Happy Birthday Mum

A poem dedicated to my mum.

A Mother’s Love.

As sweet as a rose,
Each caring touch,
Warms a child’s love,
Nurture, comfortable as a couch,
No matter how far I go,
A mother’s love like a dove,
Flutters the  caring wings,
Dreams are held in songs.

When there is darkness,
There is nothing better,
Than a mother’s love,
As a child grows,
In the mother’s love,
Finds courage in being there.

No songs can compare,
The wisdom I see flows like a river,
Love and knowledge knowing,
Always caring, and striving,
Knowledge as deep as a diver,
A diver goes to the bottom of the ocean,
To bring a pearl of wisdom.

With each words spoken,
Love and caring has flowed,
Like a river,
Love and happiness is there,
It is in my heart to bear,
To know of your love,
Nothing to compare but to a rose.


Sidebar Update

I have updated with the Tweeter and Goodreads widgets.

Tweets are done from my computer and I am not ready with mobile tweeting yet because I have some reservations about such technology using mobile phones. I just like to see how it goes before I decide to go mobile. Hey its my technical side speaking.

Goodreads is an interest and a place where I have some friends and some authors whom I like reading. It shows books I am reading, read or to read.

If you click this, it will open in a new tabbed window, opens to Goodreads where the first chapter of my working epic fantasy – FREE to read as  much as you want to.  I know it needs more fixing and stuff. If you are not logged on Goodreads,  sign up is free and then you can leave a message, pick books and meet new friends with the same reading interests. If you are  logged on to Goodreads please leave a comment or hit the like button. I am not adding anything more because it’s a long project which I can only say that it will be a series of novels – about 120,000 words in each.