Well its very close to the day and counting, I think it a funny thing to celebrate it but it does bring things to my mind. For instance, horror stories when I was a child were a fun thing to scare my friends with. But literally I enjoy listening to them. Never told stories because I was a secretive person who thought people would laugh at me. Funny how things change when I think that I write those stories that I wished to tell.

Its three days to go, when the spirits of the dead rise, witches do spells, Wicca casters prevent the evil spells to take flight, monster arises and anything that bumps in the night. Well it sounds this week most people’s celebrate it differently than I.

No pumpkins out to scare any kids in my neighborhood, no treats at all even though a few kids do come a knockin’ at my door. One year I open my curtain that I have only one window and living in a high house, where a flight of steps are under that window, where the children stood and I scared them saying, “Trick or treat.” You can imagine the frighten faces of the poor children. Never had anymore children since that Halloween night.

I never get in the spirit of Halloween because it’s a concept which adapts to seeing advertisements and such things for shops and businesses to gather monetary funds from a holiday celebrated by enthusiasts who want to celebrate it. Okay, its okay to celebrate(even though I relish the day as a writer) but for me its a time for contemplation. Why you may ask? Well, I’m an emotional being and very sensitive to the surroundings where I live. I feel the spirits keenly on Halloween. More on Halloween than I normally do when it’s not. It’s not an easy thing to say. It’s not easy to speak about the feelings(these feelings that follow are like everyone feels but its intensified times three); the hairs on the arms go up and the cold shiver that goes through my whole body on Halloween. Its bloody scary. It also goes onto the next two days which many Catholics and Christians celebrate All Souls Day and Saints Day.

For me its a time to send those spirits to rest. It is a crazy notion but think what November One brings, a number of priests saying prayers to the souls of the long departed and saying that peace is in their path. Many interpretations of what souls day is about but for me I feel the spirits leaving. In a sense Halloween is celebrated to understand that something bigger than our own existence like our soul and spirit fires us to celebrate death in a mask of a monster or the concept in the word – Halloween.

Getting to the nitty-gritty end of my thoughts of Halloween, as a writer, I love the atmosphere it brings. Websites, shops and business have been selling Halloween products and I loath it. But seriously I do understand the collective pull of the scary and the phantasm that brings us to the lure of the hype of Halloween.

I have been reading dark tales of horror from blogs this month and thought that a blog entry was called for. Even thinking of Halloween at this moment would be fun to play a trick again. Ha ha, it would be fun just to play one last trick on Wednesday. Hope I could for old-time sake. Hehe!

Oh Boy I better let my guard down and say this: Trick or Treat.


On Writing – Part One

Well, let me start from the beginning where I started writing. Picture a ten-year old kid  just finished reading a great classic from Mark Twain – A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s’ Court. I wasn’t your usual reader of books but I did become an avid reader by the end of that year; when a teacher gave me the above mentioned book. It was the first book, that actually opened my mind to the possibilities of my imagination. It also started my first thought to write. (Naturally it was in me but I didn’t get to know this much later on in life.) I wrote a story about a boy who knew all things and could control his powers to save his kingdom.

As the years went on, I started to change the story which soon became a story of twins, it also changed. As I grew older, I noticed that I wrote twenty pages in two days, every weekend; that is A4 size lined paper.

Of course like every young man, life made it difficult to write where school became my most integral part of my life. I had a dream of being dressed in a blue uniform with a badge and a gun, that went belly up, when health issues arrived. I had a one track mind where I still wanted that uniform. It was close to my fifteenth birthday that I thought computers were a good option. Computers were coming out more in the late 1980’s and with my dream job, I could try. Of course when I seek out for the dream job and what was involved and my other health problems grew more intense, I didn’t send the application. (Soon you’ll know what my health problems are, when I receive more information from the non-fiction story I wrote about my health problems.) The twins story evolved into an epic which I had to put on hold for the moment.

Getting back to the reason for writing had started as a hobby apart from the stamp collecting, where my imagination soared. I escaped from the real world and into my own world. The feeling made me happy and slowly I eventually knew I couldn’t escape the real world. By the time I finished school, I have been reading in my genre of science fiction and fantasy and a little horror, suspense and mystery and adventures. I also broaden my genre reading to general and commercial fiction and some non-fiction.

Research is a part of writing, to me. The basics of the beginning, middle and end of a story is fairly self-explanatory; the research of a battle scene in medieval times should be as correct as possible. Okay not a two page scene about two knights fighting a duel.  With a little bit of work and practice in changing and breaking down the two page to one page was even harder at the time. But I started to noticed that my favorite authors were actually have a two paragraphs detailing a fight scene. Research was a vital tool I learnt early to have because I knew that a scene needed some believable action when I came to a fight scene in my epic. (There is many fight scenes and a war scene in the epic.)

In this part of On Writing – I explained my love of reading and my inspiration to write from a book which captured my imagination. Even explain that research is a vital tool in my writing. As I continue to explain in a series of parts about writing; it will be through my own reflections, as a first time writer to being a published writer.

Please note:- Each writer and author express their experiences and views on their blogs about writing and I found it very interesting, inspirational and moving. I wanted to express my experiences and views from what I have so far come to realized as a writer.


Well, at the moment, I’m at a slow pace since I have been on this blog. I have renovated my room and the brain is at a block. The dreaded “Writer’s Block.” As I’m typing this its the only thing, I know that will help, even though none will read it. I know those who are my faithful readers of my blog who are writers will read this and know what I’m talking about.

Here is a scenario of what the last few weeks have been like. I sit at the computer and start writing something like I’m doing now, with a lot of gibberish and golliwog words at random. Then comes the block. Let me not even start on the computer I’m writing on is really a laptop and is slow as a turtle. I can’t even budget a new computer until I finish off with my dental problems. Anyway, slightly of the reason why I’m blogging today, the whole reason is that the writers’ block is a problem for some writers and some find a way to smash the wall or go around it. I have to smash my wall because I have no other choice.

Mine writers’ block does concern me because its literally a wall in my subconsciousness where everything I write comes from there. Its a funny thing to say but its like the analogy of working with blood, sweat and tears on a project. Well for me everything come from the subconscious the center of my being. Its such an in depth statement but its true to me. I pour my whole self into a story and I need to replenish from the letting of the self. Sometimes I replenish quickly and move on to the next story. But I fear I have left the self in my room with the painting the wall with dark ocean blue paint and the new marble-like vinyl tiles. What I am saying is that I put myself in every part of the things I do. I mean everything in life. No matter what I buy or create in a story, I put every bit of my self in it. That getting a bit philosophical… I am an emotional being.

Well as you can see, I have smash the wall in my subconscious. Maybe its just what I needed to share to all of you, my thoughts and such.