Polishing up blog

As you can see by now, some changes are started today and over the next few days to come. I have choose this new theme. My webmaster is going to have to look at the menus and pages, and do some changes. We work well together, and I’m very lucky; because he understands my thoughts so well.

Well I have been busy at home with some minor work and the next two weeks I’ll be editing more stories and sending those stories out. Some minor work that I did are cleaning my hobby room, bedroom and helping my parents with some minor renovations – that is painting and such things.

Minor Report

I know my non-fiction is currently under an editing stage, and hopefully, soon; I can give you more details. Until then the process is like waiting for a doctor to see you. I know it is not a good analogy of the editing stage, but it is just the same experience, to me. Hey, it’s my first real experience that has me so patient for the next stage of the editing process.

Well, this will be fun as I return to a few stories.


A mixture of News

Well it started two weeks ago, that my black cat was taken or disappeared from home. I thought she died. Well it was such a miracle that I saw her this morning and I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. This had made me feel a wonderful buzz that I had to share.  The best news I could share with you thus far.

Before my cat returned home, I have had two rejections from two different presses on two wonderful horror stories over the weekend. One story was about a carnival sideshow which I think now should have been looked at a bit more and edited a little better. The second story about cannibalism should not have so much detail about… I leave that to your imaginations. Of the two rejections, one thing, I perceived of both is the way; how the rejection was written – very professional and even though formal, it pleased me to have an rejection letter/email.

Anyway, my little black cat, Gemma is back. Its like receiving a surprise and a shock at once in a split-second. Not only that another cat which is my fathers’ pet has been sick a few days now, and is slowly on the mend. TICKS is a pest for all cats and dogs and cattle in Australia(I assume everywhere else in the world is the same); the little parasites attach to the body and paralyze a cat, dog or cattle and sometimes fatal consequences such as death. On the same day Gemma disappeared, I actually had a tick that crawled down from my collar of my long jumper, lucky I had a shirt which saved me. This tick was looking for a spot on my skin to suck blood from me. That was one freaky and scary morning two weeks ago – even now thinking of it makes my skin itch.

Family life at the moment is okay. I have been painting my parents bedroom, and next month a new coat of paint and new vinyl tile flooring for my bedroom as well. So some advance news for  next month, I’ll have a week or two without  connection to emails and the computer, however I’ll find a way to read emails.

Anyway, it is almost in the middle of August but if I can plan to do my room near the end of September, then I will have some time with communicating. Cross fingers that is so.