Fairy Tail

It is Manga time. Yes, Japanese comics with a difference, watching anime.


Lucy Heartfilla is a seventeen year old wizard, joins the Fairy Tail Guild and she meets many of the guild’s most strongest wizards. Natsu Dragneel invites Lucy into the guild and she finds them to be a very rowdy bunch which she soon finds it to be something good. Natsu is a dragon slayer wizard mainly fire; his cat Happy an talking blue cat as partners. This fairy tail guild is in a town called Mangolia which is a part of the Fiore Kingdom. The Kingdom is part of Earth-land, there is 17 million people living and there is ten percent who can use magic. From the requests boards, wizards are to earn money by job requests handed down by the Wizard Council or by the people who need a wizard.

Once Lucy meets Natsu, and the rest of the wizards; she learns that the guild hate dark wizards and they have an agenda to eradicate the dark guilds. She finds that she travels to get to know the team she gets to be in. Erza Scarlet the armor equipped wizard and Gray Fullblaster the ice wizard with Lucy and Natsu and Happy team up to fight the evil that comes to the Fiore Kingdom. They do get new members on the way and go on many adventures, which one adventure went to another parallel world called Edolas.


At the moment, Fairy Tail* is in its seventh season simulcasted by Anime Lab, which is online at this time. I started to watch the first two seasons last year and enjoyed it. As I continue to watch it in the last three weeks, I got to know that Natsu more better, and his search for his father Igneel the Dragon is also the main story as well. Natsu is a happy to go sort of bloke who has a short attention span but when he gets fired up, he is a different man.

Each character in Fairy Tail is unique to their own story line but what the wizards in Fairy Tail are such that they are friends to the end. The bonds they share of friendship is mainly important to this guild and not to give up, keep going forward. It really is what I call the lessons that is learned in this Fairy Tail. They are my kind of guild if I could join a guild if there is one like this in a real world. I know this is just a manga but the lessons learned in this, is valuable and true in our world.

The Council of Wizards Leader has a particular hatred to Fairy Tail Guilds Master, but this has yet to be sprouted which I’ll see went I get through the rest of the total 251 episodes. It really feels as though the writer Hiro Mashima who written the story had made a plot outline of the main characters and their connection to each other is bound by family and friendship from adversity that is bought by pain that is individual or mainly what life through at them.

In summary, Fairy Tail show life trials and individual pain grow and manifests into rancorous disputes to which turn out to be a lesson for the individual and those around them and for the viewer who watches. Teenagers growing into men and women with strong valves is also the under pinning theme of this series that has action, adventure and fantasy to boot you into hooting for Fairy Tail. In the words of Natsu – I’m fired up. ♥♥♥ – this means that I’ll watch it more and more.

* Please note that you need to sign in to watch Fairy Tail. You can do so with a free account. Make sure it is a free account before signing in. There is a premium payment option and a free 30 day trial without advertisements. I like to warn you if you choose the trial 30 day period, once you finish you’ll have to pay an amount with three option to choose from. If you like advertisements that last about 60 seconds, then watch anime for free.

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