September Pasted by and Halloween is around the corner

Well it is funny that September pasted by and I have just been busy watching some Norse Mythology videos on the internet as a research for a novel project which you can find out about at this site. You can see more there as well – when I get to it.

Okay here is some videos I watched over September.

The Thompsons

It starts of with a young man in a box who tells a story of why he is in a box. Of course, with most stories from first person point of views there is a fine line to cross and even as the main character states that even the beginning is not where it starts and when it does start where it suppose to it flows well. The reasons for the false starts of getting into the main character didn’t start until he told it from the beginning.


Well a different type of vampire story which makes you wonder if there is some such vampires out there amongst us. They look like us but when they need blood they change. The story arc of the Thompsons is about the dead mother and what her children do to survive when they search for their own kind. With a British feel to the Thompsons which it setting is in the outskirts of London unlike the Kill List which was a slow and weird movie. The Thompsons is a better movie to watch and is an alternative view of the vampire legend itself. Just by the concept of having vampires out in the day and feed on blood is even more of a scary thought than a person who belief that they are a vampire.


From Dusk to Dawn 2

Once again the Tittie-Twister motel is open for business. The Vampire coven where sleepy travelers come to rest and drink and then die. A prisoner escapes prison who calls a fellow from his gang to get the rest of the gang to make a heist at a bank in Mexico. The prisoner then drives to a motel which was the meeting place but he was hit by a bat. He kills the bat. He enters the Tittie-Twister and soon convinces the bartender to help him. From there the prisoner becomes a vampire and recruits the three from the gang. The Texas marshal is after the gang in Mexico an the battle ensues at the bank.


Well it was less exciting than the first movie and a little mediocre to say the least. Robert Patrick star of the Terminator 2 movie, like George Clooney; is the good bad guy who turns this movie around for me. And there is some funny parts it also made me laugh, and this movie also went one step further to put the lunar eclipse in. A comment from mum made me think; why was the lunar eclipse was taking so long. Science fact I know nothing about but could Google it but if my memory is correct it should last about fifteen minutes and maybe twenty but no more than that. Well I thought about this and I summed it up to movies need to come up with the real stuff. However if you think of all the digital equipment and stuff it may have felt that the lunar eclipse was taking too long. Anyway apart from the technical and comparisons of the first movie it was a good movie to see blood and mayhem everywhere.


From Dusk to Dawn 3 – The Hangman’s Daughter

This is a western type movie which went back to a story about the Mexico’s revolution where a man from Texas goes to join the revolutionist because he saw in a vision but his vision is released by drinking whiskey. He then sees a hanging which the hangman’s daughter is punished in front of a prisoner who is a gang leader. the daughter leave and the hangman hangs the prisoner but a gunman shoots the rope to free the prisoner. From here western shoot out occurs and the escape of the prisoner then he picks the hangman’s daughter. The coach where the drunk induced man meets a christian couple and the hangman and posse journey to the rundown bar.


Okay apart from the western theme I believe this is to be the prequel to From Dusk to Dawn. The Hangman’s Daughter is very much a prequel than a sequel or a third in a series. However I think you should watch from the first to the third in one sitting and then you will understand what I mean. Even though the western theme is here in this movie it is understandable why it was done this way. Once you put together the pieces and these pieces fit like a puzzle – it is by far back to the firsts gore and spectacular imaginary to replenish from the second mediocre movie. As you might guess these vampires were more different than the normal vampires we are use to. The reason I realized is that a snake crossed vampire is something different.


As for October reviews will be held up as I will be leaving it for a surprise for October 31.