News 1

Well the news, I am bursting to say is; I am going to Sydney, Australia. My first time on a airplane. I’ll be writing my thoughts and such, when I have time. However it is  a medical/holiday trip. Why you may ask? Well it is very simply; my mother had glaucoma in the both eyes; later had to operate to remove the cataract (lenses in both eyes change with a new multi-lenses). For about a year, a number of thing like laser fixes and photographs of the eyes had made it a long process. All the while Mum had to follow the specialist directions to the T. On finding that one of the multi-lens was good for reading and while the other was for distance, had to use spectacles for seeing things at a clear focus. On another visit, one test with a contact lens helped mum.  Well the last visit to the specialist, Mum and I knew we had to go to Sydney; I am going  for support for Mum. With this special type of laser surgery, I’ll have to help Mum. So that is my news. I’ll be going to Sydney for medical reasons but I hope to have a holiday as well.

We will have a week for some site seeing in Sydney, with the Sydney Opera House as our first site and the harbor; may be the Sydney Royal Easter Show might be in order. Lucky I have no worries for accommodation, we have relatives living near Sydney.

In a day, I’ll be going to Sydney with my Mum and it will be a new experience for me flying in a airplane.


Anthology News


I awoke  early this morning, it is an unusual thing for when you have a lot on my mind. It is not that unusual for me to get up with something wrong; like a pain that won’t budged or just can’t sleep. Today is a different thing which was like someone said, “Get up and read my emails.”

I did that and I was expecting a rejection*, however; I could not believe my eyes, there in front of me was an acceptance** email.

I did a little exclamation of WOW then a great smile from ear to ear grin. Then a little dance on my office chair. Well, I have just been accepted in Blood and Guts: An Anthology of the Gross and Disgusting; edited by Brianna Stoddard*** and presented by Static Movement****. After that I read the contract twice, filled it in and then send it straight away.

* Rejections is a part of the business of writing. I must always be prepared for rejection otherwise I’m deluding myself of the real consequence of having a swollen head. Making it real as possible is what I do.

** Acceptances is the best side of the writing business. Even though it is for exposure, it is better than nothing. The more being exposed as a writer than may be one day who knows who wants one of my stories to turn into a film(keep dreaming). Okay a dream is what makes me keep on writing.

*** Brianna Stoddard is an editor and also is a writer. For more details follow here.

**** Static Movement is a small press owned by Chris Bartholomew. For more details here.