Sydney:- The Nan Tien Temple

The place of serenity is exactly what the Nan Tien Temple was for me. The moment of the car passing the entrance I felt like I came there before. Maybe in a sense of  a dream. And yet that is what I felt. Spiritual or not I felt like I was a part of the experience of being a Buddhist in training. I know it sounds unusual but I certainly felt a connection to something. What I  felt? I cannot explain it because it is something different for every person to experience in their own way.

First, before I get started on this momentousness spiritual experience I had. The trip to the temple was in itself a modest spiritual thought when we stopped at a lookout.  At the lookout there is a big building called Panorama House which over looks a town. Please look at the website here and see for your self the beauty which Australia is. If you click on one of  the pictures where the website has a sub heading The View, you just scroll a little way down. The second picture shows the place from a high shot, but it is the closest shot from my memory that I remember. From the car-park to and pass the fence to close to the edge of the lookout, I saw that town as you can see by the pictures of the website.  When I saw ships in the fogy distance of the water, it reminded me why long ago before electricity was invented, lighthouses were used. (My relatives said you should see the blow hole. Little did I know by lunch time we would be at one of those lighthouses.) The view was as excellent and as the website says million dollar views is exactly what I got. Even though, it looked like it was going to rain with a few clouds around. But the funny thing it was not so because it turn out to be windy(I explain later). Lucky for the lookout we had a respite because driving in the back was a little squash but we had fun just the same. Of course, the temple had been a thing I wanted to see. As I stated above I could not but help to enjoy the moment of entering the grounds. The land was big and it look like a place where serenity should be. I was amazed at the architecture of the temple and the surrounding gardens and statues of the different Buddhas.

  The statues were very clean and beautiful. (Even now after two month away – I still remember the beauty.) Before going up to the temple, we saw a souvenir shop which was also the entrance to the museum. The drums and the music in the background where a more aspects of the Buddha statue. I made a coin donation in the fountain and thought pure thoughts of peace. then in the museum there are some miniature Chinese calligraphy on certain objects with a magnifying glass showing that writing. Then went back to the gift shop and bought my Chinese zodiac medal and a praying beads with a Buddha statue encased in a wooden case with Chinese writing and a tassel connected to the rectangle case.

Once going up the ramp side of the temple, I saw a big drum which would have been used for special ceremonies. As you can see the left picture(when you click it) you can see the drum and we came from that side. In the distance you could see the Pagoda(more soon), I felt like I was in China in the last two centuries which started my thoughts about a story for which at the moment I am doing research. Where the green tree, well behind it is the gift shop and museum. The Stairs in the picture also are the left stairs and there is the right and the center stairs to the temple where I took this photo.  I know there is an explanation to the reason for the importance of the stairs to the temple but I need to know when I do more research on the subject.  The funny thing for me was looking out where the Pagoda is and the other building was a reminder of the  scenes of  the Monkey Magic TV series. Of course I thought it when taking the photo except for the people in the photo – just reminded me that was not so.
While inside the temple, I took my shoes off and enter, of course you cannot take a camera in or take any photo. What I saw is very explainable but it is not so countable because each wall has many statues of Buddhas in meditation encompasses in rectangle borders with exquisite details; upon each other from floor to ceiling. My cousin husband work in the temple when it was being built, with the granite floors. The ceiling was if I remember right, were beams of wood and beneath of the tiled roof. (Of course it is by my rough memory; however the walls are as I said.)  About ten feet high, five statues stood on a stage but more so as a shrine. Candles and incense more the smell of incense filled my nostrils and it was relaxing to mediate and looking at how Buddhists prayer. I close my eyes for a second and thought it was lovely and to respect them as they prayed.  Each Buddha had a specific meaning which in short is to do with direction North, South, East and West; meanwhile the third statue is the Center(please know there is a longer meaning to these statues). Please bear in mind that I know the five statues is very meaningful to Buddhists and I respect that.

 We then went to the Pagoda where the Buddhists come to rest, and it is said that when you pay more the higher you go up the closer to heaven. Of course I heard this from my cousin and how true it is, I know I needed to research about it. Anyway, I loved the building and it is so beautiful. In the second picture, at the steps which I could not climb but the beauty of the steps and the entrance is the incense urn and then the most beautiful are the statues  where the stairs start.

Then returning back to the car and left the place of serenity with the only thought I had and still think even now, “I will return.”

Kiama, NSW, Australia is where we had lunch, where the lighthouse and blow hole are. It was also the only thing that had me in awe and inspiring thought. The serenity of the temple could not be compared to the sea breeze which was cool. The place looked like an old fortress but in actuality was a mass of rocks clamped together by nature and over the years the only touches by man to keep it as a tourist attraction.  A little late for lunch, but what any Italian would know of a sandwich is making his own sandwich. Well with a different bread  a Turkish made bread roll (looks like a roll but square; if I remember right) cut in  half filled with ham, cheese, prosciutto, salami, and olives. Eaten and swallowed down with water and then with a little coffee.

 Well what a sight and I was happy. After eating we went to a gift shop and bought a couple of gifts and left to return to George”s Hall. While we were passing the small township of Kiama there was a wedding to which I deduced would be at the outlook  spot of Panorama House which I remember seeing ready for a wedding that night. If I was right or not; it would have been a beautiful place for the reception.  From that day it was close to four we arrived home. With a little rest and with a quick shower we were off again to a dinner for the night at a Pizza restaurant with in a sports club. Piazzas were ordered and I did not expect to eat a large pizza by myself.

That ended a whole day.


May and June update


I have been writing and sending off short stories and such. One went to a competition in England and another one went to an Australian independent publisher. And still relating my holidays in April, here.


My holidays in April continues and I hope to conclude the posts by the end of June. This month I have a few works to re-edit and send away. As you can see nothing much important than the holiday I had. I still think of it because I have reminders of my Sydney holiday in my room.

I expect to conclude at least this month about the three week holidays in April. There is about five or so stories to also edit and send away, plus one of those five has to be concluded before the end of the month.

Note – I am a two and three finger typist but I do manage to plug away with some speed and make stories (music is the key).