Journey to the West

For the young boy in me watching one of my favorite TV shows from Japan called Saiyûki known as Monkey told a story of a Buddhist monk and the three disciples to find the holy scriptures from China to India. Well here is a trip down memory lane with the same plot because it was based on a story by Wu Ch’êng-ên and is also based on Chinese mythology. Of course, this movie shows the same journey but it is before the journey itself, which the TV series showed.

It pretty much shows how the Buddhist monk with hair is able to find demons and fight them. But meets a troupe of demon hunters whose leader is a woman was after someone to love her and help the troupe. The women has a magic bag which turns the demons into a ball. The 300 nursery rhymes is a small booklet which the young monk receives from his master monk.

The Buddhist monk soon understood his love for the woman became the catalyst to his finding enlightenment. Overall the movie is action packed with martial arts or Kung Fu, comedy and just what I like when the actors speak their language. I adore the language and even though, it has subtitles – I rarely read it. I understood the emotions that the actors acted out and it was very much the way I like movies from other speaking languages.

I feel that movies should have that X factor in it. This movie certainly has it because the actors provided it and especially other speaking languages should aspire too. I love any type of movie from any part of the world, but I do have a small soft spot for the China, Hong Kong, Korea, the South East China and Japan.

I enjoyed reliving the saga of Monkey from its earliest beginnings in this Journey to the West. ♠♠♠♠


The Host

As promised from my last post I am reviewing the movie The Host which is the adaption of Stephenie Meyers’ novel of the same name.


The Earth in a future where peace seem to be a seamless event but nothing is far from the truth. A young teen woman is taken to be the body for the alien host but she rebels against it. This woman soon fines that the alien host has the same  feeling of the human she inhabits.


This is a book which I read and couldn’t understand but as a movie it was more better than expected. Unlike her Twilight movies and book series, this movie had a good story-line  which emphasize the book – for me. It felt like a possession of sorts, yet it was not so. For some reason, I enjoyed this more than all the Twilight movies put together. It was like a writer who had a little voice who speaks to you about his life. In this movie it was the human soul that fought to live within the body to keep the alien host from taking over. In a sense this science fiction movie is more about the human soul and the alien host learning the human condition.

The Host of the woman finds love, sacrifice and the brutality of humans against her kind as a horrible and senseless act. However the emotions of the host and young teen woman had been like two separate beings within one body. The strain was almost exhausting to watch but how could you not get into the sense of the character who had two types of voices, emotions yet completely different. When the host found it unbearable to have such emotions like the human she inhabited became so exhausting she wanted to die than inhabit another host-body.

Without revealing the ending, it was just as beautiful as having a quiet afternoon with your own thoughts. ♠♠♠♠½

Trek Nation

Before I start this post, I thought to give a little note about my last post. Okay, it wasn’t a post about science fiction, fantasy but it did have the real horror of war. The emotional savagery of war. The psychological essence of the change in the human condition. That is what comes to me as a movie viewer and book reader. My total absorption of the characters within a movie or book is paramount. Be that character – for instance – Spiderman – being that superhero as if you are that character leaving the world and immerse within the character, just like being a host from Stephenie Meyers The Host.(Which I’ll review next.)

So here come the reason for this post – Trek Nation – is a documentary I watched on Crackle. I seen this before and it was an exhilarating ride to nostalgic time with Star Trek. This historical  reminiscent ride through the eyes of Gene Roddenberry’s son Eugene Jr was an eye opening course of the human condition – of father and son relationships.

Any Star Trek fans who watch this would say, the reason to their life choice was because of Gene Roddenberry ‘s vision of humanity. There are a lot of fans who became scientists, astrophysicists and other scientific fields meanwhile others like me became writers, computer experts and was saved by the genre that is science fiction.

The most part of this documentary about the man Gene Roddenberry and the son Eugene’s quest to know his father. In an interesting way this documentary, show the fullness of a man who had flaws but ultimately his visionary of the future is seen in Star Trek.

There is one place that any Star Wars fan would like to see is when Gene Jr interviews George Lucas. There is one question that is beautifully answered. The funny thing about this documentary is Gene Jr was not really a follower of his father’s show but is a  fan of Star Wars. The sense of the documentary is the finding of the man that Gene Jr never knew at all.

This was to me a sense that we never get to know our fathers well enough after the fact when they are gone. This also moved me, also to get to know my own father in a way that I never thought of before.(I still have my father but this documentary has taught me one thing – cherish the moments you have with your father – this is important.) This documentary shows something more than just the Star Trek shows that was and to the future of Star Trek – it shows a son getting to know a father and understanding the facets of the man that was Gene Roddenberry.

A note:- I’m a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars.