Christmas is Coming

Well its not far off with Christmas and I’m going to have a wonderful nine days off from the internet, starting from the 24 December 2013. So in the next few paragraphs I will be happy to give you a little few titles of what I watched at Halloween. While I was doing Nanaowrimo, I re-watched some movies which was self-titled Halloween.

Halloween is a good time to watch horror movies, at this time as every year. But I do like watching horror movies every month – especially vampire movies or any movie that spills blood. Of course, Halloween is only one day where I can say I love blood spills and get away with it. Truly I am one sane guy. For me, at Halloween week of watching horror movies is the most enthusiast time I had. I mean a week of horror movies. Come on it was fantastic.

First I started off watching something that is not horror but for the kid in me I wanted to watch it. It was not a horror as in blood shedding but the concept for horror for kids is a tame one. Okay Power Rangers is not horror but a martial arts show mixed with monsters from other dimensions and galaxies. Witches and wizards and monsters transforming into giants and fighting the power rangers in battle-ziods. Well its my writing side that get the kicks in watching a group of heroes defeating the evil side. Yes I did say witches and monsters.

Okay a little light humor for you all, so I can get to start on the juicy parts. Of course, before I get down to do the juicy bits, I set out to watch three great movies and then came Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters.

Here goes a few reviews in no particular order:


You can’t do a review of one movie or even the three if you don’t watch all three in one sitting. However I would say that you must also know that there is another four in the franchise of the SAW movies. I try not to share to much of the movies because I heard the hype about it and thought yeah I don’t want to watch them. So here I am watching them and thought a mixed pleasure of joy and satisfaction. Unusual for me to say this as if the dark side of me was enjoying the sickness of a torturous game.

Now the rating of the movie should have been rated R18+ instead of the MA15+. Of course I know nothing about the rating of movies but the stuff that is so horrific with one man breaking his own foot to get his ankle through a shackle was very mind-blowing and then being chased by an unknown assailant was one gross point… Exceedingly delicious if I was one crazy person but luckily for me I’m not. I heard also that the Australian writers who pitch this movie to producers here in Australia did not want to do it. I can see why. So I will not class these three movies I seen as a must see or love it because I haven’t seen the last four movies.

Seriously I would make a WARNING for anyone who reads this please – Don’t watch it unless you can stomach the evil horror scenes. I am giving this two because of the game of torturous scenes.  ♠♠

Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters

This would have been better if I had watched on the big screen but I did not. However this was a great to see movie which puts you back to the fairy tales of your childhood. This had me thinking what could the woman who played Jean in the Xmen franchise be doing as a witch. The story of this fairy tale was something which would have happened if the story was taken in a different direction, if Hansel and Gretel fought back. Well this is what this movie is. It reminded me of two movies I watched before, Black Forest and Werewolf – The Beast Among Us. In a sense, the story of these two movies I mention has a undercurrent theme which I liked more in this movie. Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters has given such a good story-line and it also gave a good moral to the story I like to watch for and understand. And like the old fairy tale which I as a child liked. Overall the best story-line and action with sub-plot which becomes very unawares if you are not watching very early on.

I would buy this and keep watching as many times but I would also buy another to keep as an rare item. That is why I am giving this two of these. ♥♥

Halloween 1978 John Carpenter’s version VS Halloween 2007 Rob Zombie version

I was lucky to watch this on the Pay TV on Halloween night and during November and my thoughts on both movies I watched almost complimented each film. John Carpenter’s version had the famous scary pumpkin lantern with the names of the actors and film crew opens is one of my favorites openings of any movies. At least that is how I would do a film where these days the letter colors makes it hard for me to read the actor or names of the film. The music was a creepy thing for an eight year old kid who didn’t watch it when it came out. I was more of the science fiction movie buff at eight years old than a fan of horror. In my twenties I watched it and thought that was one scary movie. I was starting to get into horror like a sponge. But I think under all of the scary parts, I then understood that I was not scared at all but the music made it scary. Anyway getting sidetracked here, the 1978 version  had Jamie Lee Curtis first debut film which made her a star.  Looking at it during Halloween night and seeing the full story, I was very amazed that I didn’t pick some thing the twenty year old did. My writer side noticed it now more than a film. I knew then that I was gullible to watch it. What made me want to watch the iconic and the remake. Well like all slasher and kill flicks of the late seventies and early eighties were more slotted in a B Movie genre. However Halloween was different to the ones I called copy-cats. Like Hitchcock’s Psycho film with the music in the shower scene for me gives the stepping stone to Halloween which these two films brought a sense of horror to the movies. Halloween 1978 version opens the film industry to slasher films to the light of day or should I have said, to the dark of night. There is ten films dedicated to the Halloween franchise. Of course the remake version of Rob Zombie is very much an interesting version where the Carpenters’ version didn’t tread to far.

For example from the plots of both Halloween movies – the plots were similar but with some differences. I liked the story before the first attack where Micheal Meyers kills his older sister. It showed the psychological and environmental factors of growing in a dysfunctional family life. The 1978 version was different which Micheal Meyers kills his sister in 1963 and then jumps to Halloween 1978 with Loomis and a nurse driving to get a 21 year old Meyers from a Psychiatric Hospital. The 2007 version shows the young Meyers as an dark and evil child who killed animals and liked making masks to wear. The young Meyers kills a bully on the afternoon of Halloween and that night kills the step-abusive-father, the boy-friend of his older sister and the older sister. In the 1978 version Meyers did not have any other siblings but why would he go on the hunt for Curtis’s character. Without watching the Halloween 2 to 5 and yet still watch 6 and 7 – yet I still didn’t understand how the relatives of Meyers were his victims.  The Loomis character played by Donald Pleasence is a better one than Malcolm McDowell. However the Halloween 2007 version shows the years of the young Micheal Meyers living in the Children Sanitarium – this was missing in the 1978 version which for me expanded the story of Micheal Meyers. Of course to see that there are so many differences between the two that I could fault either at all. Where as the 1978 version had less kills than the 2007 it doesn’t matter at all to me.

Now comes to my rating of the two versions – Halloween 1978 ♠♠♠♠♠ Halloween 2007 ♠♠♠♠♠

I did see Halloween 2 Rob Zombie version and I liked it as well and it deviled in the good old slash and kill in the hospital. But without looking at the Halloween 2 1981 version, I’ll leave this for another time if I can get to rent it or by luck it will screen on Pay TV. Until then I’ll leave Halloween 2 2009 version as a separate post for another time maybe in 2014.

Of course, I had the best year over the months of May to October. Next year in some time in January 2014; I have to watch three DVD that I won on a competition in October and in November  just before my birthday I received the 3 DVD pack. I didn’t have time to see those three movies and I’ll will be watching them after new years day. So here is my hint for the first post will be in January 2014.

As I trim of the pounds/kilograms depending which country  you measure weight, I’ve been on a diet for three weeks and as Christmas is coming, I am going to watch what I eat and hopefully not fill up with too much food. And last of all have another good Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in 2014 with another year of Reviews with the Speculative Fiction – the genre with mixtures.


Changes Update

First I like to send my apologizes to you all my followers, since my last post. With Halloween and Nanowrimo coming together every year and because of the busy month that November brings to me every year and even though December also is a busy month with Christmas and those end of the year parties that comes. I have just noticed that I have to keep up to date with this this review site. So this is why I have come up with a plan to which will be easy for me to bring the reviews and it will be something different for 2014. What you may ask? Well I can only say that at the last week of October to 14th December will be no posting, but from the 14th to 24th December will be the largest or a lot of single posts/post of reviews. Nanowrimo this year went well which you can find in the top of my Blog News Page.

This is the reason why I am posting this before the long post I’m working on which is called Christmas is Coming. I wanted to encompass everything from the last week of October to the 14th December and as luck would have it I am trialing this out now. Of course, you may have noticed as of yesterday that the theme has change. Yes! The reason for this I wanted to integrate this site to my official site. To find a theme which was similar to the official site. Hence here you see the change. On the Menu above I added linked pages to the official site so all my viewers here and official will see what I am up to. There is slight differences between the official and here. The differences are so slight only a web designer could see. I am not so concern to the fact.  The footnote of copyright notice  is different and the millimeters of the main menu falls between the two sites is only minor.

For me, it is only to advise you of the changes and hope that you like it. I also wanted to make sure that you know that there is two sites looking almost similar. Christmas is coming post will also have a small yearly update, and when I return to the internet.