Nature as intended – Update 3

Taken from the internet.

Well I danced around naked at 1023 hits, in my bedroom. A little late but it was worth it, every bit.  The  picture to the left is a picture taken from the internet if I had taken one of me dancing.  A little humor is needed on this miserable and raining day. I had a rejection with one of my submissions last Friday. In truth, I had a feeling it would not even make it. There is two reasons I come up with: 1) someone had a similar story to mine and 2) I think I needed to make sure of the research I did for it, if it was closely relevant to the theme.
Even though, I was coming to terms with the rejection. I plugged along with a very short flash fiction piece, after a few hours of editing and word tightening, I send off a short flash fiction story for submission on Monday.
Well on Tuesday, I received an acceptance for a flash fiction(500 words) story to Daily Frights 2013: 365 Days of Frightening Flash Fiction by(Little plug here, click the link, please.)  Pill Hill Press.
It is the most enjoyable thing knowing my writing is being accepted. I learnt to listen when I read it out loud, when I edit my written words. I found it very interesting.  It is a learning curve I have come to love. Well, love is not a word I should use but it is a fine line when it comes to writing and editing.

My next few flash fiction plans are coming along slowly – I have six more to go.  They are ideas at the moment moving in my head, grasping with some scenes and running those scenes in my mind. Then when I am ready, I’ll write, edit and send off.

I hope you my blog hitters are reading my blog. Oh I hope you enjoy the site.


Test post from iPad

Well it feels like it is similar to a computer without the clicking of the
mouse. If you all are wondering why I am doing this is because at certain times of the day, week or month, I will either feel like entering just about anywhere; with a laptop, normal desktop computer or iPad.

I know this post is not a post at all, but a post for me to see how it is capable with the wifi at home. Well, this test post … It’s something I am trying out. It is like testing the waters before jumping into the water from a height. Well not so dramatic as that but it’s a test for when I do go on a holiday.
Here is a hint; after Easter long weekend, my first holiday via air. More to come later.

Flash Fiction Acceptance

Well this morning I received an acceptance to a 500 word flash fiction. Well the flash was 499 words and it is called Brewed Coffee.  For exposure only is just a good feeling, when I know that my writing is slowly going on the right track.

For more information, when details come to hand.

If you like to try out a 500 word story then follow this link. Once there click on the link on the first post on the first page and follow the submission details. I urge you all to try writing – it is an amazing feeling.


NEWS: Update 1

Well today after a long time I have come up with a new look that will become my new blog and website integrated at one place.

Okay a little run down of the Menu Bar.

Home page is a very self-explanatory as my blog page. About page is an official and unofficial about me. News page is all the upcoming news that come to my hands. Non-Fiction is coming soon … which will have true stories/articles/novels and/or anthologies if and when they come to hand. Contact page is for you to ask questions and if there is anything I missed or etc; I am happy to answer anything if I can and fix anything I missed.

As you noticed I missed two tabs on the menu bar. I did so because these have two ways of looking at these pages. Firstly look at the Fiction tab and move the mouse to hover over the tab. There is a drop-down menu with different names like Novels, Published Anthologies, Poetry and Upcoming anthologies. The same thing with the Links tab but with my interests in websites, blogs, forums and my publishers of the small press.

The second way is if by some unwanted accident that you click the Fiction and Links tabs on the Menu Bar. The page will open with four buttons which you could actually click to get to those pages. For example:





You can use what is most easy for you.  Also I have on each of the pages under Fiction and Links Page a way of going back to the  Fiction and Links page with all buttons.  From the above example, there is a button at the bottom of the page at center which says  or . Click that button and it goes to a fiction and Links page.

I hope that is easy enough to explain.

I notice something that when my visit counter reaches 1000 I’ll jump around as nature intended.  But this will  not be a picture event.