Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This week just passed, I was just enjoying the movies that came out. The first is the remake(well story, a little different) of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes then followed by Guardians of the Galaxy, Hercules and last Deliver Us from Evil. On Tuesday which is my budget night to watch the movies at my local theater, I usually take my mum with me to watch movies because she likes movies I like to watch. This  was what we both planned on Friday, as well.  Friday was a full day of watching three movies and I did enjoy the day; so did mum. In the next few hours/days or so, you will read the next three posts about the other movies I’ve mentioned.

Here is the review.


Follows from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, an cotangent called the Simian Flu went viral. Caesar and his apes are learning to live by some rules like “Ape no kill ape” and etc. The surviving humans go to the dam to switch on the electricity but are faced with the apes as an organised force. Koba hates humans and revolts against them and Caesar.


Unlike the original Planet of the Apes five movies which in its time was and is for me is a classic end of the human race portrayal of what it should look like in the future.  End of the world scenarios are a probable event which could happen in the future and yet movies, books and comics show us this and still we don’t heed to the warnings. Of course, the future is not set in stone but we don’t have  much time. These two sentence seem so far-fetched  to even think about but that is what I thought when I watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Under the current intelligence of the old and the new stories of the Planet of the Apes itself is a book which was written by Pierre Boulle. Little did I know that until I did a search for it.  Of course I should have known this but I still like the old movies as well as the new.

The overall view of the movie is verily linked by one thing and that is humanity itself. We once were apes as we evolved into humans so will the apes. Intelligence is taught and the serum from the the Rise of the Planet of the Apes plays a part for the apes; we see it expand by Caesar strong stance in the beginning with Koba who’s son is shot by a human Carver – after the hunting of deer. Caesar’s son Ash is conflict by his fathers’ strict upbringing and Koba sense of hating humans. Koba takes controls and Ash lets him lead and war was inevitable course for the Apes and Human but a man, his wife and son bonds with two apes. The man Malcolm convinces Caesar to get the Hydo-Electric dam working but Koba sets thing in motion which creates the war between Humans and Apes because he found a store of armor that the Humans have kept hidden. After getting Carvers’ hat, Koba plans the war that he hates humans. Meanwhile, Malcolm’s son is communicating to an orange ape while Caesar fears his wife is dying after the birth of a son. Because of Carver stash a gun away, Caesar had to tell Malcolm and his party to leave. Meanwhile Caesar returns to his wife who is was close to dying as Malcolm, his wife and son with the orange ape sees the reasons. But Malcolm’s wife had some medications to save Caesar’s wife, this made Caesar say to Malcolm to stay for one day. Humans and apes help to put on the power together. Little did they know Koba had  made his decision after fighting Caesar.

Ape kills Ape but ape survives thanks to Malcolm and family, during which Koba convinces all apes except for the apes loyal to Caesar. Ash encounters Malcolm and finds out his father is alive and follows …

In this movie it showed that the writers  showed humanity at its best and worst; and ultimately in to two types of homo-sapiens – human and ape. The sense of leadership that Caesar wanted was peace like between humans and apes.

I stated above, the Planet of the Apes is based on a book which I haven’t read, but it seems the old and new movie adaptions seem to have one thing reoccurring that a future apes will survive and humans will become their slaves or prisoners. Charlton Heston’s character from the past to the future of earth didn’t get to know where he was until he was in the forbidden zone where he saw the statue of liberty. Mark Wahlberg’s character lived in the satellite above earth  and the apes on board escaped from their cages; he and others went to the escape-pods as the satellite started to crash to earth. Even though, those two Planet of the apes had different story-lines where apes who used sign language while the original talked; the basic emphasis on time travel seemed very much through out the movies – even though the timeline is awkward to understand.

Of course the old and new versions still play with the main points I’ve stated above, even though I enjoyed it it was much better than the first two of the newer versions. This movie for me is like the original one with Charlton Heston – The Planet of the Apes.  To compare it with the original is a bold thing for me to say but it was moving as the original was. ♥

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