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Updates from 28/01/2013

Pill Hill Press Announces that they are closing down the press.
As of now, I have the sad duty to announce that my stories in Daily Frights 2013 – 365 days of Frights Flash Fiction, my accepted story – Lord Captain Victorus at about 500 words and Daily Flash 2013 – 365 days of Flash Fiction, also the accepted Brewed Coffee at about 500 words will be stored until I am ready to send them out again.
It’s not a good start to the year where a free marketing submissions service company decided to become a paid subscription. Earlier this month this company which I looked up to has now given limited use – very limited; well, haven’t seen an email since the first week of January. And now, one of my favorite and first press decides to close permanently. Well as some of you might will say the year has the dreaded 13 number but I’m not as suspicious as that. Not at all. I considered 13 a very lucky number. (I consider 666 as the worst number…) Seriously, only one thing, I hope not another problem comes then I’ll not going to say it here.
So why would a Small Press Close? Well, I gathered that there is a few factors. First I must say that I know next to nothing about the publishing world(a little bit) but I do know how a business is run. Well slightly, that is the ending of a business – even though the paper side I had not touch. The stock of the business, it was my duty to sell as many as I can, and packing up the remainder of the stock and other assets that the business had. I’m not saying which business it was but it was the hardest thing I had to do. That was the moment, I burnt the wick on both ends – physical and emotional.
However, let me get back to the question. There is many reasons for going into a business but stopping a business is entirely a different kettle of fish. Let me explain, one reason why I thought a lot about starting a business and with what I had done was to experience some sense of it. The outcome is very good but the jobs were less. Factors of the job tasks in my experience of working and looking for jobs to do was not an option. Lucky I had found a job which could help me until health.
Health is the most important part of any business that is for the person who owns the business and the business itself. Also considering the world we live in the almighty dollar – money in short dictates the running of the business. As I said there are many other factors but ultimately the two I have mention is the main reasons for closer. I hate the word money but I’ll not explain why here, but to suffice to say it is a need to survive.
I know that the owner of Pill Hill Press has become a mother last year to twins, and yes it would become a job where one can burn at both ends. May be closing down is a bit drastic but with a three times the normal job load; I would want to say there is a point we can go. I would like to applaud the owner in her case to close the press. Even though I’m sadden I must say I hope it is for the best.
Now that I have almost finished, there is one thing that I must say, my writing career is a business that has started with Pill Hill Press who first accepted my first flash fiction in 2010 for the Daily Flash Fiction 2011. Ever since 2010 I have been accepted as you can click in the published and upcoming works in the above menu.


Blog changes

As you can see, I have been changing the menu and themes of my personal blog. However the themes will be change until I feel okay with it.  So my personal blog will be a close similarity with my website; to keep it uniform. From previous post about my new website are coming well and a few days time I’ll be announcing the new site when I’m ready.

As for this blog it will stay as I am doing my reviews of movies, books and some music; my thoughts and such things about computers and anything that comes to mind that is not to do with writing but I fear I might mention sometimes about writing.

So before the end of the month I’ll be adding a few links to my website and other places.


The second post for 2013

Okay let’s have a laugh at the first shortest post I have done. It is a post that has me wondering why I posted it. Well I can’t help it, with good news like a new computer make be happy. Considering the last six months or so where I had so many technical problems that I wanted and really need a new computer. As for the laptop computer, well; it’s going to be re-installed and maybe later increased the memory. As you all guessed it was one hell of a budget, I had a strict regime of not going out for a few months before(not during last two months of 2012), and some convincing of one source which will be nameless.

Well, I officially say; Happy New Year, to all. Well, twelve days late is better than nothing.

As you guessed by my last post, I was getting to know how to use my new computer’s operating system – Windows 7. It’s literary a jump from Windows XP Home. There are a few things that sets me back, like, where is the up one folder arrow. Of course, I’m still getting to know the new Windows 7, but I have second thoughts, if I want to go to Windows 8. I read on some websites and know from some friends that they do not like it because you can’t shut down the computer. For the moment I’m having fun with this version of windows, anyway I would not buy Windows 8 now because there could be some problems that need fixing. Essentially that is what Microsoft is doing with each versions of Window operating system. They upgrade all software and all versions are different from the other.

I was looking at a Mac computer but decided that buying was to costly and my need is more want it now. However I might save up for a mac book pro. When a persons need is more than he can afford then I had to revert to what I know. Thus my new computer tower is a Cool-Master tower. Usually I found with my old tower case it heated up because it had no fan to keep it cool. Well with my Cool-Master tower has a fan in the front and it draws the air in, to cool the components within the tower. Yes the tower case is cool to the touch. Air is evenly into the tower case and out of the tower case makes me happy.

The specifications of the tower are:- a core i3  Intel central processing unit(CPU) 3.1 processor speed; 4 gigabyte(GB) memory; 500 GB Sata hard disk drive; a Gigabyte motherboard/main-board on board integrated graphics card, 4 USB in the back panel, and 2 USB in the front with plugs for mic and earphone, in the back panel there is plugs for speakers, two types of monitors which one is for a VGA and the other is DVI; internet plug that is 10/100/1000 Mb and extra add on’s for if I want to upgrade. On the front panel apart from the two earphone, mic plugs and 2 USB, there is two plugs for upgrades which are sealed. One is a 1394 plug which is a D Fire-wire cable could be use for digital video camera or other device. The other is an E-Sata plug where an external Sata hard disk drive can be used. The LG super multi CD/DVD drive which reads and writes all CD/DVD discs. The Universal Storage Module(USM) port/drive that is in my midi-tower is 3.5 inch drive and I think I have a way to back up when I can afford to buy a USM 3.5 hard drive.

With the specs and the operating system, I’m enjoying to getting to know my computer, okay; learning is a better word than saying getting. So with its 4 Gb memory where I used to 1.5 Gb or my laptop 512 Mb memory, had been as slow as a turtle, I was getting nervous and frustrated. Its been about five days now, and I notice that when I view multiple windows, and internet pages of different sites, I feel at ease. I’m enjoying this and in the future if I can budget, I’ll buy extra Ram memory to go even faster which this motherboard can upgrade(I need to make sure for upgrade capacity) to 16 Gb.

So with the new year holidays over, and soon I’ll be starting to complete my new website which I currently seen its look and like it so far. Firstly, the new site will be opening soon, as this will be my blog site. At the end of January, I’ll be doing some changes to this blogs looks and announcing the new site. With the new site and it depends on the number of site stats, I’ll be seeing how it fares within three months from the 31st of January. There are reasons that I have yet to decide about.

So stay tune…