NaNoWriMo,Update and such

I hope everyone had a good and safe Christmas and hope in the next few days you’ll have a Happy New Year.


As with every year I do Nanowrimo but this year was much wrought with family problems, and some were my own as well.

Writing about 25000 words is okay but 50000 would be better, I hope next year will be better.

Update and Such

An uneventful year in the movies and books review due to a few health issues in my family and it seems it is an ongoing thing at the moment. Tests and such with mum and I to do in the new year is very much a wait and see, and hope everything goes well.

This post is just a little parley of which a terrible year I have had but my optimistic side says hope is always around and that is what I’m looking for the New Year. My resolution for the new year is hope. Nothing but hope. Really it is all I can look forward for at the moment.

I can’t plan for the year to come because everything has hit the ceiling already and I just know that I’ll have to dodge a heap of everything. So hope is all I can look for in the new year.

So I’ll need a few days away from the internet, and its looks like from today to the first weekend in January 2017 (it does feel funny saying 2017), I’ll be back online then.

So have a safe and enjoyable, Happy New Years day.

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