Update of Progress

Well with writing and editing stories for a few Presses came to be a joyous month so far. With one week left for July, I am going to have a few months of going – nose to the grindstone and so forth.

First News Update

Remember last year, I posted that a true story/article for “It’s Weighing on my Mind” anthology by Hidden Thoughts Press, I written was accepted is in the last few bits and pieces are slowly going through the editing process; and when more comes to hand – I’ll post when it is time.

Second News Update

I have been accepted in the Bedtime Stories for Everyone by Wicked East Press, when more information comes to my hand, you’ll know when I do. I’m one happy chappy today.

Third News Update

Oh before I forget, I’m working on my little novel from last November what I done in Nanowrimo. The working title is at the moment under some first phase of my editing but it is slow going but I hope to finish before this November.

Fourth News Update

Well the reason for me to finish before November is that my relatives from Italy are coming to Australia. Actually its my uncle who I haven’t seen most of my life – only by photos. So its going to a busy month in November.


Sydney : – Holiday Week Ends

Well as you wonder by this title’s post it was one a busy week.

Mum’s Eyes Surgery Day

Well as calm as a whatever that stays calm, my mum looked as we went to North Sydney(if my navigation radar is right) where the Hornsby Clinic for my mothers surgery appointment. We arrived about half an hour earlier than the appointed time.  During the morning before the appointment,  I promised my cousin that I buy a coffee but I didn’t get to do it. While waiting for mum to be call, I should have said to have a coffee but I actually slipped my mind. But it was about two o’clock in the afternoon when mum was called to do the surgery on the eyes when they said it would be about fifteen minutes.The coffee I promised was later talk about but I think I was more worried than my mother was. In truth I should not have but a little bit of me was.

While I was waiting in the ready room where my Mum was in the surgery room, the noises I heard from the special laser machine. The process went like the video I saw ten days before: First a contraption was used for the eye lids to keep open and one was covered. The sound of the laser, I could hear was actually cut the skin of the eye which is then lifted and the laser did its systematic process of a series of dots and then fine tuning the multi-focal lenses. The skin of the eye is replaced and then the next eye repeated the process.

In fifteen minutes later we were out of the clinic and return home. After the next day we went back to the clinic and see if the surgery went fine. It did. Oh I passed my favorite publishers Harper Collins(one day my wish is they publish my Epic novel, one could only dream), when I remembered before getting home that day.  Then we went to the art gallery and the museum. Excellent places to visit and went to the cathedral at St. James.  On the Saturday we went for a little harbor cruise to the Star casino.  More shopping and then the trip home by plane was amazing going over the sea and it was more exciting than my first time.

NOTE: Apologizes for the late entry, a few family problems occurred last month. Also this month has been a hectic month so far.