Update on my life

Okay where do I start?

Well in the last month, I have been watching some anime or manga and doing research for my Nanowrimo story. I also have been sick a few times and still feel a little weak. Of course there were times when I went out and enjoyed myself but in the midst of being feeling a little worried of my health – I hope in time I should feel a little better. In a month and seventeen days, I’ll be one busy bee as November will be doing the 50,000 word challenge and during that month also be Movember.

This month is Blue September and all you have to do is Google it. As some of you my followers who followed me here know that I enjoy playing Texas Holdem poker and for you new here; well I do like playing. And in the beginning of the year I started playing again and its been one hell of good time. One thing I like playing is poker and for me its my sport. I won one game in August. And won in the beginning of September. Two medals this season so far.

Well, it has been on hell of a slow month; yet, I predict the next two weeks and October will go fast.

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