Star Wars is coming

As you may be aware, Star Wars The Force Awakens is coming to cinemas in December 17. I thought to do something that is a little different to my normal reviews. I thought to do a memory down the lane post. I just read an article on the Empire magazine about the movie and a certain eleven year old J.J. Abrams went to a cinema to see the first Star Wars – A New Hope. I was a seven year old who watch it with a wide grin and to this day, I had always an an inkling there was more to this movie I watched.

I watched a young Mark Hamill plays Luke Skywalker who wanted to be a star fighter but as a farmer for his uncle on Tatooine, and they buy the two infamous droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. From the cleaning of the two droids and the message, the movie became the best of all time, in my book of films. But from the opening score to the infamous Darth Vader in shining black helmet and leather attire and that black cape bellowing behind him, became the best evil character I’ve seen and this movie made me dream of another movie which later came out ten years later.

The most it did is that I dreamed of myself as Luke and was fighting the Empire but for me, as a kid of seven; Darth Vader was much bigger than he was in the film, and it was this that I always wanted to see the man behind the mask but the funny thing I saw a man wearing with spectacles with round frames. As I waited for the next installment of the Star Wars, even though I knew it was coming back then in 1977, I waited for it patiently for three years.

In the meantime, my dreams had played out the story of Luke and Vader, and little did I know my dreams showed in almost eerie rendition of Empire Strikes Back, and the excellent ending; “Luke, I’m your father.” in Darth Vader’s voice. Of course, I started to write when this movie came out, but it still gave me the best sense of what George Lucas had written(this come later of course). As I loved the movie of Stars Wars The Empire Strikes Back, I actually copied the poster from memory for the heck of it. I think of the moment my fascination with Star Wars was and still is my favourites of movie trilogies ever. As it happened another three years passed by and still the Darth Vader with the big helmet chased me in my dreams. Little did I know until the Return of the Jedi that came clear that is two years later came a Spaceballs a parody film which had the actor Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet. Funny thing to dream a Mel Brooks story but its one of my crazy gifts I have had since a child – dreaming the future. But I cannot tell the future at all, to anyone. The reasons are for the future self to reveal on his own time that is if he wants to.

Getting back to Star Wars, I knew when I saw the Return to the Jedi, when Vader said to Luke “You have a sister.” This didn’t register to Vader that he had a daughter as well. This was open to another set of options for me when I dreamt of the following episodes of Star Wars. I can’t reveal my dreams because I can’t tell you at this time because they need to be reveal to me when I watch The Force Awakens.

However I can reveal the first three movies of how Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader, the dream I had was very close to the movie trilogies. Even though a little predictable, because my writer side had depicted it that way as we seen the boy turn to the Dark side of the Force also mirrors to my dreams when The Phantom Menace came out. I have no way how a casting director gets the actors to play the characters of the movie but my dreams seem to get the actor right at once that is effing creepy. This is why I don’t like predicting futures to anyone and its this feeling that creeps me out. I hate the dreams but I somehow leave it in the back of my mind to forget it but only one thing a mark or face is a point to remember that this has happen before in my dreams.

The ending of The Revenge of the Sith, where Anakin becomes Darth Vader, the exact moment when Obi Wan said not to that was the defining part in my dream as well. Anakin arms from the elbow and his legs from the knees is chopped and then burnt. That was the burning beginning for Star Wars which is where we remember.

Now comes the speculative offering from my thoughts of The Force Awakens. Please bear in mind that this is my theory of the next trilogies which may be the end but I wonder. Why you ask? Well let me start on the Timothy Zahn novel trilogy where we know that Leia and Solo must protect the Jedi twins that Leia has and an Admiral of the old empire is after them. The second teaser trailer of The Force Awakens has Luke speaks, The Force is strong  in my family…  my father had it, I have it, my sister has it and you have it. Of course this has Mark Hamill voice and I knew that next trailer would be Harrison Ford’s vsaid – Its good to be home.

I feel this is where we think of the title of this Star Wars episode –  The Force Awakens – is very self explanatory, my meaning the dark and the light side of the force comes to arise, again. Yes it is not so simple as that. In my theory, the first order as per internet views and the magazine I just read states is this; this and others in the old Empire hold on to the fact that Darth Vader was someone they want to revere. In fact I have these few questions as follows –

Does Leia secretly hold her secret of the force in secret of the New Republic? Does Han Solo and Leia stay together? Does Leia have twins like Padame Amidala? After all Padame Amidala is Leia’s mother.  Han Solo is a father figure to who? Who is Kylo Ren? Is Kylo Ren a real name? Who are the Knights of Ren? Is Finn a Knight of Ren? Is Finn a friend to Kylo Ren? Who is Rey? Is she a daughter to Leia and Han Solo? Is Rey and Ren are siblings? Does Luke keep The Force in balance within himself? This is because he is scared to become like his father – Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader. Is the remembering of Darth Vader, is important to the new order of the old Empire? The second trailer teaser shows the old helmet of Darth Vader and who has that helmet? Who is General Hux? The first trailer has a voice that almost sounds like Palpatine but it also sounds like Andy Serkis. The real question is did Emperor Palpatine really die? Then the next would be – Is Darth Vader alive? Think of General Grievous as an android.

Boy what a lot of questions. Well it looks like my thoughts got the better of me again. Three months and counting for Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

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