NaNoWriMo,Update and such

I hope everyone had a good and safe Christmas and hope in the next few days you’ll have a Happy New Year.


As with every year I do Nanowrimo but this year was much wrought with family problems, and some were my own as well.

Writing about 25000 words is okay but 50000 would be better, I hope next year will be better.

Update and Such

An uneventful year in the movies and books review due to a few health issues in my family and it seems it is an ongoing thing at the moment. Tests and such with mum and I to do in the new year is very much a wait and see, and hope everything goes well.

This post is just a little parley of which a terrible year I have had but my optimistic side says hope is always around and that is what I’m looking for the New Year. My resolution for the new year is hope. Nothing but hope. Really it is all I can look forward for at the moment.

I can’t plan for the year to come because everything has hit the ceiling already and I just know that I’ll have to dodge a heap of everything. So hope is all I can look for in the new year.

So I’ll need a few days away from the internet, and its looks like from today to the first weekend in January 2017 (it does feel funny saying 2017), I’ll be back online then.

So have a safe and enjoyable, Happy New Years day.


Reviews Coming for 2016

As I’m writing this, nineteen days in January has come by so fast but with it, a hurdle has come to deal with. It seems most of my time will be dictated by something which I can’t control. It feels so bad that I am going to have to wait for a while and I hope to bring reviews to you when I have time. I believe in the next three months, my time is being spent on a family member. Of course I’ll try to do the reviews as when I’m able.

I have had a quiet Christmas and a good beginning to the new year, but something hung low on the horizon has come to stand its way in a good year, I had hoped for. But the underlying thing has been at the back of my mind, for most of the holidays but now it is coming to fruit its foul stench. Anyway, I hope this hurdle goes on an even keel and make sure everything will get back to normal soon.

Until it does please be aware that I’ll get back to reviewing as soon as possible that is humanly possible.

I’m Back

Well I’m back from 24 days holiday but technically, my emotional state was at a low since a week after my mum went into hospital.

What happened on my holidays?

Well I enjoyed meeting my relatives on my mother’s side. And let me say, I enjoy shopping and looking at the city of Adelaide, South Australia very much. The weather was beautiful and winter season came in the last week I was there – Love the cold. The break was needed but life had other tests.

After the holiday?

It was a week which was slow and tiring and I tried to relax which was okay until Friday the 17th of April, in the afternoon, that life’s test happen. I went to do my annual ultrasound for my bladder and kidneys on that morning, in the meantime mum went through an ultrasound on her temple in the week after the holiday. The results of my mums’ ultrasound had returned that same morning, when we returned home for lunch. A message from the doctor, she went to her visit with the doctor, we rushed to the specialist then she was put to hospital.

After a week in hospital, Mum went through a biopsy which seemed to be a result that has been a good one. Yet the follow up is still ongoing. It seems one hurdle has been hopped over, but praying it to be all steady.


Well, its been a little over two months, no, close to a month and two weeks since I reviewed some movies. Well soon you will read a few reviews. There will be seven.


Well its the 19th May and I have the flu and it will be some time before I feel better to do a review. This post is a long one in coming because of family problems seem to be manageable at the moment. I couldn’t concentrate on anything let alone do any reviews. So on the home-front of this review month will be coming in next month or as soon as I’m better from this… achtu  damn cough… and the dripping nose… cheers see you all soon.

Holiday’s Yeah

It is going to be a beautiful few days as my last minute things before I’m going on my holiday somewhere in South Australia. Its very close to the day when I’m leaving for the holiday, that I’m feeling a little excited. Of course, when I return, I’ll come back with a few movies to review while on holidays. I know I’ll be viewing movies during my holidays because that is what I do when I go to a movie cinema that I haven’t been to before.

I’ll tell you all what has happen when I return.


Please keep this in mind that my Official Site is having problems. If you click the above menu you might not get back to this site; so here I give you a tip, left click of your mouse and click on open a new tabbed window for each menu item except for contact and R.C. Reviews..

I can’t keep up with which update I am doing at the moment, a few problems I have had so far are such that I need a holiday and it seems fortunate that the holiday I had plan for looked almost in question two days ago. Lucky the incident that happen on Monday that seemed to be very fatal had lowered to minor. Thank the man upstairs that it was just a very minor problem.

My official site has been a major problem for me at the moment, it seems that internal problems which I have to figure if I need to do something – what can I do? I can easily say a few swear words and wait patiently and see. It’s been a day and now I wonder what is going on. I assure you, I will be as patient until Sunday, when I will do something…

As of the moment, there will be no reviews until after April 10th, 2015. It seems that my holidays are slowing creeping up and in the next two weeks, I’ll be preparing for my trip. It will be a three week plus three days holiday. I just can’t wait for the trip. It will be a good time for me to have a quiet time with my family relations. When I return from my holidays, I will give you some pictures of where I am going. Holiday is in a state in Australia.

The year that was 2014

Personal life is okay. With a busy year coming to the close, I am having a wonderful time relaxing  and enjoying the festive season up to the 6<sup>th </sup> of January 2015 with no viewing  movies at all – except for the current Hobbit movie. Reading to relax.

Today’s post should be about the year but I’ll make it as short as possible, since I’m having a short holiday. And yes it was a roller-coaster ride for the movies. Movies was my most watched this year. Reading seems to be left to dwindle in a side road of a freaky circus which made me feel all nostalgic. The reason for the nostalgic reading because I like to re-read novels I read before.

On the outlook for 2015, a small resolution for the new year is to read at least five new books. Well, with new year resolutions, I know that I will not do exactly what I said here but I will try.

So for the year ending as this is my last post for the year, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a safe one, as well.

Christmas is Coming

Well its not far off with Christmas and I’m going to have a wonderful nine days off from the internet, starting from the 24 December 2013. So in the next few paragraphs I will be happy to give you a little few titles of what I watched at Halloween. While I was doing Nanaowrimo, I re-watched some movies which was self-titled Halloween.

Halloween is a good time to watch horror movies, at this time as every year. But I do like watching horror movies every month – especially vampire movies or any movie that spills blood. Of course, Halloween is only one day where I can say I love blood spills and get away with it. Truly I am one sane guy. For me, at Halloween week of watching horror movies is the most enthusiast time I had. I mean a week of horror movies. Come on it was fantastic.

First I started off watching something that is not horror but for the kid in me I wanted to watch it. It was not a horror as in blood shedding but the concept for horror for kids is a tame one. Okay Power Rangers is not horror but a martial arts show mixed with monsters from other dimensions and galaxies. Witches and wizards and monsters transforming into giants and fighting the power rangers in battle-ziods. Well its my writing side that get the kicks in watching a group of heroes defeating the evil side. Yes I did say witches and monsters.

Okay a little light humor for you all, so I can get to start on the juicy parts. Of course, before I get down to do the juicy bits, I set out to watch three great movies and then came Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters.

Here goes a few reviews in no particular order:


You can’t do a review of one movie or even the three if you don’t watch all three in one sitting. However I would say that you must also know that there is another four in the franchise of the SAW movies. I try not to share to much of the movies because I heard the hype about it and thought yeah I don’t want to watch them. So here I am watching them and thought a mixed pleasure of joy and satisfaction. Unusual for me to say this as if the dark side of me was enjoying the sickness of a torturous game.

Now the rating of the movie should have been rated R18+ instead of the MA15+. Of course I know nothing about the rating of movies but the stuff that is so horrific with one man breaking his own foot to get his ankle through a shackle was very mind-blowing and then being chased by an unknown assailant was one gross point… Exceedingly delicious if I was one crazy person but luckily for me I’m not. I heard also that the Australian writers who pitch this movie to producers here in Australia did not want to do it. I can see why. So I will not class these three movies I seen as a must see or love it because I haven’t seen the last four movies.

Seriously I would make a WARNING for anyone who reads this please – Don’t watch it unless you can stomach the evil horror scenes. I am giving this two because of the game of torturous scenes.  ♠♠

Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters

This would have been better if I had watched on the big screen but I did not. However this was a great to see movie which puts you back to the fairy tales of your childhood. This had me thinking what could the woman who played Jean in the Xmen franchise be doing as a witch. The story of this fairy tale was something which would have happened if the story was taken in a different direction, if Hansel and Gretel fought back. Well this is what this movie is. It reminded me of two movies I watched before, Black Forest and Werewolf – The Beast Among Us. In a sense, the story of these two movies I mention has a undercurrent theme which I liked more in this movie. Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters has given such a good story-line and it also gave a good moral to the story I like to watch for and understand. And like the old fairy tale which I as a child liked. Overall the best story-line and action with sub-plot which becomes very unawares if you are not watching very early on.

I would buy this and keep watching as many times but I would also buy another to keep as an rare item. That is why I am giving this two of these. ♥♥

Halloween 1978 John Carpenter’s version VS Halloween 2007 Rob Zombie version

I was lucky to watch this on the Pay TV on Halloween night and during November and my thoughts on both movies I watched almost complimented each film. John Carpenter’s version had the famous scary pumpkin lantern with the names of the actors and film crew opens is one of my favorites openings of any movies. At least that is how I would do a film where these days the letter colors makes it hard for me to read the actor or names of the film. The music was a creepy thing for an eight year old kid who didn’t watch it when it came out. I was more of the science fiction movie buff at eight years old than a fan of horror. In my twenties I watched it and thought that was one scary movie. I was starting to get into horror like a sponge. But I think under all of the scary parts, I then understood that I was not scared at all but the music made it scary. Anyway getting sidetracked here, the 1978 version  had Jamie Lee Curtis first debut film which made her a star.  Looking at it during Halloween night and seeing the full story, I was very amazed that I didn’t pick some thing the twenty year old did. My writer side noticed it now more than a film. I knew then that I was gullible to watch it. What made me want to watch the iconic and the remake. Well like all slasher and kill flicks of the late seventies and early eighties were more slotted in a B Movie genre. However Halloween was different to the ones I called copy-cats. Like Hitchcock’s Psycho film with the music in the shower scene for me gives the stepping stone to Halloween which these two films brought a sense of horror to the movies. Halloween 1978 version opens the film industry to slasher films to the light of day or should I have said, to the dark of night. There is ten films dedicated to the Halloween franchise. Of course the remake version of Rob Zombie is very much an interesting version where the Carpenters’ version didn’t tread to far.

For example from the plots of both Halloween movies – the plots were similar but with some differences. I liked the story before the first attack where Micheal Meyers kills his older sister. It showed the psychological and environmental factors of growing in a dysfunctional family life. The 1978 version was different which Micheal Meyers kills his sister in 1963 and then jumps to Halloween 1978 with Loomis and a nurse driving to get a 21 year old Meyers from a Psychiatric Hospital. The 2007 version shows the young Meyers as an dark and evil child who killed animals and liked making masks to wear. The young Meyers kills a bully on the afternoon of Halloween and that night kills the step-abusive-father, the boy-friend of his older sister and the older sister. In the 1978 version Meyers did not have any other siblings but why would he go on the hunt for Curtis’s character. Without watching the Halloween 2 to 5 and yet still watch 6 and 7 – yet I still didn’t understand how the relatives of Meyers were his victims.  The Loomis character played by Donald Pleasence is a better one than Malcolm McDowell. However the Halloween 2007 version shows the years of the young Micheal Meyers living in the Children Sanitarium – this was missing in the 1978 version which for me expanded the story of Micheal Meyers. Of course to see that there are so many differences between the two that I could fault either at all. Where as the 1978 version had less kills than the 2007 it doesn’t matter at all to me.

Now comes to my rating of the two versions – Halloween 1978 ♠♠♠♠♠ Halloween 2007 ♠♠♠♠♠

I did see Halloween 2 Rob Zombie version and I liked it as well and it deviled in the good old slash and kill in the hospital. But without looking at the Halloween 2 1981 version, I’ll leave this for another time if I can get to rent it or by luck it will screen on Pay TV. Until then I’ll leave Halloween 2 2009 version as a separate post for another time maybe in 2014.

Of course, I had the best year over the months of May to October. Next year in some time in January 2014; I have to watch three DVD that I won on a competition in October and in November  just before my birthday I received the 3 DVD pack. I didn’t have time to see those three movies and I’ll will be watching them after new years day. So here is my hint for the first post will be in January 2014.

As I trim of the pounds/kilograms depending which country  you measure weight, I’ve been on a diet for three weeks and as Christmas is coming, I am going to watch what I eat and hopefully not fill up with too much food. And last of all have another good Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in 2014 with another year of Reviews with the Speculative Fiction – the genre with mixtures.

Good Friday

Its a term that I use to take in pride of my catholic background, but today I have my own thoughts to this day. I am at the road intersection in life where everything hampers on one thing – my spirit is looking for something more tangible than faith alone. I have faith in everything, that has not died; its the thing that tangible – the piece between suffering, sickness and the need for peace that I crave more. Peace is a thing that holds an understanding in others and their cultures.

Today is a day that most of the western religions celebrate the death of one man who saved us all from sins. It may be the faith of my background that has an in-depth grounding in understanding each culture who sues for peace but its a heart trenching to follow everything on the news and see more disasters than the act of God or natures fury puts to us to test us in the preserving of our world. How can one man change a world 2013 years ago, when we have not change since then – war, famine, and sins still strive as it was. Are we so gullible to understand that its our life that will end the world we live in. Are we ready for what’s to come.

See what I mean – the crossroads I’m at is just the beginning of something more greater even though, I’m know not where I’m going. Its seems every year at this time I take stock of the values and faith I have grown up with and think why should one man suffer for all when we can all share the responsibility. I still believe that something needs to be done today. Have we learned from the past or have we not grown to understand the concept of what this man did for us.

Okay I sound like a religious fanatic, in some sense I am but I hate to say this but by the words of John Lennon “Give peace a chance” still signifies that some people still hold to something more than the self. Heavy Metal some say is the devil’s music and I cannot agree with any of those people. For instance, (I only am into some heavy metal bands and songs.) take Iron Maiden is what I call music with an underlying theme of good verses evil – I found it a warning to the epic fight against evil. Manowar is my favorite band of the late 80’s (which I only started following), and the reason why I like them is because they bring an epic of fantasy of sword and sorcery adventure in music form – from a writer point of view – excellent material for writing epic fantasy. What has this got to do with today? Well evil sins plague our minds still but we go through life knowing evil does not happen by it self – man do evil things.

Maybe I’m just in the right/wrong mood to let my thoughts get the better of me and then think a problem shared… Well you know what I mean… anyway its time to celebrate a man’s death for our salvation. I cannot at the moment. Like I said above, I’m at the crossroads of a decision which needs an satisfying outcome.

As of today and until the next time I’ll post again, I hope everyone has a very good day on Easter Sunday. Oh, before I forget, Easter signifies that the resurrection of Jesus, which I came to think of the Easter egg is. An egg to me signifies new life and thus that is what Easter means to me.

Happy Easter and hope everyone of you, have a safe one.

Puppy Love

Interesting title post…

Well indeed it is. This story started about three years ago, where my mother was a little down after losing a small pet dog. After Cyclone Yasi had come; it stirred more sense of loss and in that time Mum decided to buy a Shih-tzu  puppy. Last year, at about this time, Dad wanted a dog and a male Maltese cross puppy came to live in our home.

About sixty days ago, the matting occurred, the week after week of seeing our Shih-tzu’s pregnacy developing. It is a sense of wonder and the miracle of life that captures me most of all. In a way life and death is a passage we all go through, and even now that this weekend we celebrate Easter, it hones onto one thing that we all take for granted – our part, in our world.

Life is short, in which we forge a bond to those around us – to families, friends and pets. It is this bond, that feeds our soul. Okay we always fight with families more than often because we love them and friends often there to listen or help in ways by just being there. For pets – they are there always with unconditional love and listen to you when you are down. And it is always this that make me feel the happiest.

It is ironically talking about puppy love but when the male dog is close to a year old is a sire and the dam is three years old, it is good to have news like this – the first pup born at 12:15 a.m. on Thursday 28th, by 3:20 a.m. another three pups came and two more by 5:20 a.m. in total six. Those pups are by color three black and white and three brown and white. And if my mum could see that there is three females and three males within the first litter. Of course, that still in a mixture of different thoughts or more likely the the mother of the pups is not letting us have a look to determine the sex of the puppies.

Holy Thursday

Oh today is an important day for religious people around the world is Holy Thursday. Well most of the Catholics and Christians celebrate today as the Last Supper which coincides with the Jewish Passover called Pesach. I sit here writing this and think that we all are celebrating something this weekend which starts a long weekend. Most of us might not think of today but some people do. I like to take a moment to hope everyone have good thought, vibes and prayers today and the next few days to come.

Saint Patrick’s Day


As promise today is Saint Patrick’s Day, and I always wear something green. Of course sometimes, I really can’t show green underwear like the young dudes of today, which I can’t understand the attraction to wearing pants/shorts below their bottoms. I’m a modest person – each to their own, I say. Okay today, some of my USA blog followers, will wake up on this day, but for most of  the people of Ireland are going home from a Saturday night or continue to celebrate with this holiday. If you want to know anything more about this day – 17th March – and why its celebrated in Ireland then click here.

Irish_clover The three leaf clover – the shamrock was a tool for Patrick to explain the diverse belief of Catholicism. It is no laughing matter and it is a very serious association to this saint I celebrate.

Why do I celebrate it and why I’m not Irish?

First I like to say this I grew up believing something greater than science. In a way I use to go to church every Sunday and such, and one thing I like was St Patrick. The reason for this also was the church name is the same. My affinity to this saint was and still to this day I like to celebrate. Even though I am Italian – my feelings for Ireland is almost similar to my own heritage. A Roman-Britain gave the belief of something greater and still show the connection to their own belief. Now my beliefs is this searching for the truth – a journey of the self – that is my emotional and spiritual in the material world. Let’s face it, if we do not think this then we never understand the truth of life and love.

Well this is certainly a bit too much of myself here. Enough of the psychological stuff. Apart from the religious notions, I usually celebrate this day with the first pint of Guinness to the Saint himself, second pint for Ireland and its people and third for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the jolly leprechaun, the fourth for others who celebrate this day, one for the road and then loose count until I am happily intoxicated.

Well it seems I lost some of my followers, but I do drink twice a year where I like to reach nirvana. However, today was not a day for me to go wild. I have been feeling under the weather the last two days. Yesterday was mum’s birthday and its what I call party weekend. Yet I had no alcoholic drink last night and today I had none so far, but I will say this I’ll celebrate it with a glass of Irish whiskey later this afternoon.

My Desk Calendar for March has a green theme. And what’s with drinking green beer. All I care to drink is Guinness and that’s what satisfy me more than green coloring in a normal yellow looking ale. I tell you this, I don’t drink yellow ale full stop. I’m a Guinness man through and through, and my friends who know my saying, “Paddy’s day everyday.”  I think it is this that makes me love St Patrick’s Day.

Its about time to have that drink of whiskey, it might help with the sick feeling I have. It will be a good remedy.

PLEASE bear in mind that I usually lobby safe drinking and do it responsible. Don’t drink and drive. Get a taxi if you drank too much and use public transport the day after drinking. Remember after drinking alcohol is still in the blood stream the next day if you drank most of the day.  It is safer to drink one at every hour and drink water to re-hydrate – each glass of alcohol beverage to a glass of water.

It is like having coffee and then drink water after it. Why well coffee is a stimulate and it also dehydrate like alcohol and I noticed this because it effect me this way. Once I have a glass of water I’m fine.  What am I talking about – Saint Patrick’s Day, of course.

Well with the side track of drinking alcohol which I join it with a day is the only reason why everyone celebrate it. Because everyone feels a part of being Irish only one day a year. In a sense it was what this day is about. Love after all, is the way, Saint Patrick brought together a people in believing in something that holds to a sentiment of being Irish. If being Irish for a day is okay then why not do it everyday – Life will not let us do it. Well its a catch 22 for me. Its hard to follow every culture in a certain way and I have to do it one way – that I can feel comfortable with and I hope to respect each culture.  Before the day goes out you should go and try to do that Irish Dancing like River-dance – funny thing I need at least a ten pints of Guinness to do that and with a Shillelagh(walking stick) to keep me balance.

Or listen to some Irish pub songs like,  I Don’t Like Mondays (which is appropriate for tomorrow if you had a lot of Guinness but I really don’t like Mondays) , My Heart’s Tonight in Ireland, Three Drunken Maidens to Danny Boy, just to name some of the two CD set of The Worlds Most Famous Irish. It has 36 Irish songs that I know of and the other reason is the cover it shows my favorite drink.

With out further much to say here is my tidings of drink be merry and have a safe day.

happy-st-patricks-day-wallpaper-1600x1200 spd[1] st_pats1