47 Ronin Review

As I went to watch this, I was not worried for a category 1 cyclone Dylan coming to the shore about two weeks ago. I and my mum usually go to the pictures to watch movies and so here we were going out to the theater for 47 Ronin. Little did I know, during that night the cyclone moved slightly and increased to 2 as I slept peacefully. Lucky no bad problems to the south from cyclone Dylan.  Another cyclone was called Edna came and then went to a rain depression. Last weekend there were minor flooding that cuts some places for a day or two and then back to normal. Now that the rivers are almost full with water, I am prepared for a flood.

Before I start to explain the review of 47 Ronin, I wanted to explain the word ronin but some of you might know the meaning. But my mum who ask me and I said tell you later, which I did. Ronin is a samurai with no lord/leader or a lordless warrior.  The true story behind this movie is a national legend in Japan.

47 Ronin


H2F Entertainment, Mid Atlantic Films, Moving Picture Company, Origo Film Group and Stuber Productions
Director :- Carl Rinsch
Writers/screenplay:- Chris Morgan, Hossein Amini and Walter Hamada
Feature Length:- 118 Minutes
Stars/cast:- Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada, Ko Shibasaki, Tadanubo Asano, Min Tanaka, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and more
Age Restrictions:- PG 13


In feudal Japan, the Shogun rules his lands under provinces which are ruled by Lords. Lord Asano finds a young half breed boy which Asano’s pride for the boys stamina for survival. Several years later, Lord Asano prepare a tournament for his Shogun and Lords which Asano and Kira are two warring lords. Kai the half breed has been a tool of ridicule to others in the Asano household. However Asano’s daughter Mika has fallen for Kai and Oishi respects Kai. Lord Kira plans to over  through Asano with some trickery and succeeds. After Asano does seppuku – killing himself by order of the Shogun – the samurai under Asano were leaderless and therefore after a year these ronin went to avenge and retain the honor of their Lord.


As I stated in the above, second paragraph of this post, is based on a true event which some at Wikipedia say there was more than 47 ronins. Of course over every history, the story can be embellished that become fantastical to even to believe. However, this movie did play on the fantasy side of the true story by using magical realism to make it entertaining (for me to watch it). I love the Japanese culture and this showed the sensual and the sensational side of feudal Japan. Like all legends told; there is magic involve or embellishments by different voices. If you take out the magic parts of this movie and changed it into a true story based on real facts, it would be a slow and boring watch except for the fighting scenes. Seriously though, I really enjoyed this movie. Fast paced with unusual monsters and a shape-changing witch made a movie more watchable than a true story would. I hate watching true story type movies because even though you know the outcome I get that heart wrenching feeling to cry. I refuse to watch such movies but there are a few that peaks my interest and 47 Ronin is one such movie.

Okay there is a few actors I know on this movie and one in particular I haven’t seen for a while, Carl-Hiroyuki Tagawa who played the Shogun played a well round character. Helix actor Hiroyuki Sanada  as Oishi  who commands the Samurai under Lord Asano, gave the movie a sense  of depth but even though Kai played by Keanu Reeves is the main character it flowed well. What do I mean? Well its portrayal of Japan in feudal  life was a strict and honorable way, which today we think it is awful. Looking to similarities to the modern world and I can think of the second world war where the Japanese pilots knew that to die with honor was their only way than dying in shame.  47 Ronin also show that killing someone was an dishonorable thing to do but to save their honor by killing one self is honor at a high level. If they were killed by the executioner of the Shogun, then they would have brought shame on their families. Kai was a nobody, an half breed who then became a samurai and had honor restored.

Please note this movie I watch held a personal message for me which I value most in life – Understanding, Honor and Loyalty. Even though the cast were mostly of Japanese actors, I also expected to have the Japanese language spoken with English sub-titles but I might have to wait for the DVD to watch it. I love the pitch sounds of the syllables of Japanese language which for me is almost musical and the emotions of the language is toned to match the emotion of being angry and such, even though; I don’t understand it.

Overall 47 Ronin is an action and an adventurous rollick through feudal Japan loosely based on an event which to this day plays a pivotal role of honor in Japan. The fantasy side made it watchable without ever feeling that it was based on fact.

♥♥♥ I usually give a heart but this movie needed more than one heart because the words I want to say doesn’t exist.


January Review 2

Last post I gave a review on the DVD movie Stake Land from the AWHA pack I won. Here is the next two:



DVD by Umbrella Entertainment
iFM World Releasing Inc
Director :- Richard Franklin
Writers/screenplay:- Everett De Roche
Feature Length:- 107 Minutes
Stars/cast:- Susan Penhaligon, Rod Mullinar, Robert Helpmann, Julia Blake and more
Age Restrictions:- MA


Patrick has a way with people. His way… Or else. After an incident at home, in Room 15 of Roget’s Clinic, Patrick is in a coma meanwhile a young female nurse Kathy Jacquard becomes the night watch nurse to Patrick. Roget the doctor and owner of the Clinic comes into examine Patrick while Kathy starts and notices some unusual things.


Well this 1978 movie when it was released as you see the first two sentences I stated in the plot how I remember when I saw the trailer. I was too young to see it and anyway I wasn’t into the horror then as I am now. Telekinesis was at that time a new thing but I did however can remember the movie Carrie after many years later watching it that when I watched this DVD of Patrick was similar in a way. Something with Patrick had me wondering why would he be in a coma after the incident with his mother and her lover. This only breached something which made me think – Why? It was only after watching the features that made me understand that there is another sequel – a screenplay script(I haven’t read it yet).  There is a remake of Patrick that came out in October 2013 and haven’t seen it yet.

Sir Robert Helpmann acted as Dr Roget who is the owner Roget Clinic in which is looking after a comatose Patrick. Nurse Kathy is having problems with her husband, is intrigued with the patient in room 15 – Patrick. She soon stumbles on a few things about the clinic and the matron who is also wanting to end the patient in room 15.  Robert Helpman an actor, ballet dancer and etc. has also work on Chitty Bang Bang movie, play the rolled of Dr Roget as well as a mad scientist who wanted to experiment on a lab rat. Even though the overall story took place at the clinic and some places at a the nurse’s flat, her home and the nurses fling’s place – the amount of the supernatural power that Patrick has seemed so chilling to think on.  To compare this to stake land which was the first DVD I watch, which I can not do. I prefer to watch Patrick – again and again. But I think this version is fairly the best I seen in the Australian horror movie  which has Telekinesis in it – Very Ozploitation.

Child’s Play


DVD by Umbrella Entertainment
United Artists, A David Kirschner production and A Tom Holland Film
Director :- Tom Holland
Writers/screenplay:- Don Mancini, John Lafia and Tom Holland
Feature Length:- 87 Minutes
Stars/cast:- Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif and more
Age Restrictions:- MA


A six year old boy, Andy gets a “Good Guy Doll” for his birthday present. This doll is possessed by a soul of a serial killer which brings mayhem to Andy’s  babysitter. When he tells his mother and the police that he did not do it but his doll who is called Chucky. Chucky plays with murder and almost gets away…


I don’t sit alone when watching a horror movie at all. My mum sits with me because its where I pick up the best parts in the movie(I’ll explain; it usually after the movie that I get my mum opinion and usually she tells me if she likes it or not.)  Its the only thing that I get to know if it was good or not. Anyway its usually at the point that mum jumps and screams that I know that she is enjoying the movie. Child’s play was in a way a child’s toy gone bad. It is one movie that give the tingles down the spine when you see the toy talking except for when the mother finds the batteries come from the empty box to the floor. that when she starts to believe her son as Chucky start to attack. This scene seemed to be the spine chilling effect that last each time I think about. If you are into such voodoo stuff or demonic supernatural horror then this your cup of tea. Then there is a selection of the sequels such as Chucky’s Bride and Chucky’s Seed.

More than any doll movie I’ve seen before – if my memory can think of its the only doll movie that slashes. ♠♠♠♠

Hobbit – The desolation of Smaug and Ender’s Game

Oh I did forget to say that the two movies I saw at the end of last year were so excellent I could only say that Ender’s Game is more the better than the Hobbit. The scene of the barrel in white rapids and the red dragon coming out of the dwarfs homes as the molten gold dripped off the dragon’s skin is the only thing that stands out closely to the book.

Enders’ Game is my best movie of 2013 pick because I once long ago read the book of the same name by Orson Scott Card and remembered that as I watched the movie I could not believe how close the movie was to the book. Even though I knew the ending of the movie it still played so beautifully on Ender Wiggins. One Excellent movie for 2013 in my eyes.

Hobbit ♠♠♠♠½ Reason for this is because of two things 1. I like the movie and Tolkiensique is always my favourite and 2. the director also was on the big screen in the beginning eating on a carrot.

Ender’s Game ♥