails and blog spam well over 100,  lucky WordPress has that covered(More  is coming soon).

Anyway most of you have thought of your new year resolution and by the date of this post you will or might not follow it. That is a normal reaction to the resolutions. All I can do is try my best to follow mine. Hey we’re human after all. For those who are trying to do their new year resolutions; I bid you all the success to you.

Happy New Year – 2012

Well it is here and I have just seen the new year in. A little bit of alcohol and safely enjoyed the moment. Okay it was a quiet send off for 2011 but I think I needed this to be a low key event. As you can read my last post for last year then you can understand the quiet key with a little blast of happiness that is what the alcohol was for.

With the festivities slowly closing, my night or should I say morning, is not over yet. I like partying til the wee hours of morning. So I hope every one stick to their new years resolutions.

I have and will with my writing as much as I can. So here is me signing of for now until I have more news.

Happy New Year.