The Host

As promised from my last post I am reviewing the movie The Host which is the adaption of Stephenie Meyers’ novel of the same name.


The Earth in a future where peace seem to be a seamless event but nothing is far from the truth. A young teen woman is taken to be the body for the alien host but she rebels against it. This woman soon fines that the alien host has the same  feeling of the human she inhabits.


This is a book which I read and couldn’t understand but as a movie it was more better than expected. Unlike her Twilight movies and book series, this movie had a good story-line  which emphasize the book – for me. It felt like a possession of sorts, yet it was not so. For some reason, I enjoyed this more than all the Twilight movies put together. It was like a writer who had a little voice who speaks to you about his life. In this movie it was the human soul that fought to live within the body to keep the alien host from taking over. In a sense this science fiction movie is more about the human soul and the alien host learning the human condition.

The Host of the woman finds love, sacrifice and the brutality of humans against her kind as a horrible and senseless act. However the emotions of the host and young teen woman had been like two separate beings within one body. The strain was almost exhausting to watch but how could you not get into the sense of the character who had two types of voices, emotions yet completely different. When the host found it unbearable to have such emotions like the human she inhabited became so exhausting she wanted to die than inhabit another host-body.

Without revealing the ending, it was just as beautiful as having a quiet afternoon with your own thoughts. ♠♠♠♠½

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