There is two types of movies to have the same name. One was based on a comic book and TV cartoon; meanwhile the other is based on the Japanese movie from the late 60’s.

Did this american version spoiled the original Japanese movie?

For me no, however you’ll have to judge it for yourself. I read all the gossip about Godzilla but when I went to watch it a few weeks ago I enjoyed it that I wanted to see it again. It was rare for me to say this but it is a movie that film buffs should take note.  Oh I’m ahead of myself.

Plot is very straight forward, a group at a nuclear plant in Japan, had an earthquake which brought a nuclear disaster. The scientist in charge is an american(the actor who played Malcolm’s father from Malcom in the Middle) had sent his wife to the investigate the problem. The scientist had to close the reactor and lets his wife dies. Their son is a lieutenant of a bomb squad soon finds out that his father is not a crazy scientist as he thought when they breach the area which sets in motion a sequence of events which lead the two to find the truth of the nuclear disaster.

Then a secret is uncovered to the two that there is a monster which wants nuclear power. The armed forces and such had to fight three monsters which the head scientist of Monarch – a Japanese scientist had faith in one monster – Godzilla. As this secret organisation – Monarch was interested in the monster at the nuclear plant was in a dormant phase hatched to be a bat-like creature which is called by Monarch – MUTO. They soon discover that another has escape from an underground cavern somewhere in or near Indonesia. These MUTO are female and male and were parasites to an even larger monster than Godzilla. The female was in a secured location where the American armed force use their waste byproduct from nuclear plants.

The overall movie was such a buzz that even though there are some familiar faces such as the actor who played Dr Rosen in the Alpha TV Series on Foxtel or cable (for my US followers); there is also the chief of police from the Continuum TV series on Syfy(which is on now).  ♥