Autobots Transform

Well this post, I wanted a smashing title. What better way than to say the words Optimus Prime would say to his fellow Autobots.  And this review is about Transformers:- Age of Extinction.


Follows on from the last movie and after the destruction of Chicago – the Autobots are wanted and are tracked down by a paranoid government official and the Decepticons. An robotic engineer, his daughter and her rally driver boyfriend soon become involved after the engineer brings home a broken down truck. Over night the engineer soon realizes the truck to be an Autobot and the leader of the Autobots – Optimus Prime.  The creators of the Transformer race has brought their own retriever who sided with the paranoid official. A company under the government official who has some stake in the company, were under Megatron’s control. Optimus Prime revives the legends…


The ride has come full circle for me, watching this movie on the big screen; where I as a child teenager in the eighties remembers the cartoon and this movie reminded me of the animated series. Riding on a dream was my only thought when I heard that this movie was coming out.

From its first to this movie its story line has been to protect the seed which in humans terms is a bomb of destruction and a transforming the planet for Transformers. The Legend Transformers are the Dinobots. The funny thing in the movie was the robotic engineers’ work mate, whom died in an effect to save the friend and his daughter. The engineer Yeager  played by Mark Wahlberg made this a better story than the last two in the Transformer movies. Those one liners were better than saying, “a fistful of dollars” – of course, that is better for a western movie. 😉

Okay there are parts that seemed to be mediocre yet it also show the brutality of how humans are affect by the threat of another alien attack. Well as expected I found this action packed film more a living back to a time where cartoon or animated series were the only way for watching science fiction.(Well the tech was not as good as it is now.) Now computer technology has created a better image of the moving picture that has been entertainment for us. Each robot that transforms is a generate computer graphic interface program software that ultimately is drew on a certain tablet like mouse pad that transfers each line, squiggle and mark into a set of codes that make a transformer(of course, there is more than what is explained here; just a short example.). Just like Golem in Lord of the Rings, the actor had sensors to bring the creature to life. Just the same way that the Autobots and the Decepticons were at war with each other in the cartoon/animated series; perpetuated the seamless adventure of humans and aliens fighting over a something that each want – peace.

I believe that is why I like this movie and not just that but the Transformers themselves to show their hearts. The movie capsules the soul and the heart in both humans and aliens. For me Transformers:- Age of Extinction is a whirlwind ride of action and you might need to see it twice just to see every detail. ♠♠♠♠