Holiday’s Yeah

It is going to be a beautiful few days as my last minute things before I’m going on my holiday somewhere in South Australia. Its very close to the day when I’m leaving for the holiday, that I’m feeling a little excited. Of course, when I return, I’ll come back with a few movies to review while on holidays. I know I’ll be viewing movies during my holidays because that is what I do when I go to a movie cinema that I haven’t been to before.

I’ll tell you all what has happen when I return.


New Site Up

As you can see I have changed this site as it is a basic review site of movies and books, I watch and read after two days. On the left side that is the sidebar, is an which show a small amount of info of me and there you can find the link to my new site – robert cristante dot(.) com. (You should get to my new site which is www dot robertcristante dot com slash(/) Author and yes leave capital A as is – if you want to type my site address in the address bar.) Also there is a Facebook Link button to me – Please remember that I try to be friendly with everyone however if there is spam it will be deleted immediately.

I was lucky I had backups and it was because of those backups that made my speedy recovery less stressful. It took me about three days of copying and pasting and uploading pictures to the new site.

As I am looking to the weekend and next week, my preparations for the holidays is coming quickly. I am excited about them. You’ll have to find out more on my new site when the day gets closer.

New Site Coming

Please Note – this is about my Official site not this site; however, I use links in the menu above that goes to Robert Cristante dot(.) com site.

I have been looking at my site that is Robert Cristante dot com and notice I couldn’t do things at all without using the File Transfer Protocol password. This started to confuse me and then using a windows hosting had come to my media playing up so I was more than unhappy. Then I was so confused that nothing works.

After a few days of researching I soon realized that I made a big mistake – but on face value when I started window hosting with one click WordPress  everything was going smoothly until the end of last year with password for ftp and then last few weeks the installing of WP 4.1.1 had me going off like a Dalek loosing vision. With this in mind of the researching I decided to go with Linux hosting with my provider and see how it goes. One this I did wrong with the other was not making a backup  and lost everything – not quite everything. I made my own backups  of the pages from Robert Cristante dot com, I have all the pages I had in a word document.  But I have another site as a back up – this site is a free site which I kept but as close to my site.

So for now I’ll leave you with this thought, backup everything in triplicates. One last thing, here is okay because WordPress dot com are beyond great and they have backups well in hand.  One last note, very soon, I will be doing to this site is changing the menu above for how I want this Review site to be.