The Wheel of Time turns

A Memory of Light

The final book of the Wheel of Time series has been out a while at shops and online stores everywhere. I come by this book at my library and read it in about three days. I think this series will be the most talked for this century and many more to come. Okay, it is a little big of me to say this, but you just have to read it to understand why. Interesting way to start this post, but for those of you who read Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time Series know that the first line in the first chapter starts is like this post’s title. One thing this book does certainly ends the series.


Essentially it is about the most profane story of one man’s power to defeat the Dark One. Rand al’Thor – the Dragon Reborn – sets to bring peace to the peoples of the Main Continent from Dragonmount to Tremalking (which the Wheel of Time series fans call Randland). Of course, all the peoples are called to help in the Last Battle. Rand’s one thought all through this is to kill the Dark One.

My Overview and Thoughts

Without putting too much of SPOILERS to the ending of this book – I rather say that you must read the first book through to this book. I got a question from my local librarian and this question is – Is it written like Robert Jordan? (Similar to this question.) First, let me say; since Robert Jordan died in 2007, the last three of the series is written by Brandon Sanderson. So this question my librarian asked is relatively a question – the reader must come to on their own answer. For me, I will answer this – yes it is because Brandon Sanderson had notes by Robert Jordan already at hand to help to write to conclude the series. Please, take a look at the back of the book, where the blurb is and there is a few lines state it more better than I. Also, I must urge you to read all of the Wheel of Time Series from the first to the eleventh by Robert Jordan and then read the twelfth to the fourteenth that is written by Brandon Sanderson.

Compare it with any other works out there and I would think, Lord of the Rings. I could compare it to others but it does no justice to the Wheel of Time Series as a whole. I believe the Wheel of Time series is definitely an Epic Fantasy for the modern reader. It is at its best.

Well with the characters of “A Memory of Light” is just the same ones I came to love. Rand al’thor strength within him was very much on a thin line of whether he could defeat the Dark one or lose everything. His friends – were either caring or making sure he was on schedule to the prophecy. Perrin Aybarra is called Lord Goldeneyes is the best friend who has Rand’s back. He searches in the World of Dreams for Slayer. Matrim Cauthon is also a Rand’s friend, who is a gambler and dice is his game he prefers. Between these three as Ta’veren which is a term used for drawing the thread of the pattern where Rand is the most important.

From the unsuspecting ending, which for me was one that I knew was coming will shock most fans but also after knowing it would end and say “I should have known it would end like that!” Well the clues are there in the story from the beginning of the series to the end. Just like to say one thing: As the wheels turns and a new age begins, the wheel knows as it wills.(I just wanted to say that.)

Note: This took me a long time to finish this post and life gets so busy with medical appointments and time goes so fast.

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