Interesting News

Since my last post, eight days ago – I have been one busy cookie that is making up for some lost time. While I was writing a story for a competition which is about zombies, a news bulletin on the local radio station announced a chemical spill north of my hometown. While I was getting some essentials at my local shopping center, I was thinking of my story as the announcement came on the radio. I physically had the chilling coldness run down my spine and I swore. I continued on driving to the shopping center and got the essentials. A day later, on our Wednesday’s local paper, the chemical spill was an acid spill. Of course, the spill was not in the same place as my story – lucky it was about a kilometer or two away. Let me just say that the story I’m writing does have a chemical spill of a different source – toxic in nature – otherwise zombies can’t come out of the ground. Its an Australian competition I am going to send this story – I can’t tell you more than I have.

Well on the same day as the acid spill, I received an email about my non-fiction story in It’s Weighing on my Mind anthology will come out – very soon.

After these eight days, and some finalizing with the non-fiction story and the eerie sensation of writing of chemical spill coming to real life its been just one hell of a ride. Its not funny when you write a story about a marauding character and then you read a news report or hear the news on the radio or see it on the TV and it happens as it actually happens – well almost. Here is an example I had written a piece about a killer chasing a woman. The woman went into the a cinema to evade the killer but she does not. He has a pistol in his pocket and start firing on anyone to get to the woman. Of course, the scene I had just explain did happen two days after I sent the story(that is about a year ago) to a press which is closed down – now. Please know also that the gunman in the US incident at the cinema/theater was a completely different to my story. Okay writing something from the imagination and coming true in real life is eerie and spooky but its what my muse likes to write. I’ll make a page about the muse and the subject of writing.


New Changes 1

Well as you can see some things have been fixed today. The changes done today are as follows: – Home, About, Links, Upcoming Works, Contact and Published Works needed minor changes which was quick and easy. It is lucky that I don’t have to change the blog posts thanks to

As you can see under the Published Works – if you move the cursor over it is the word Anthologies – a sub-menu like a drop-down-menu. When you click the Anthologies sub-menu –  you will scroll down to the year 2012 and here – I need HELP. Please use the contact page or leave a comment to tell me what you think of the Anthologies page – Format? What I need to know is whether a two column under 2012 is okay or not. Just look and tell me what you think. All messages will be taken into consideration.

Why? Because I may have to write some HTML code to do what I want with my site. The beauty of this site that is has an option for me to actually do HTML – being a lazy person well it is easier to copy and paste code into the text tab where I entered this post. Anyway, writing code is a long process and there is the internet that is actually full of great sources for writing a whole website – code generators for every code from HTML, PERL, and CSS(Cascade Style Sheets) – just to name the few that is out there.  I would not recommend anyone doing HTML code unless you understand what the code means. I understand the code and I can dabble a little bit. If you want to do something its best to learn from an institution where they provide a creating website course. I would use a W3schools website in a search engine like Google and they have lots of information there for you to understand HTML. They have a try editor online, where you can type some HTML codes to the left panel and the right panel shows what the code does once you submit code.

Well I better get back to my other task, the reading of web-hosting providers in Australia which also provide the WordPress software where I can have total control over my website. I have a lot of information to get through, and videos to watch and other things that I need to do like my editing of the first novel, which has been in the drawer of my desk for two months already. I need to take it apart and redo it in thirty days. So without further to say, just keep watching this space.

Second Year Anniversary

Happy Second Year Anniversary! Its seems it is to be my second year with with some funny and uneventful posts. From today I start my third year, with a few things up my sleeve. Okay today I had a look at the numbers of the stats of this website. Little did I know that with such a matter of two years I have 1450 hits (not a bad feat for a test site). But looking at the spam that have over the two years, where the WordPress services use, has doubled but there are a few each week that I delete/empty spam because they sell something like better SEO and management.  Because of this I was not interested in such things and when I do look to expanding this site with SEO capabilities is done with a web hosting provider I think will help me and financially viable for my budget. Spammers beware!

Middle of last year, I had a webmaster who seemed to know what he was talking about but it seemed he wanted free reign on my site. He couldn’t understand the many facets of my wants and a few weeks ago, I sacked him. It seems I have to do it all by my lonesome. Well now, I have control of what I can do. Yahoo… Well website wise – what do I know about? Well I do know a little bit about HTML and can do a website. But today creating websites have different codes like CSS, Perl and others. There is many easy coded sites where you drag and drop things in and need not much learning but some learning in the code is needed. Of course, the best place would be my first choice and you all should know its WordPress. In the next two to three months, I am looking at some minor changes to this site, which I hope will be as little as possible – where I hope to have my domain name in the address bar. Before that ever happens, I need to do more research on this site before I can do those changes.

Well my followers is a nice comfortable party size which I like to call an intimate party – a party with friends. All those who like my site I would like to thank you and hope to see you become a follower and I might surprise you with an re-follow of your site. Okay not much comments on my site in the two years, but that’s okay; especially since October last year where I was almost went on a side tangent with another creative site. Two or three weeks ago, I started to notice a few things like posts been not complete, and other thing not even published. I seemed to be harping on my webmaster, and its still fresh in mind.

Damn it! I better think of something good… like what? Ahem!  Happy Birthday to my professional writing career. Anyway, with the stats I’m pleased so far. Just one thing before I leave; keep watching this space for more good news, and I hope to have more visitors in the year to come.