May’s Update

Well as you may know that I am on a very tight schedule, and in May and these last nine days of June, I have had some news that has went by.

Firstly, I must say that it’s a mixture of good and bad news. Of course, the bad news and it’s what I feel at the moment that everything is at a limbo status – one of my publishers Wicked East Press is having a few problems and there will be a long wait on some of my stories coming out.

Secondly, a few changes to my site here in the next few weeks will be made and I’ll be here less or more depends on the books I read and movies I watch. These movies and books I’ll be reviewing, will be a monthly or fortnightly review which I haven’t decided as yet. So this is a mixture of good and bad.

Lastly, the best of good news is that I hope that all of you my favorite followers come to my new official site that I own a piece of the web. Own per se is a little over dramatic, well, I have an address that you can come to and see the new and I hope professional look. Okay, I do pay for the dot com at a service provider and you could say I own a piece of the web – only the address. I use WordPress org, because it is very easy like WordPress com but with one difference – WordPress org needs you to install themes and plugins.

Why did I go down this path?

I did this path because I wanted more control over where I wanted things to go. I’m having so much fun that I didn’t notice a month went by and June is here by nine days. I am close to finishing my new professional site, that I have on thing to finish off, in the next week. I only want to be more professional and having a site address is the better option – for me.

Finally, in the next week or so I will be slowly going to change the theme of this site and add the new professional site for you all to click, to see and browse at your leisure. Until then please bear with me. Cheers and see you there and here…

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