The week that passed

Nothing eventual but then again on Friday the 25 was one of the most weirdest I had. I think it was because after the fact that I think dreams do come true. Okay another weirdo with dream vision of his own life. Well I cannot help falling into my dreams and continue to have the same scene act out in my real life.

Well here it starts, a normal morning going to the city for a medical reason to do some ultrasounds and x-rays for my mum. While we were there at the x-ray facility this elderly gentleman and his younger partner with their child entered. Everything was fine until the mother of the child was called, and the child went in hysterics – wanting mum. Well the elderly gentlemen couldn’t control the child for a while and decided to leave. Well this gentlemen, I took noticed when he returned with the child crying and coughing. He looks like a metro-type of man who looks after his attire. Well he dyes his hair and goatee beard. This didn’t make me any weirder but one thing that the man wore a ring on his ring finger. It was a gold ring which held a ruby. Its design of the ring triggered a moment where my whole body had the freezing moment.  It was not the only thing that made me freeze up, his tone of voice which his pitch a little higher and his accent also different to normal Aussies. It is impossible to reverberate the sound in a description, but I knew the sound from somewhere.

This was only the first instance of the weirdness but in was coming home from the city, where mum decided to go to have a rest and use the toilets. Well as we were going to this place we decided to have some ice-cream and refresh ourselves. As I was entering there is about three vehicles –  a 4-WD, a camper van and a jaguar. It was the jaguar that peak my interest. I love sports cars. Anyway as I walked in I notice that the jaguar has three people had vacated from the coupe. I couldn’t help noticing this as I felt like I was noticing too much that Friday.  Mum went to the toilet while I ordered the ice-cream and milkshake for myself and paid it. Well like the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, I deduced that the jaguar coupe was the family who were sitting near the next table. I told mum this.  Well as two elderly couple walked out to their 4-WD , the lady in the next table point to her husbands who owns the jaguar. We started talking and such and then somehow the woman said goodbye and then as the jaguar started its V8 engine roar, the woman returns to speak about some business she and her husband were running. Well it was my mother who thought that we met this woman before and she stated it but I could only stay quiet but then the woman’s husband came and this put the wires in my brain go this happened before.

Well the weekend passed without issue and yet last Friday still makes me shiver. Welcome to my world of weirdness. I could well write a story about my weird life Hahahaha.

eXistenZ Movie Review

Plot is basically about a game designer testing a game with twelve people testing the game. The title of the movie is the game where Allegra is the game designer who is on the run. A security guard is on the run with Allegra. The security guard become the body-guard, of the game designer, and he travels to a gas station to input a bio-game-port at the lumber of the spin.

My Overview

Not spoiling the overall story of the movie, it does has a sense of weird like atmosphere that you are following like someone’s game life in an real-like world. The bio-game-port is a weird device that is implant at the lumbar region of the spine. Once the security or body-guard(played by Jude Law) is insert with the bio-port and then a device that looks like a human fetus underdeveloped  which combines as game device and connection to the game. Here is where I thought a scientific world where games became a part of the future. It was until I made the connection of how weird the mutating animals. At the ski lodge the start to play the game. Here it gets weird and relatively slow moving.Yet it did have a sense of mystery which most sci-fi  don’t have. Its relativity a game within a game with a sci-fi  psychological horror.



Women Horror Month

Well I thought to let you know that February is the month where this site explains about why its women in horror month. Well this month is women in horror month. I have been meaning to post something about this all month but it seems I better do so. Okay it nothing to do with my writing but it does has something why I like writing horror.

Women Authors of Horror

What? You might be wondering. It started probably with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It was a story where a mad scientist putting body parts together and reanimate the monster, Frankenstein. Well it was this woman who made me like horror. Of course it wasn’t on an immediate flow of the genre. It was more latter when I read the first Anne Rice novel Interview with a Vampire. This novel made me a fan of vampires and everything about vampires; I needed to understand and researched until I knew that I was ready for a novel I’m just editing at the moment.
Anne Rice’s subsequent novels in the vampire series that followed peak my interest of another concept, which I am not at liberty to say because spoilers of my working novel is not a thing to be expressed – something to do with immortality is all I can say.
Of course, every mortal life is a question  which Mary Shelley also touches with Frankenstein. Not only that which every writer likes to emphasize in horror and I’ve noticed that all women writers’ show this more; an example is Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stakehouse novels. It was here that I fell for the werewolves sense of loyalty, honor and pride. Harris also open my heart to other were-creatures and shape-shifters. Because of this I ventured into unknown territory but it also peak an interest with such that I had thought of that mortal desire for immortal or eternal life.
Another lady of horror is Laurell K Hamilton, she also brought like Harris about vampires, were-creatures and shifters from a different angle – from a vampire hunters view. The difference between the two is very slight with Hamilton’s Anita is a vampire hunter who can speak and raise the dead. While Sookie is a half human and faerie, and can read thoughts from everyone around her. This also provided something which I couldn’t let go of the thought I had.
In most of these four horror women writers, I think are my best of the best. Even though I class Stephanie Meyer as my lowest in my list, she did give a good story line of a person who desire to love a vampire without fangs. In a sense it also took another type of vampire and made it shine – well literally. Okay before you jump on me, it made me think that even thought a vampire is immortal what better way than to show it shine. I think that is why Meyer wanted to show the difference between her vampires and the others in the vampire genre. Of course we enthusiasts of the vampire wanted them to have fangs to bite. Seriously the only reason for me to put her in my lowest list is because of the first person point of view. I’ll explain more later on here.

Women in Horror Media

What I’m talking about is the movies, Television series/shows and videos. The best of my list of the media is slowly growing because none could match my best of the best – Sigourney Weaver in her role in the Aliens’ movie franchise. Linda Hamilton is next even though her role in Terminator movies made her know, but her role in Children of the corn was one I remember and knew she was another to look out for. Then comes in third Jamie Lee Curtis in her portrayal in Halloween.
Even though it is small, one other is Anna Paquin in her main role as Sookie in True Blood. Oh I almost forget one other and she is one who recently opens my eyes from the video game adaption of Resident Evil actor Milla Jovovich. Crumbs I almost forgot Sissy Speck for the classic role in Carrie.

Overall the lists of my favorite authors is slowing growing, however my favorite actresses lists is bigger than my favorite women authors.

Movie Review

Okay the weekend just gone and Monday review will be videos I watched from Foxtel on demand service. Here in North Queensland, Australia, I had two services of Pay TV but with Austar becoming Foxtel last year. I thought I will soon subscribe with my internet service provider(which I did last year in the end of October) with a special box for sending Foxtel limited channels through the internet. I have now watch these movies again. They have been watched back in the eighties and nineties; and I like to watch them again or broaden my horizons with new films I haven’t watched.


This Stephen Kings’ Sleepwalkers adaption of the story he wrote is about a mother and son who are supernatural creatures(were-cats and vampire-like) in the world who feed from the life-force of virgin females. They are vulnerable to cats.

My Overview

Well what person would not watch a Stephen Kings’ adapted book to a film. From my memory it started with Carrie and then Salem’s lot, just to name the few. One thing about every movie adaption; King stars in the movie. Also when it first came out, I missed the big screen experience, if I remember it right. This I do remember that I watched it on a video. Okay why watch an incestuous relationship between mother and son which hinted, and which could be mistaken but with the story its a part of a sleepwalkers life. Well look at cats. Well in a way the were-cats are vampire-like where their intended victims must be virgin females. What can I say but rate this movie.



A young psychiatrist intern comes to a facility where he investigates unusual events and such things.

My Overview

This is a expertly written story which makes you think its a ghost story and until a few murders which leads to the the head of the facility. But when the young psychiatrist comes friendly with an schizophrenic nurse on medicines, soon finds that she soon learns that the young psychiatrist intern is more then he shows. In this movie with in the bowels of any asylum there is a place where the worse of the worse are in cells locked – is called the madhouse.  All I can say without giving to much spoilers is this – who is more saner than the whole asylum. More than psycho…


Kill List

A family man is also a hit-man by trade, is hired by an old gentleman who wanted three men to be killed. The hit-man’s go-between who receives the call is also the hit-mans’ friend. You’ll learn a history between the hit-man and the wife and the friend but the hit-man is a crazy bastard, flies off the handle any time. He and his friend do the two hits and then some weird shit happens.

My Overview

Just on a recommendation from another reviewer, I went to watch this movie again. When I first saw it I thought it was a very slow British movie. Well I thought why not watch it and see if it is good as it was RECOMMENDED. In away yes and no. The plot alone is good enough to watch it, even though its slow and weird. It is slow from the dinner party and to the mysterious lover of the hit-mans’ friend. It is then when the story goes to the kill list, and each kill on the list  thanked the hit-man which also brought a mystery. Even though it was slow and it keep giving this mystery to solve. I found that this mystery more intriguing than the slowness of the movie. Its climax solves the mystery and the ending is very weird  and psychologically crazy.


From Dusk till Dawn

Two bank robbers are on the run with a hostage in the boot and need to get pass the border to Mexico for a deal to be concluded. A preacher and his teen son and daughter, after a his excommunication of being a preacher travel on a RV holiday meet the two robbers at a motel. An incident at the motel as one of the bank robbers is also a bit crazy kills the first hostage. the other one who meets the preacher in the RV before going into the motel room, then moves to the preacher and the story goes on to mexico where a cult and nest of vampires start to attack.

My Overview

With George Clooney as Seth Gecko and Quentin Tarantino as Richard Gecko on the run. Of course the story plot is excellent and its acting is good with Clooney being a man of honor even though Seth is a thief. However his sick brother who hears things in his mind makes it difficult for Seth to stay on his track to end the deal in Mexico. Remember the old Cheech and Chong movies, well Cheech Marin stars here in three parts as border guard, Chet Pussy and Carlos. Danny Trejo also stars in this as Razor Charlie as well as movies like Spy Kids and more. With all these all stars it showed a 1996 movie bring me a sense of wow and amusement. Please note that this is a first of the three movies I’m going to watch.


Review Time

Over the last week I had watched a few movies which I thought were good movies to watch. Well it was such that I could actually say the end result was not like I thought.


An over the edge psychological thriller where a young teen thinks he is a vampire. His cousin is an overbearing man with the old zealous ideas and suspicions about vampires.

My Overview

It was a funny translation of the myths of vampires, to me. I must say the director of the movie such as  the night of the living dead, did this movie. Well because of this I thought it was a good movie. Its one of the movies I thought would be good to watch. Boy was I wrong. In a sense, the scenes jumping from black and white to analogue color, had me wondering why. Then it took me a long moment that Martin was thinking this part. He states that he is eighty-three to his cousins granddaughter. This may have developed to confuse the watcher but with the myths of vampires its possible and the recurring cry of Martins’ cousin Nosferatu, plays with the mind when watching this movie. To me it should be watch at how a movie with such weirdness that draws you in to such a mad teens life.



A college student who is writing a novel about Countess Elizabeth Bathory, goes to Hungary with his male and female friends for a holiday and to understand the history of the Countess.

My overview

It starts with a short history of the Countess and her family, and the raiders who took the castle and lands, however the Countess made a curse to the leader of the raiders. A vampire movie with bite and a hilariousness mythos of what a vampire fear. Christopher  Lambert from the Highlander movies play the last of the line of the raiders leaders, whom is turned as a vampire which the curse given by a mysterious woman whom the college student falls for her. Let me just say that its not a movie you would expect from other vampires but I think that its possible that it would become parts that you look at a bit loopy or my rental video was playing up. What I mean is that there are parts of the movie which seemed to be repeated. Only then did I understand that it was not my rental video but the way time played within the movie.


Fading of the Cries

A writer buys a mansion which he soon finds that the mansion has a history of dark magics – Necromancy.  He gives his niece a present to keep safe. She is a grown teen and she starts to wear the jewel that her uncle had given to her before he died. A boy saves her from eyeless townsfolk.

My overview

This movie show what necromancy can do to a town. For all of you who like 7th Heaven and remember the little girl who play Ruthie Cadmen(Mackenzie Rosman) and Gima Wormtongue (Brad Dourif)  from the Lord of the Rings second and third movies. Brad plays the character Mathias who wants the jewel which he calls the rune, plays a living ghost. Well for me it was no other way to describe such a movie than let you go and watch it. A relatively new actor Jordan Matthews who plays Jacob is something to watch. If you search the IMDb site and read his bio, then you can understand why I feel he’ll be an actor to watch out for in the future. I never saw such a magnificent movie that portrays necromancy as a  horror and dark fantasy film. It defies the normal world and yet bring the dark magical world to life.


Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

A young Abraham Lincoln learns that the death of his mother was not an ordinary death. He grows up and wanted revenge on the one man who killed his mother, but later finds that there is more than a man who killed his mother. He learns that vampires are real and living in the south and north of the USA, that is before it became the united. Partly a factual story of an young man before he became the president of america, and during his time, he has made a journal of his life as an vampire hunter.

My overview

In a sense of horror and factual fiction is a very fine line between movie and the real Abraham Lincoln. (I just can’t wait to see the nonfiction movie that is coming.) Well this is a magnificent movie that is action upon action and fast 0-paced that it might be better to see it twice. Flashbacks in movies is a very expertly done n this movie, I think. I found it very excellent to watch. Well everyone knows that  silver is a weakness to vampires but its deadly to werewolves. Why would the battle at Gettysburg be won by silver? I’ll let you decide. Some may say that history is raveled in myth and some in nonfiction may be lies, but remember that a civil war in american produce a great president in its history.  Here if I might be bold to say, I could admire but I do so because this movie shows a fantastical side of an president.

Please Note:- The reviews are my way of how I felt when I watched these movies a week ago.

A normal Sunday

Well for all you my faithful bloggers who follow me, know that I live in Australia, in a North Queensland country town, which at this moment is having its annual raining season. The funny thing for me, is it not so A NORMAL SUNDAY. I’m sitting in my room on my office chair with my legs upon my desk looking at emails and reading such things on Facebook but its not an exciting day where I should be writing something but then I remember something. Its the Chinese New Year.

This time of year I usually go and celebrate it. Yes I do with a drink of green tea and hope the Year of the Snake give a good outcome. I celebrate it with a banquet of Asian cuisine. Of course, I’m an Italian with a lot of love and I try my best to understand the cultures of the world and I try to celebrate their culture in some way possible. I celebrate it as best as I can and with the utmost respect.

Argh… I better stop thinking about the number of cultures I celebrate and have some lunch and rest for the afternoon.

Happy Chinese Near Year.

Updates number whatever

Well I have some new thoughts to say, and its not so good news. In the matter of one month and eight days, 2013 has come with a hell of a lot of bad news.

First is about my free market provider has gone to paid and that is where I go and find presses to submit my stories to. It is hard financially for me to pay such a service. Second comes my first press Pill Hill Press has closed and you can read more about it if you click here. Well it comes with the third, just yesterday that my mother’s blood tests have return something that needs more tests. Five years ago she had thyroid cancer and it seems the blood test had picked a discrepancy with the level in the nodules where the thyroid was. So with this that tops it with me swearing at the world for giving me a bad beginning to the year, I also got a fourth a few days before mums’ results and its just peed me off today…

Ha the funny thing about it the stars signs warned me that it would be so.  But it also said that, I could see the silver lining in the dark clouds. Ha I don’t think so at the moment. Or can I?

After a few moments of thoughts, I think that I can. Its not so unusual for me. Scorpios are that resilient. Well I think its the way I learnt to be resilient. Okay, my first bad news is that it was not the only place where I can find markets of small presses for free – its a matter of doing a search on a search engine. The second is not the only press I send submissions to and its okay. The rejection of a story is that I did something wrong and I can fix it later and send to another. The problem with my mum is one that I have is a little difficult to understand at the moment, but I think it can be managed with the doctors help and hope I don’t think weird things. Anyway I think it too early to find out if anything but to be prepared is best.

Its a weigh off my mind and probably its the silver lining I need.

Elvira – Mistress of the Dark

This post is a  flashback to a time where I use to enjoy movies with humor.  I watched yesterday afternoon a nostalgic movie  or video from 1988. Why you may ask? Well its simple, I had an awful afternoon yesterday that I needed something to cheer me up. So I got on my pay TV channels on the T-Box(its a small box where my communication provider provides the pay TV service; I can get movies and such from the internet) and I was in the mood of something dark. Thus I found this movie which brought a very good memory – here is my thoughts to this movie.

Elvira – Mistress of the Dark


Starts with a B-type movie and then a production team pans to Elvira dressed in a tight sexy black gown, lounging on a settee as she speaks to the camera. Elvira is a Los Angeles TV hostess of late night horror movies who quits her job because of the new station manager’s sexual advances. After receiving the  telegram about her Aunt’s will reading, she daydreams of getting an inheritance. The story follows Elvira as she travels to her aunts last and will reading in Fallwell, Massachusetts. What follows is a barrage  of comical instances of her stating some truths and by some mistakes on her part becomes true – one particular scene – a gas service owner who picks a cigarette which Elvira says that will kill you; as she drives off and the gas pump fell as petrol flowed out into a pool…

Her inheritance is a house, a dog and a book. Meanwhile her Uncle does not get a cent but wants the book. From her arrival to Fallwell, she becomes the talk of the town, because of her way of dressing like a floozie. It started with the principal Patty who spread the gossip about Elvira. Her Uncle Vincent Talbot wanted the book to become the Master of the Dark. Her Aunt knew that Vincent  wanted it and made sure that Elvira knew. Elvira first night out took her to the Ten Bowl cafe shop where two obnoxious men took liberty from how she wore the sexy black gown. But she has her principles and its those she holds to. Excellently portrayed then she meets Bob a very muscled chested man to her rescue to the two sex crazed deviants. These two deviants works for her Uncle Vincent.

My review

Ultimately a funny movie with some dark humor of the eighties. You need to understand that at the same time, sexual harassment was on a very thin line and this movie to me showed its value to what it feels like to a women with principles. It also shows a woman’s vanity in her figure that she needs to exploit her assets by faking it – the owner of the cafe shop. One woman not scared to show herself with her figure and boy what many a teenage boy wished to see such as Elvira in real life. From the plot where I never mention is that the young teens of the town, made it tough for Elvira and also the teens wanted to be free from the norm. It is very dark in its ending and where the older townsfolk decide to burn Elvira – for being witch under Vincent’s instructions of law. Elvira did however find out who she really is and tried to avenge with a recipe from her aunts book. In a way she brought out the hidden inhibited desires which leads to Elvira’s demise. Or does it.

This is a story which is somewhat out there in the eighties and I think it is one hell of a horror comedy that actually brings many meanings, such as some peoples will see this as a bad concept to a teens angst movie. Well it does show this but it also show more and this I like about it. It shows a woman principles to show who she is openly and does not care what others think. Its like judging a book by the cover. Or judging by what one sees and mistakenly thinks the opposite. Yes that is the general theme and now this time when I watched it  – it brought back my ideal woman – the dream I had with a woman wearing a black dress and black hair. She was a one of my dream of how a woman figure should be. Little did I know she was only a figment of my imagination to be a fruitful image – then again the  other is Gomez’s wife. Hey I can’t help my feelings when I see a black haired woman dressed in black clothing. I’m getting a little side-track here, the movie did peak my afternoon, yesterday and it made me happy.

Sexual harassment is a law in many countries which is  upheld. During the sixties, seventies and eighties the law against such cases were either sweep under the carpet or a monetary value for such cases or the male was fired from their job or the woman quit their job. Well in my opinion it became a part of the Nineties, such cases where harassment became so much that women got sick of the sexual innuendos that they stood firm to bring order to cases of sexual harassment in the courts. I think after this movie televised and years after it may have been dubbed by some as the worse trash movie they seen. I definitely think it is a classic that depicts sexual harassment to the T. Women are not objects and they are certainly not to be use in that context.

Okay, the last paragraph with law stuff, I’m not a person who understands the history of it and it was not as a visual media when I was growing up in the seventies and eighties. I came into contact with the word sexual harassment in a law class in 1990. It was part of the subject for a business course, I was doing. Well I didn’t put the movie and my thoughts together until I saw this movie again. Reliving a moment of my past has been a great.

I found this movie to be above its time, yet may be not. It was perfect timing when it was aired. Its undertones must have spoken to women and doing what is right. Apart from all the meanings and mild sexual content of the movie, a good story line and the climax of the ending is worth to see it as a learning tool for sexual harassment.

Overall its a movie I would watch again if my mood was down and I need cheering up.

Rating this movie ♠♠♠½. See on the right sidebar for rating system.