Halloween is coming

I say ten days to go before I go on a killing spree in my dreamworld and get away with it. Seriously, its one of those days when you can treat or trick someone and get away unharmed… or may be not.

Okay I viewed many horror movies this month so far that I am going to summarize the best ones.

Hostel and Hostel II


There is a hostel in Slovakia, where backpackers come to visit and enjoy but some strange things occur to backpackers.


In Hostel – two male American students on holidays meets another backpacker and were going to this hostel with a lot of sexy women. Then that backpacker they met soon disappears. And before long you get to see where the backpacker went and so on.

The overall picture of Hostel was not much of a story-line with some holes which barely gets you wondering what is going on. Yet in a sense it throws you quickly into a world where business people get their thrills by killing people. Spending thousands of dollars.

In Hostel II, once again you see three young female students from America going to Slovakia to the same Hostel where a festival was on and soon the three girls were taken to the abandon factory where the rich men and women would torture and kill the backpackers.

This second hostel movie had more of a better story-line than the first. This made a better sense than the first. If you were to watch hostel by itself I would not advise to do so, because it seemed choppy and with no sense until the end. However, Hostel II is best watched straight after the first movie. Why? Well the story plot flows well, and its this that gets me say now I understand more better.

Hostel is patchy with ♠♠½ meanwhile Hostel II is plotted well with ♠♠♠.

Please note – there is Hostel III on DVD which I haven’t seen yet.

Fright Night 2


Same like the first Fright Night – a vampire moves next door to you scenario – meanwhile this is a motel where students bunk in a room and across from the motel lives an vampire.


This is based on an legend of Elizabeth Bathory who bathed in bath of blood. There is also another legend which coincides with the Blood Moon – at midnight which a female virgin born at midnight would make the vampire able to walk in sunlight. This is almost as ridiculous as the notion of having a werewolf staying in its form forever.

This vampire woman was very much a hag who wanted female virgins to drink and bath in of their blood.

This remake has a different plot to the Fright Night Part 2 1988 movie.

This Fright Night II is sensual, comedic and yet had the classic Dracula feel, sealed with fangs ♠♠♠½.

(In a new post well after November, I’ll post something about remake movies.)

Summary of some Movies

The Purge – Once a year you can let yourself go and go on a rampage – Kill anyone from dusk to dawn. In this movie it seem surreal yet sometimes it seem to be a futurist analogy of what we want to do instead of actually doing the deed. It does feel like that way especially in the neighborhood in the movie. ♠♠♠

One other movie was the remake of Patrick – yet this Patrick had been set in an refurbished convent as Roget Clinic away from the city/town and a lighthouse was a few hundred feet away from the clinic. This clinic has onsite accommodation for nurse staff whom would later go home on their off shift in the town/city. Yet Patrick grasp followed the nurses or anyone getting too close to Kathy, his infatuation for her extend miles. ♠♠♠♠

There were two more but they did not stick to my head like the above stated movies.