Star Wars VII:- The Force Awakens

Before I start on this review, I think you should read this, if you have watch it then you know what my review will be.

Just before I go on about the review

given in bags, with magic dust of gold.

I want to say this some of my thoughts and dreams of prediction has come true. Everything in my dreams has come to be as expected. Firstly I like to say that J J Abrams has given the scope of the Star Wars Universe with a great vigilance to the works of George Lucas’s universe. Respect to the creator of the Star Wars Universe, this film has given in bags, with magic dust of gold.

Can I predict that next year this will be nominated for an Oscar and will win a couple Oscars. Okay it is too early but hey, it is that good, and I must say it is worth the look.

Those that think of Space Opera as a genre, can name Star Wars. Of course, it is the first thing that come to my mind when I think of Space Opera.

How can one write a review without spoilers? It has been a week days since I went to watch the film on the day it went viral. I do mean viral as I just read that they made $238 million USD and the reports are stating that it could reach $2.7 billion USD. Here in Australia, it reach 18.9 million dollars and I believe it will rise in the coming weeks. Let these fact sink in for a moment. Before I go on my review, I have been doubting my review would help anyone but when I went to my dentist I thought, what could be a spoiler? Of course, spoiler alert warning below is for those who have not seen the movie. If you are bold enough like me to venture pass this warning, please be aware you have been warned.


Thirty years after the Galactic Empire’s defeat, is rebuilding as the First Order and the galaxy face a new evil in Kylo Ren. A Stormtrooper in the First Order is having doubts, and with these doubts comes to save a Rebel. The Rebel, Poe gives a name to Stormtrooper – Fin. The escape from the First Order brings the Tie-Fighter that the two Poe and Fin crash land on Jakku. A scavenger name Rey lives on Jakku and saves a BB8 droid and eventually meets Fin. A short time, The First Order come in search for Fin. As Rey and Fin escape the First Order, they steel a spaceship and encounter a tractor-beam from a ship of the First Order. From the meeting of Han and Chewie to the Rebel Resistance; the search for Luke Skywalker gets underway…


I eagerly waited for the opening credits and I can say it was just as it should be. What more can one ask for? If I could say one thing every part of it was in my opinion – excellent.  I feel more, like I was watching a Lucas Film but then I have to remember Abrams directed it. I see why he didn’t want to write or direct it. I must say who would have done a better job. I know I can’t. But I do know one man and it is J J Abrams – look at Star Trek and its new look – excellent in every way.

Even though he was part of three writers, his direction was beautifully done. Kylo Ren – Adam Driver is an excellent actor and it is so beautiful that I get so fan-like to see an evil character grow into the moment when he questions himself. This was done by Anakin Skywalker, again by Anakin as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. The old is new is exactly, as the new cast are good and of course the old cast need to bring the connection to this new three part series of Star Wars.

Of the casts of the old, Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and the people who did Chewie, R2D2 and C3P0 all return in this movie as their characters which made the Star Wars in 1977 and the 1980’s as great and popular as I had foreseen it to be. Just for one moment in the movie it will be sad. It will wrench in the hearts of fans but for me, I expected this sad moment. I knew it would come and who it was – even before I saw it.

Like I said in the link above which goes to the post called, “Star Wars is coming” – I have seen the movie in my dreams. It is even before the movie comes out that I smile knowing to well what will happen. It is such that I smiled my ear to ear grin, as I watched this movie. As with all movies I watch, my Mum also comes to watch it and from her I get the reaction which I also expect. You see I look around to gain the audience attention. If kids are in the cinema, and there was, I look at them and they were all jumping on their chairs with excitement. It look like those Facebook video posts where the hands pointing and shaking at the tie-fighter. Well this gives me a sense of the audience enjoyment.

Of course, the excitement was like a kid opening his gifts at Christmas. This was what it was for me as I watched The Force Awakens. Yes and like any fan, the battle of spaceships flying around a star-destroyer that has been through a battle and scavengers taken parts to live on Jakku. One of the theories out on the internet say that Jakku is Tatooine. If you think about it, it will be possible but not so. Jakku is in a different start system with a sun, this is where Rey is introduced and the accident of the tie-fighter, where Fin and Poe part ways.

Where did The Force Awakens? In the beginning where the Stormtroopers pick Poe where Fin was a number, and Kylo Ren stops to see Fin standing there. Is it when Kylo Ren questions himself as he feels the Force within himself. When Rey holds the Lightsaber or the end of the movie. Or when Fin holds the Lightsaber. How will it be answered? Go and see it. I’m not telling  but if you insist then it is all of it.

Looking at the film and getting to the end for me was the best part. There is more questions? It satisfies the fans – old and new. I for one will wait patiently for the next installment of Star Wars in May 2017 for its 40th anniversary. Until then I must finish this review. It feels fairly obvious that I enjoyed it all and I will watch it again. ♥ I’m a fan.

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