October already…

For most of the year has passed and hell has come to my household on wheels of fire. Another update, with my own health in the balance and everything happens in threes. I just have to wait for a specialist to contact me and it is an easy operation of the gall-bladder. But I guess it will be in the new year.

Halloween Week

It’s just about time where I enjoy a week of watching horror movies. With the usual bad boys of horror, Halloween – Mike Meyers; Friday the 13th – Jason; and vampires and many more.

As Halloween runs over the 1st of November is All Saint’s Day, it is also Hallowmas  and 2nd of November is All Soul’s Day, I like to remember the souls of the dearly departed and hope their rest is joyful.

Even though Halloween is a low key for my traditions, I always celebrate it with movies thus today starts my Halloween movie week marathon.

November – Nanowrimo

As October runs to a close in a week time, as spring in the southern hemisphere is closing very soon, I have to spring clean my room. Half done (as Halloween is coming), I have spent a year researching for my next novel for Nanowrimo. Working on a UFO type story. A fifty thousand word novel is what November brings – writing a thousand, seven hundred words a day as well as learning a course is doable.

Partying month as November is for me is going to be a mellow one; I’ll party on just the same with a little bit reserved – health-wise.

Just remember I’ll get back to blogging as soon as I’m fit to do so.



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