Terminator Gensys


John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor from termination. Once Reese is there something doesn’t add up and he wonders what has happened.


The point of view has changed in this movie – Kylie Reese is telling his story and how he was found by John and to the time when John send him back to 1984. Let me explain this movie is the fifth installment to the franchise of The Terminator. To view this and if you can remember the first four movies then its a thing about the time. Like all science fiction – Time plays its part also in this movie.

Let us go back to the 1984 movie, The Terminator  – the plot – is the same as this fifth installment; John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to protect Sarah Connor from termination. With this came Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator to  kill Sarah Connor. Kylie falls for Sarah while on the run from the terminator and in the final battle Kylie Reese dies and so does the terminator.

The Terminator 2 – Judgement Day – another terminator in a liquid-type model to come to kill John Conner, and once again, Arnold returns as the Terminator to protect the younger John. After destroying the liquid-type model and getting the parts of the first terminator sent back in 1984, John and Sarah survive.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – an upgraded female liquid-type model comes to kill John’s wife. John at 19 travels to different place for fear of another judgement day scenario encounters the wife and the terminators.

Terminator Salvation – judgement day has come and gone, and the resistance are to attack Skynet. A half human and machine has come to warn of a new weapon on the eve of Skynet’s demise.

Time as I started to explain before the recap of the four terminator movies is a problem. Lets look at the first movie to the third movies, it seemed that John Connor has put a terminator programed to save his mother. The question is why?

The simple answer is to make sure he is saved to destroy Skynet but the problem time has change the flow of the future.

Just like the Back to the Future movies, time has played a factor as the nemesis. This sounds like there is another movie to come and I believe it will be a spectacular movie to come – this is my prediction.

In essence even though the time line is disjointed, the main story itself is there; you just have to pick it up. The different directors who directed the Terminator movies has literally kept the main story there – a terminator to terminate a Connor, a savior that is a human or a programed terminator to save a Connor.

As action packed as you can get. Loved the graphics of the younger Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting against the older Arnold. I believe the computer graphics did a copy of the 1984 film made a still of Arnold and then computer graphics 3D program made it look excellent. Remember that computer technology in 1984 was just a baby and only those who had money could have a computer.  Computer graphics were too marginally grotesque to form a 3D character like a terminator. Special models and make-up departments made a terminator look real.

Nowadays, in a short 30 years, 3D graphics is bloody wonderful, that is it looks believable. Just the reason I like this Terminator Gensys. It is plausible to create a robot/cyborg today but it is a long way from creating a terminator. Of course this is just a film that may not happen.

Time is my issue in this movie. The timelines does not match from the first three movies to the last and this one. In a way it does and like Back to the Future; it shows that going back to a certain time can change the events of the pass and the future is different. Even going to the future is also altering time.

This is getting long. Yes it is but with this review, I needed to remember the past movies because this has the same plot as the 1984 with a twist. I like the way we see Kylie Reese coming from the future to 1984. This is spot on but Kylie sees a terminator trying to kill John. It may be that this altered time but this is was done in the Terminator Salvation.

The reasons for the older terminator likeness, is fairly plausible also and may be that John Connor had programmed Skynet to have a terminator to save Sarah Connor. As you may have guess, I have some reservations if there is another movie that can depict this in the true depiction from the 1984 version when it first came out.

Can time be altered again? The answer is yes, time can be altered again. Let’s look at the second movie which was suppose to be Judgement day but that was stopped. Yet in the third movie, judgement day came, even though, if it was the end of the trilogy. However like most science fiction, future movies there is always another. Will there be yet another movie of the Terminator? My answer is yes! My prediction of the next movie title will be Terminator Revelations. If I’m right, I’ll have to do something special.

I loved this movie and if it wasn’t for Matt Smith who plays Gensys/Skynet in true form, one of the Doctors of TV Doctor Who, you will see in the first twenty minutes or so. Jai Courtney a good actor to be the Kylie Reese of this movie. Emilia Clarke plays a different Sarah Connor, a tough young woman instead of the waitress of the 1984 Sarah Conner.

From other reviewers, I’ve read their reviews, I get what they are saying and agree with them. But I watched this for I knew the way it was going to look like. Its my writer side of me that gets the pleasure of knowing that every part of the movie was so like the way I wished to see it again.

As I think more of the movie after I seen it, since two weeks from Tuesday it still grows on you, as you think on the movie and you want to see it again. I hope they make another movie, which will fix the time issue from the Terminator to Terminator Gensys.

♠♠♠♠½ This is my score because what more can you ask for an action packed film and Arnold as his best since his short career change with his classic call sign, “I’ll be back.”