Sydney:- End First and Begin Second Week

Well with the first week coming to the close, the April weather was cool and with my arthritis playing up, it decided to be cloudy and before long it started spitting and some raining as the end of the first week in Sydney(note Tuesday 17 April is the first day of the second week). We went to my cousins husband’s sister for a lovely dinner.  It was  raining that night as we started our second week in Sydney(remember that Sydney is mostly hilly and not flat land which I’m use to); well it was raining and my jacket is getting wet as Mum was holding my arm, and then she said stop I lost my shoe. It took a while to get the shoe back on and then going up a steep driveway where steps were made was a little difficult for me and Mum still holding the umbrella. No matter how fast I went or wanted to get out of the rain, a second time Mum’s shoe decided to play which made Mum laugh. Meanwhile my right arm was almost wet lucky for the jumper had some resistance to being wet, well it still had those starches when you buy a jumper. Apart from the comedic mishap of the night, it was such a beautiful dinner and the company kept was great.

Of course the next night was raining and before I knew it pelted down like cats and dogs. Well the metaphor for heavy rain is not entirely right but it was different to North Queensland weather. Anyway my cousins sons wife and her son and daughter, Mum and I went to the Cinema to see Hunger Games.

Hunger Games Review

Hunger Games is a young adult fiction novel of a series which is made into a movie – First I must say that reading first person stories is very dull and one-sided but watching the movie was excellent. The plot of Hunger Games is a look at the concept of Romans ruling the world and our modern technologies and the games where Gladiators fight in the arena. A few differences from the Roman ideal, where a Tribune is no longer a soldier of Rome but a fighter for the Hunger Games. These fighters or Tribunes are young boys and girls are called out of these Districts of which are twelve, the main character a girl volunteers instead of her sister.  The object of the games is to please the rich society and the sponsors of the Tribunes. With these games as in the old Roman times the fight is to the death. I found it a little disturbing to fight for a district but the story behind the main character is interesting and I cannot wait for the next movie that is if they decide to do it. This movie I give a 3 star rating, because it was good and interesting and hopeful for the next movie.

Thursday we went shopping and going to cousins place for dinner. The rain stopped on Thursday morning and I was amazed at one shopping center call Liverpool Westfield was three levels and an array of shops from clothing to stores for hairdressers and such. The dinner was lovely and Friday morning went to for a drive, once again passing the road to Home-bush and went over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and went around to the bridge where a park is. There I took photos of the front of the opera house and the bridge and a few other things like Luna Park.


When I was going over the bridge and looking under the bridge it reminded me of a giant scale Meccano set, which my parents could not afford to buy, apart from the two towers of brick and mortar that hold the bridge from falling. Those buildings remind me of the fortified barbican/gatehouse of medieval times in either shoreline. It is this that I came to love a city but it was more than this. It was the moment when I went on to see the place of serenity.


Sydney:- A First Weekend

After a good shopping on Friday and a few moments enjoyed I slept perfect, Saturday it was a little walking in a shopping center and then on a lovely night out to a Chinese restaurant. Which Mum and I meet our cousins friends. Of course, I ordered my pot of green tea, while bottle of  wines, soft drinks and bottle of water came, one lovely lady ordered the meals. Entree was served, then the next meal and then the main meal and I ate with chopsticks. The reason for eating with chopsticks is a hard thing when you know not how to do. I had to learn very quickly when I was working in a prawn farm. I did a two week full time trial, and on the first day for lunch I forgot a fork and the only thing there were chopsticks, I clumsily tried eating my noodles from a thermos, but it was much later that I could learn and became efficient enough to use the chopsticks.

Well that first weekend in Sydney, on a Saturday night, the most enjoyable night I had in a restaurant. Eating the fortune cookie to which the describe me to a T. When it was time to pay the bill, I was ready to part with some money but I was amazed at the amount, which I might say my eye popped out of their socket. I’ll not say how much it was but they friends of my cousin said we will pay for it. Once the bill is paid and we were invited by a couple to their apartment.  To end a night was beyond me when we arrived at this couples apartment, which was a sight for my eyes; to behold the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night and my mouth opened in a Wow moment. I had to close it with a quick word like Oh like your telescope. Of course, I knew from the beautiful apartment had been in the million dollar market for apartments in Sydney by the furnishings. Okay the 600 dollar telescope gave much away but one thing I noticed we had coffee and nightcaps. By the time we got back it was well after midnight and  I dropped to sleep the moment my head touched the pillow.

On the Sunday, I was in a funny mood and didn’t want to go anywhere and my body wanted rest. Well lucky I was  that my wish came true and meet other cousins as well. Of course a nice Australian BBQ was done with the slight difference of Italian ingredients to make it a moment of fun. BBQ pork ribs is a must in any Australian/Italian family and its no different for me to feel at home – Snags of course, steaks and cold salads.

What a homely and satisfying weekend. Oh before I forget, my cousins’ husband, Mum and I went to the Markets  just past where the road went to Home-bush where the Sydney Olympics were held. What a rat-race of people and cars going to and from the Markets. Never went to a market like this before and boy the amount of vegetables, fruits and seafoods, plus new and old clothing and a lot of nick knacks and at reasonable prices was unbelievable. A box of apples was about 20 dollars and the boxes were full, there would be about two weeks or a month worth of apples to eat. I couldn’t ear that much but then again there is a lot of ways to preserve those apples and enjoy for a month. Anyway it was a good thing to see where as my home town markets is very small compare to city markets.


Mothers’ Day

Before I continue about more of my trip in Sydney and the fun I had, I thought it nice to say a Happy Mothers’ Day to all Mums in the world of WordPress. While I was in Sydney I bought my mum a set of silver rose studded ear-rings.

Mums are always right and we should listen to them but we don’t. Today we  give them thanks for being mums; with presents because it is the only way to say thank you for being a Mum.

Sydney – Day 1 to 3

After arriving at our relatives place, we had a nice dinner and then went to bed.  Went to a shopping center and had a walk around and look at shops.  Then a quiet afternoon and some nice dinner and seeing my cousins family.  After another sleepless night, we had an early breakfast and left to a place to get a train. Bankstown is a place were we took the train to our appointment to see my mums specialist for her consultation before her eye surgery. Mind you that I was confused because of the two nights I slept less than I usually do.

On the second day, my first time on the train into Sydney was such an enjoyment it also made me feel a little worried that a country type person in a big city would feel. Confused is one of my emotions, and somehow I was amazed at the structure of the city. Okay I live near a city after an hour drive which Townsville is and its booming but with Sydney is in comparison larger than Townsville by five times.  Sydney is an eye-opener experience where I noticed that buildings above ground shone with its mirrored brilliance, it also have car parks, railway lines and stations underground, and some shops. (My first thought was that a vampire would love to live in Sydney’s underground stations, but with all those security cameras could be a little disturbing for the rail staff.) Anyway with twenty minutes to spare I turn right and before I knew it my mistake was a little back to the appointment address. On the way back and getting to the spot, and entering and mum had her test before seeing the specialist. Well the specialist was a very jokey person and Mum and I felt at ease. Here is the short of the appointment:

The specialist call my mum and I followed and said, “I have been waiting to see you.”
After getting to the point of why we are there, he started to explain that some cases can not be done with a single lens implants which most country people have in their eyes.
Mum and I saw the fifteen minutes video before coming up to see this doctor, and I could actually see my mum shoulders droop down.
Mum said, “How can that be but our doctor in Townsville said it was possible with the referral letter.”
This lovely doctor said, “I better read the referral letter.”
After reading that mum has multi-focal lenses, and he said, “Oh I should have read the referral letter and yes in that case it can be done.”
To make this a little short – a little questions and such and a few other thing and finished our appointment on a happy note.

As we left the building, and walked to  Circular Quay where the Sydney Opera House is close by, I could not stand the amount of walking I did, I had to stop and sit on my wheelie walker. Lucky for my portable seat, that I could see the beautiful Circular Quay where tourist shops and restaurants and cafes plus the ferry service for Sydney Harbor to the other side. Of course, it can be traversed by road but the only problem will be for parking where it costs a fee of about AUD$60 a day. That is why walking and the train is the cheapest for tourists; and buses is also included. With that in mind, I could not help look at the people of Sydney. Okay there is a lot of different ethnic people. It was difficult to depict a tourist from a local of Sydney. The tourist is easy with their camera but it was later that I noticed the multicultural Australia. People from the Middle East and Asians were the majority of the people I have seen. I could not help but love the mixture because it is just what makes us Australian.

Okay let me tell you with all the pictures of the Sydney Opera House (left is the picture I took on my iPod) does nothing compare to being there in person. It look like a great ship with its great sails fanned out like the winds breeze to see its majesty. Of course it was not a ship but the impression to me was like a great ship with sails at full mast.  Its majestic arcs was something to beheld. I never thought it to be that big but it was a great thing to see. On our way back I could see people climbing the  Sydney Harbour Bridge. I would loved to climb the bridge but my body does play a big part to my life. Well as you can see by the photo of the Opera House, people are up on the balcony to see up and close where I assume the big arcs start from. While I couldn’t go up to the balcony, I noticed that the stair in front of the Opera House were being fixed. I believe that there is lifts, but I think it costed so money to look inside the Opera House. Next Time I’ll go inside. Is it magnificent? The memory of this will be my highlight of the year. The moment of departure from Circular Quay with a few glorious views of the harbour.

After the day, I enjoyed a train ride back to our relatives and a lovely dinner. That night I slept like a baby.

To Sydney 10 April 2012

Before I start this post I like to say that there will be a number of posts from my Sydney trip with key moments I like to share here; also some photos as well.

The title of this post was the first plane trip I had from Townsville to Sydney direct. Of course, I had never been on a plane before and I got a lot of conflicting answers from people when I asked questions. Mainly one thing said was that once the plane was straight in the air – it felt good. Obviously, I did not believe them but the truth was realized when I was in the air.

Imagine the moment of nausea, starting to rumble in my stomach and all the while I chewed six chewing gums to mimic that I was eating something delicious. Well it felt like I was going to be sick but nothing eventuate. The feeling of the plane taking off was such I had to remind myself that I was strapped in with the seat-belt. My body felt like it was hitting the cabin ceiling of the plane, as the plane ascended up to 45000 feet in the air. Luckily, I was seating in an aisle seat. While I was continuously chewing on gum, I got some courage to look out of the small window (port holes but a rounded rectangle shape)  of the plane. The visage through the small rounded rectangle window showed  brush strokes of  clouds in the distance which misted into a curve, on both sides of the plane. With minor peaks while ascending to the 45000 feet high, even though I was feeling a little scared, I peaked through to see each stage of going up; seeing buildings going small like little ants. Passing fluffy white clouds was amazing, as the airplane straightened or level at 45000 feet did I feel okay.

While up in the air I relaxed and enjoyed the view. As I asked a lovely hostess to switch on my iPod and iPad, I enjoy the music. I did not undo my seat belt. I left it tightly secure, because my first flight I wanted to be secure to the seat. The lovely hostess made sure the passengers were comfortable.  Oh I forget to say that the necessary safety issue before taking off were said. It’s a part of knowing the safety of the plane and it’s probably the same of international flights as well as domestic flights.  Two to three hours later(more or less minutes)  the plane arrived at Sydney.

The descendant from 45000 feet was done slowly, the view of buildings was amazing and then the iconic Sydney Harbor bridge followed by the Sydney Opera House* was a sight of awesome beauty that television could not bring. Quiet literally my jaw hung opened for a split moment, seeing the beauty was more than fantastic. An Inspirational Experience from the airplane. The slow descendant was better than the taking off. Until the plane’s wheels hit the tarmac and hearing the sound of the wheel gripping the tarmac was like a crescendo of thunder, and my body felt like it passed through everybody and pass the cockpit and then like elastic came back to where I sat(of course not physically – more like an out-of-body experience while awake). Once the inertia of the plane landing subsided, I waited patiently for all of the passengers to  pass because I had to wait for my wheelie walker**. There was a pause from passengers passing and I got up to where the business/first class seats were; the chairs were wider and made of leather and more comfortable. The lovely hostess said sit there while the rest of the passengers leave. Those were the most comfortable seats to sit on.

My wheelie walker arrived as Mum and I left the plane and had a lovely walk to find a lift, so I could get down safely to the baggage area. Once we got the right terminal for our baggage, then we meet our cousin and another thirty minutes to their home.

More to come, soon.


* Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge – more better up close – more coming.
** Wheelie walker – not say anything yet because I need it – more info when my non-fiction story comes out.