Reviewing 2015

Where shall I start? Some of the year favorite reviews is probably the least since last nights adventure which tops my list of the best seen movies for 2015. Yet out of the three categories I call, I might as well start with the lists.

Fantasy movies for 2015

  1.  The Hobbit:- The Battle of the Five Armies
  2. Fairy Tale

Horror movies for 2015

  1. Hellraiser all movies
  2. Insidious plus chapter2
  3. Dracula 2000, ascension and legacy
  4. Cube trilogy*

Science Fiction movies for 2015

  1. Star Wars  I-VII
  2. Terminator Gensys
  3. Cube Trilogy*

* is combined as science fiction and horror category which is why I have an asterisk.

Thank goodness that is over for the year as of today I’ll have a break from reviewing and should be back sometime after the fifth of January.

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