What have I been doing…

I’ve been on the spiral of life’s up and down roll-a-coaster ride. With all of life moments even though health problems is at the major problem but getting stable each day.  All my promises of great reviews since last December has jolted to a mini roar that comes from a mini lion.

A lot has happen – surgery to the gall-bladder out, migraines increasing to most times of the day, pain in the ribs where the sternum is and not only that events have been slow. What? Well it is just getting use to the tablets and capsules I’m taking for the pains and migraines.

Oh another thing that has happened Mum had surgery to fix the lazy muscle in the eyelids.

While recovering from surgery I binged watched Stranger Things on Netflix. Another binge watch on ABC – Australian Broadcasting Corporation – iview, I watch the first season and second season of Cleverman. Also on Netflix, I watch a heap of other stuff which I can’t think of at the moment. Of course there is Games of Thrones which I need to watch next weeks episode before I even say a thing. Just a thought is this the final season, have they gone mad because the other seasons from 1-6 had 10 episodes while 7th season will have only 7 episodes. Why?

Just hope you all can wait for those promised review which I have to reacquaint that is re-watch them.


2 thoughts on “What have I been doing…

  1. I hope you are feeling better! I just rewatched Stranger Things this weekend as well; Season Two debuts here in the states on October 27th!

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for the comment that I understand well. Many comments I’ve had been spam. Well, Stranger Things will be just in time for Halloween, as Fred Flintstones would say Yabba dooo…

      Yes I’m feeling better each day and getting closer to normal as possible. What’s normal? LOL! Humor is the best medicine, which I have barrels of. 😉

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