2012 Year in Review

As we come through another year which some would have thought to be our last days on this Earth. Well the year in review for me is a yearly look at what has happened to me as an individual. Okay you can watch what happened in the world on Television and its okay to feel a bit sad for the lost of life and such in the world, and the great books that came out this year and many more of the blogs here on WordPress. Exciting stuff and one reason I do this is because I like to take stock of a year that I had.

January was a short month with my resolution which went out the window and some were done to the T. A report on computers and internet was almost forgotten but I think a second part is coming soon. Funny thing about updating is a pain and because a few thing happened with my website that I had to use this blog as a temporary solution. February was a little busier than January with the blog completed and then a nice treats. Treats like reaching a about 1030 views where I dance in my room as nature intended. Of course I used an orangutan as a picture for a joke, but seriously I should hope we look after them and save them. First acceptance of the year and a slow start, in my professional career. Personally it was a good month. March, had some update on the side bar. A relative slow month, and a little St Patrick’s Day drink which I didn’t blog about or even about my writing.

April, in the beginning of the month, I had an acceptance of two different anthologies from two different presses. A quiet Easter and my trip to Sydney is the best thing that happened this year. As May came I still had to write about my trip in Sydney and Mothers day poem and more of Sydney… June much the same and stories sending out to a competition. July was much the same with my Sydney trip roll up, and some updates on my writing with a editing of a novel, an acceptance of a story from a press, and a story/article update. As August comes, I was writing when I could, as I looked at my blog and knew to make changes. Also started to paint and renovate my bedroom up to September, which I had no internet at all. Somewhere in these months another story was accepted.

October was a progress report of my writers block, why I wanted to write and my attempt of Halloween thoughts. November comes as Nanowrimo was a thing I thought I would not do, however I did do it. A bit of technical issues with my desktop computer when it decided to harbor a grudge on me and went kaput. Lucky I did have a backup of my writings on the laptop and of to write on for nano. Had a birthday and then my Uncle from Italy came and the two weeks seemed very short; but a beautiful moment. As December came and after fixing a few problems with the internet and such, I fear as I am writing this, my laptop computer is slowing down and it takes much of a day to write a story. Or even blog with the antivirus making it more slower than it is.

With the Mayans predictions fizzed up on the 21 December, I went on to celebrate Christmas with family at home. But the funny thing about predictions and I sometimes like think that should be taken seriously. Well not all predictions are set in stone, well not most of the predictions. Predictions or not we should get back to our roots and look to nature and see if we can change. But I think we are set in our ways, and it might be too late to start. NO its not. I think we joke about the Mayan predictions because they didn’t survive. Hey wake up people, we are also going down that road if we don’t learn from our mistakes. Okay, enough of the low-down of philosophical junk. Today is the end of the year and I like to celebrate it. As I’m typing this, the weather has decided to rain. Christmas Eve it rained and today on New Years Eve its raining again. Remember, I’m an Aussie who lives in the North Queensland, and our Summers are also our raining and storm seasons. Flooding may occur and I do mean may occur in my hometown. Even though its part of my life, I would never leave my home at all. I enjoy life even when its raining.

Well, overall for the Year 2012, my highlights was Sydney, the Nan Tien temple and meeting my uncle from Italy. As I concluded this post, I have thought of my resolutions and I decided not to even voice them here but say I have them written somewhere and will follow them as best as I can.

Happy New Year to everyone and please, have a safe New Years Day as well.



The Mayan calendar predicted that the 21st of December the world would end. It all seem to have passed and while I’m writing this a rainstorm – a down pour is making its splash on North Queensland weather. Well I’m having a very wet Christmas. Just hope no floods come. My town is prone to flooding. But its great to have a cooler Christmas. Well on this Christmas Eve night, I usually go out but I decided to stay home, this Christmas and enjoy a quiet night home.

A little bit of a coffee liquor and a Christmas movie and some nibbles to eat. Then a early night. So have a Merry Christmas. Oh if you don’t celebrate Christmas, and you celebrate it different, the whatever you call it, I just wish you a happy and safe celebrations.  Buon Natale. Merry Christmas.

A time warp surprise

Interesting title for a post even for it matters a title for a short story. Well sadly, it is a post title. As you might know or not by following me on here; I have had a few problems with computers and the internet and since I started partying in November, it certainly feels like a time warp has become a loop. Old desktop went kaput, laptop is now as slow as an ant, internet security program slows it even more like a worm digging through soil. From dinners out and partying and trying to fix my own computer problems, I seemed like I was in a loop of a time warp of some kind.

Well in the last few months, its been like I have shifted through a shifting tool (whatever you call it) and then put back together like a Time Lord going through a regeneration process without changing his look. It must have been something that my head must have taken a sense of “What the Frac is happening to me” or some wires seem to be crossed in some other place. I had to scratch out a story in the Upcoming Anthologies and put a note with it. (Did you notice the two mentions of my favorite shows, I let you think about it.)

Okay, wires were crossed for a while, but with Nanowrimo on I decided not to worry about the story and concentrate on the rest of the novel I was writing – which I didn’t make the 50,000 word mark, as per previous posts. I did do one thing and that is finish the novel at about 80,000 words. Well its not finish until I have read it and edit it at least six times.

I was looking at my new website and talking with my webmaster at the same time, and he asked me what should your home page contents be like? I answered with this: It should show my stories and stories I wrote, that is on sale now, coming soon and upcoming stories with their covers.

Because of this, I went to one of my publishers forum and thus a big surprise, my story is at the printers and getting published. So when you all look up the new professional website next year, it will have a caption about my story with the anthology’s cover.

What was a bad situation turned out to be a beautiful outcome.

Thoughts and writing

Interesting few days, it feels a little empty without seeing my uncle from Italy, but its the best thing to see him. I never meet my grandparents whom lived and died in Italy but I see now that they have been in me ever since the day, I was born. It is something I notice when I looked at my father and uncle, I saw their uniqueness and their parents in them. I have been seeing it in the photos and getting to know my fathers’ youngest brother is a feeling that was too short. My emotional side that really senses the part of family. It is not the sixth sense(even though I might have a little bit of it), I think in the near future that I’ll be traveling to Italy and see the place where my father grew up until he immigrated to Australia. In a sense meeting my uncle has started my thoughts in knowing the past family history. I’ll be starting a plan to do a family tree and history and autobiography novel in English and Italian versions.

Well, it is not just one of the reasons, why I have come to post here. I receive a newsletter from David Farland* in an email. It is the most interesting newsletter, I have read so far. It is about writing as a career. The notion of writing as a career has always been my backup plan.

It took me twenty years after school to get that I was not doing what I loved most to do – be a writer. Fate has played a curve-ball for me. (Which you’ll find out soon.) Now, writing is the first thing that comes to my mind when I get up in the morning and the last thing I think of when I go to bed at night.

The best advice I found so far, is think writing as the first career.

Oh before I go, check out for next year where I will show my favorite lists of Authors and others posts or those list will go on the right sidebar.

* David Farland – please do a search on him on Google or another search engine. This is a suggestion and if you like epic fantasy then you should read The Runelords series.

Overall Nanowrimo Report

Okay it is finish for another year and considering that I did my best in the days I started from.

For the first four days of November, I wiggled with a decision to do it or not. When I thought to continue the work in progress novel, I knew of another author who does write it. Like it says on the Nanowrimo website start a novel and finish it later. So I went for it. How did I continue my novel in progress? Well; I made a new title and brought the characters forward into the future of about a few hundred years.

For twenty-six days, I have written 37,087 words with about two days of no word count. From the 5th to 30th of November, it is not a bad effort in twenty four days. Of course, November is my start of partying with responsible drinking; that is enjoying the Christmas parties from clubs and other activities that I do. May I also say November is my birth month and the midway mark is always celebrated, of course the 15th is a day of partying.

As you may know my uncle and cousin and two more came from Italy via Dubai to Brisbane and on to Townsville and the here in my small country town – on the 19th November. this hindered my writing for an hour or so.

Dinner party after dinner party and such, I have written about 17,000 words. The lowest average with a hell of a lot of interruptions is about 500 words otherwise, the highest average with minor interruption is about 3000 words. This is an interesting premise, however, note that I also have a middle average of about 1500 words*. Let me count the days that I have done. The lowest average word count of 500 is for five days. The middle average word count of 1500 is twelve days. The highest average word count of 3000 is five days*.

I’m still amaze at the amount of word counts in the twenty-four days that I have written. Even though, and mind that if I wrote on the five days that I missed at my middle or to my daily target, then I would still make it to the end target of 50,000 words. The daily target is set at 1667 words per day by Nanowrimo. I like round numbers so my daily target is 1700 words per day. Of course the speed of typing is accompanied by music on my iPod – typing with about two to three finger on each hand. The music I am into at the moment is heavy metal of the late eighties and early nineties – MANOWAR. I’m a very picky person when it comes to music(when I can post about my preference list to my music). Music needs to have words that I can relate to – No beeping screaming.

Overall the month of November has been a hell of an enjoyment. With having a few family and friends from Italy over and writing is my most second memorable and I can’t wait for the end of the year where I go over the year that was 2012.

Since it is the first of December, there is one thing I like to do is counting down to see if the prediction of the Mayans will occur.

* Please note the 500, 1500 and 3000 are numbers I picked from my head and they are not the true average in each of the twenty-six days. Actual data of the actual word count for the days of writing in the lowest, middle and highest averages is lower or higher than the word count, e.g. word average is 500 actual may be 490 on one day while another is 509. Another example is if I wrote in one day 300, another day 1100 and 4000 in another day then the averages are lower or higher