Update on my life

Okay where do I start?

Well in the last month, I have been watching some anime or manga and doing research for my Nanowrimo story. I also have been sick a few times and still feel a little weak. Of course there were times when I went out and enjoyed myself but in the midst of being feeling a little worried of my health – I hope in time I should feel a little better. In a month and seventeen days, I’ll be one busy bee as November will be doing the 50,000 word challenge and during that month also be Movember.

This month is Blue September and all you have to do is Google it. As some of you my followers who followed me here know that I enjoy playing Texas Holdem poker and for you new here; well I do like playing. And in the beginning of the year I started playing again and its been one hell of good time. One thing I like playing is poker and for me its my sport. I won one game in August. And won in the beginning of September. Two medals this season so far.

Well, it has been on hell of a slow month; yet, I predict the next two weeks and October will go fast.


Deliver us from Evil

Finally I reached the last movie that I watch in the beginning of August. Sorry for the long wait on the review, life had me going into many directions and still getting back to the right path.


From Iraq,  a group of four soldiers entered an underground tomb which a darkness is unleashed. A New York police detective is set on a case after a case of an abandoned baby who died in his hands. The case of the baby seemed to be connected with other cases with some supernatural cause. A Jesuit priest living in New York also is on the case of finding pure evil. Together they meet and join forces in the solving of these cases. Each the cop and the priest must fight their own demon before getting to face the demon in human form.


One of the four soldiers is possessed by a demon from Iraq, which somehow the possessions is past to the other three. The one who really is the possessed one controls to others and also kills them. The house the detective enters from a report of weird occurrence enters the house and finds a dead body in the basement. Then a lady through a baby in the ditch, between the lions cage and where people sees the lion in the zoo. When the zoo calls the police, the zoo is in total darkness as Eric Bana who plays the Detective searches for the lady. He see her digging with her hands.  Horror Crime Drama is the first three words I came up with this movie. Reasoning that it is based on a non-fictional book by the once detective – which I did not think of it as it was on true events.

Is this true? Its up to you as a viewer of this movie. Its also up to the belief system you believe in. There are things in this world that is inexpiable or thought to be either true or not. Exorcisms and being possessed like movies like the Exorcist and other supernatural thing do seem to be movie effects and such. It is hard to believe in this movie that is based on true events.

Well that said, something in me still felt the juicy story line to be a fiction none the less. It is horror and yet psycho enough to perpetuate to unreal possibilities. This leads me on a case  like the detective crime dramas such as Law and Order SVU, CI and CSI; however with one difference supernatural themes thrown in. Even watching and knowing it was based on events can be corkscrewed into fiction if it wasn’t for the fact that two people actually witnessed this for real.

Its not a movie for the faint at heart or those like me who doesn’t want to watch movies based on facts. This is questionable if this happened as the movie describes. But I leave this to you to decide whether to watch it. I really enjoyed this movie and much of the special effects made it for me to watch it. Horror crime thriller and real drama… ♠♠½