Movie Review that is coming

As I am watching a few good movies, lately I have noted that another year is almost coming to its end and I haven’t done a book review. Well I feel that is because of the books I’ve read have either been turned into a movie or the ones that I haven’t read are movies. Thus in the next post that is coming I’ll be reviewing four movies from a master of horror and film.

The movie reviews that are coming:

Hellraiser 1987
Hellbound: Hellraiser II 1988
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth 1992
Hellraiser IV: Bloodline 1996

Star Wars to watch all the six episodes before the Seventh comes out. As this months closes soon, my favourite month of the year is about to begin, where I’ll start with some horror movies like Hellraisers and some old favourites like Halloween and then the end of the month of October leads to shark week in November where I’ll be busy with Nanowrimo month. And before I know it I’ll be in 2016, because November through to January will also be party central station.


I’m Back

Well I’m back from 24 days holiday but technically, my emotional state was at a low since a week after my mum went into hospital.

What happened on my holidays?

Well I enjoyed meeting my relatives on my mother’s side. And let me say, I enjoy shopping and looking at the city of Adelaide, South Australia very much. The weather was beautiful and winter season came in the last week I was there – Love the cold. The break was needed but life had other tests.

After the holiday?

It was a week which was slow and tiring and I tried to relax which was okay until Friday the 17th of April, in the afternoon, that life’s test happen. I went to do my annual ultrasound for my bladder and kidneys on that morning, in the meantime mum went through an ultrasound on her temple in the week after the holiday. The results of my mums’ ultrasound had returned that same morning, when we returned home for lunch. A message from the doctor, she went to her visit with the doctor, we rushed to the specialist then she was put to hospital.

After a week in hospital, Mum went through a biopsy which seemed to be a result that has been a good one. Yet the follow up is still ongoing. It seems one hurdle has been hopped over, but praying it to be all steady.


Well, its been a little over two months, no, close to a month and two weeks since I reviewed some movies. Well soon you will read a few reviews. There will be seven.


Well its the 19th May and I have the flu and it will be some time before I feel better to do a review. This post is a long one in coming because of family problems seem to be manageable at the moment. I couldn’t concentrate on anything let alone do any reviews. So on the home-front of this review month will be coming in next month or as soon as I’m better from this… achtu  damn cough… and the dripping nose… cheers see you all soon.

New Site Coming

Please Note – this is about my Official site not this site; however, I use links in the menu above that goes to Robert Cristante dot(.) com site.

I have been looking at my site that is Robert Cristante dot com and notice I couldn’t do things at all without using the File Transfer Protocol password. This started to confuse me and then using a windows hosting had come to my media playing up so I was more than unhappy. Then I was so confused that nothing works.

After a few days of researching I soon realized that I made a big mistake – but on face value when I started window hosting with one click WordPress  everything was going smoothly until the end of last year with password for ftp and then last few weeks the installing of WP 4.1.1 had me going off like a Dalek loosing vision. With this in mind of the researching I decided to go with Linux hosting with my provider and see how it goes. One this I did wrong with the other was not making a backup  and lost everything – not quite everything. I made my own backups  of the pages from Robert Cristante dot com, I have all the pages I had in a word document.  But I have another site as a back up – this site is a free site which I kept but as close to my site.

So for now I’ll leave you with this thought, backup everything in triplicates. One last thing, here is okay because WordPress dot com are beyond great and they have backups well in hand.  One last note, very soon, I will be doing to this site is changing the menu above for how I want this Review site to be.


Please keep this in mind that my Official Site is having problems. If you click the above menu you might not get back to this site; so here I give you a tip, left click of your mouse and click on open a new tabbed window for each menu item except for contact and R.C. Reviews..

I can’t keep up with which update I am doing at the moment, a few problems I have had so far are such that I need a holiday and it seems fortunate that the holiday I had plan for looked almost in question two days ago. Lucky the incident that happen on Monday that seemed to be very fatal had lowered to minor. Thank the man upstairs that it was just a very minor problem.

My official site has been a major problem for me at the moment, it seems that internal problems which I have to figure if I need to do something – what can I do? I can easily say a few swear words and wait patiently and see. It’s been a day and now I wonder what is going on. I assure you, I will be as patient until Sunday, when I will do something…

As of the moment, there will be no reviews until after April 10th, 2015. It seems that my holidays are slowing creeping up and in the next two weeks, I’ll be preparing for my trip. It will be a three week plus three days holiday. I just can’t wait for the trip. It will be a good time for me to have a quiet time with my family relations. When I return from my holidays, I will give you some pictures of where I am going. Holiday is in a state in Australia.

1690 Hits

1690 hits is a big thing for me and wanted to give a little note in this post for my followers and those who like my blog. Those who like my blog – Please return and follow the site, and once you follow, please read the next sentence. For my followers – Please look at the rest of the Menu options and keep up to date with my other Blog News which is my official site as an author of short stories(and hoping for my novel in progress).

In my official site, I have thoughts and such about writing and little things I might like to share about me. I would appreciate it immensely for your support to follow my official site.  For those who have watched or read my official site, I would like to say a great big thank you to all.

Sorry for the self promotion but since I adore WordPress as a great and viable site, I thought WordPress wouldn’t mind the good word from a blogger.  If I can make it to the 2014 hit mark, I might give something away but I need to figure out the prize until then, I might think on what it will be. Please stay tuned…

March Review

March is gone, April is here (Depending where you are in the world); and here I’m with another late review from an Viewster session of nine movies. Just a reminder about Viewster is this, all movies are free to watch and if you don’t mind watching with commercial ads which is only two which sometimes are repeat over and over in consecutive succession there is a jewel among the thorns. The nine movies I watched from Viewster are; The Killer Shrews, The Horror Vault 1 and 2, Fear of a Faceless God, Carnal, Jolly Roger-Massacre at Cutter’s Cove, Creature of the Night, Curse of the Wolf and Night Junkies.

First I like to say this and I would not watch Fear of a Faceless God because I can’t remember anything of the movie there was no zing to feed my hunger of horror. I like a movie which I can sit after it days later and remember the movie and this didn’t do me that favor. Where as Carnal was a little better, it also had some poor issues which I think was a little bit unusual. Carnal also is one movie I wouldn’t recommend to watch but it did have one thing going for it the story was about a disease – Syphilis. While the acting was like a B-Movie, it did distort the vampire myth a bit.

Apart from these two movies and the next two movies which I thought needed no review at all. The Horror Vault 1 and 2 were short films like a short story anthology. The Horror Vault 1 has nine short films  which encapsulate fear and madness and mayhem. In fact the Horror Vault 2 also captures this but each story had a plot which does have more merit than the aforementioned two movies. If you want to see these movies, I must warn you to watch at you own peril. Each person has their own likes and dislikes. You might be thinking – Why would I watch these movies? Well! I thought the movie names was a beautiful title and one I thought was almost similar to a movie I saw a long time age.

Okay here are the ones I thought viable for a review.

The Killer Shrews


Where to watch – Viewster
Year – 1959
Filmed – USA
Director – Ray Kellogg
Cast – Ingrid Goude , James Best , Ken Curtis and more
Minutes – 69
Age Restrictions –  18


On an island off the mainland coast, a group of scientists are experimenting on overpopulation with a certain type of rodent – the shrew.  A Captain and his mate are coming to the island for the scientists supplies and retrieving a passenger in the return trip, but a hurricane is on their heels. A crazy scientist who can’t hold his liquor soon makes trouble for the group of scientist and the Captain. While there the Captain soon discovers strange things are happening, but the female scientist whose father is the head scientist of the group on the island, soon have to explain to the captain about the shrews.


Well science fiction and horror blended together well in this classic black and white movie. The funny thing about it is very typical of the science background information that harbors a sense of research that the screenwriter had done. The horror of overpopulation is one element which some see as a problem. Of course the movie showed the shrew was a good choice of being the subject of species for overpopulation because it had a bit appetite for food and mating in a number of weeks or days. Of course the experiment went wrong which the movie didn’t show. We only figure out by the female scientist. Of course, putting a good looking captain for the female scientist was the tension needed for the crazy scientist to snap. An incident during the hurricane made the captain to ask questions and he took over the survival of the group of scientists. Without putting to much emphasis on the shrews structure that they mutated from their small stature to look like dogs.

It is an engaging movie with mystery, suspense, horror and science fiction to boot. These classic movies stand as a testament to the brilliancy of the way films use to be filmed with such integrity of the times.  ♠♠♠

Jolly Roger – Massacre at Cutter’s Cove


Where to watch – Viewster
Year – 2005
Filmed – USA
Director – Gary Jones
Cast – Kristina Korn , Rhett Giles , Tom Downey , Tom Nagel and more
Minutes – 80
Age Restrictions –  18


A group of graduates on summer holidays, are at a beach camping. After a big storm, a treasure chest is found by a couple while the other two couples were talking at the campfire. At the campfire  there two couples had a tiff and then were talking. While the two couples that found the treasure chest, the male decides to open the chest to find no treasure  but a human skull. The male teen and his girlfriend soon see a pirate who hacks their heads off. The next couple soon found their fate but the couple who had the tiff, sees the pirate coming after them. Their survival and the towns is paramount.


Like most horrors with slash and hack this is just above the normal ones with one difference – a pirate on a massacre. Loosely based on the true character of the pirate – Jolly Roger – it certainly is a must see film. Okay what am I saying?  Well, this film was similar to The Fog where a ghost like zombies attack a seaside town because of the founding father destroys a leper colony. Jolly Roger is a pirate come to life once the chest has released his spirit – evil spirit. Of course, a curse has been the center-point of both films. The curse was  given by the pirate and he goes on the hunt for head to put in a treasure chest. Even to compare this movie to The Fog is not true to my nature. At least this had a better plot to it than the two The Horror Vault movies put together. Pirates is a boys dream to pretend to be a pirate. It did tickle my funny-bone which made this review. ♠♠

Creature of the Night

Plot – A rock star’s secret has haunt him for years. His secret comes out to a fan who has a deprived view of the rock star. The rock star did not want to bring harm to anyone.

Curse of the Wolf

Plot – A group of people live in the wood, but one of the group hated being in the group and decided to leave. She hated being with the group and found a way to live in a city.

Overview of Creature of the Night and Curse of the Wolf

Why would I do an overview on both? SPOILER ALERT – the Werewolf or packs of werewolves – you take you pick.  Creature of the Night has an underlining plot of a killer killing people but the rock star thought he was doing it after he took precautions. It was a good story with some scenes lacked actors charm. Otherwise its was a good look at not being a werewolf and not hurting anyone. ♠♠½

While Curse of the Wolf was more with finding another way of suppressing the beast with veterinarian medicines. The female that wanted to leave the pack had found that injecting this serum helped to stop the beast. In this way it felt like denying the beast  was her downfall but not until her beast wanted out.  ♠♠½

PLEASE NOTE – I didn’t put the details because you can find it on Viewster. Of course my plot and overviews is short because I have another review is better.

Night Junkies

Details at Viewster

Plot – Set in modern London where a junkie is telling a story about his addiction.


Looks like a Stephanie Meyer type movie but with one difference this is nothing like it. This vampire has no fangs but has one weakness sunlight like other vampires. This vampire tells how he became a vampire and his addiction to blood as it is and his next fix. He soon meets a stripper with ideals and she soon falls for him. He tries not to fall for his next fix but he does with the stripper. That is where she soon finds out who and what he is – a vampire with sharp teeth which looks like normal teeth yet the strength is enough to open the vessels in the neck. The sub-plot is as interesting as the main story but as you enter the world of Night Junkies it soon opens to how many vampires are on the streets. At least this movie didn’t change much of the myth of vampires. ♠♠♠


A Small Note

Easter is coming in two weeks and three days time which I will be busy changing a few things to this review site – meanwhile –  Happy Easter.  If you celebrate in a different way, I extend my respect in your celebrations and have a safe one. Anyway I thought if I don’t get to post after Easter its probably because I’m be busy writing a novel or novella or something else depends what life throws at me(always be prepared). So I will give you two more reviews in the next few days and then see if I can do some changes here. The reviews that is coming will be about vampires and a manga. So stay tune…

Interesting News

Since my last post, eight days ago – I have been one busy cookie that is making up for some lost time. While I was writing a story for a competition which is about zombies, a news bulletin on the local radio station announced a chemical spill north of my hometown. While I was getting some essentials at my local shopping center, I was thinking of my story as the announcement came on the radio. I physically had the chilling coldness run down my spine and I swore. I continued on driving to the shopping center and got the essentials. A day later, on our Wednesday’s local paper, the chemical spill was an acid spill. Of course, the spill was not in the same place as my story – lucky it was about a kilometer or two away. Let me just say that the story I’m writing does have a chemical spill of a different source – toxic in nature – otherwise zombies can’t come out of the ground. Its an Australian competition I am going to send this story – I can’t tell you more than I have.

Well on the same day as the acid spill, I received an email about my non-fiction story in It’s Weighing on my Mind anthology will come out – very soon.

After these eight days, and some finalizing with the non-fiction story and the eerie sensation of writing of chemical spill coming to real life its been just one hell of a ride. Its not funny when you write a story about a marauding character and then you read a news report or hear the news on the radio or see it on the TV and it happens as it actually happens – well almost. Here is an example I had written a piece about a killer chasing a woman. The woman went into the a cinema to evade the killer but she does not. He has a pistol in his pocket and start firing on anyone to get to the woman. Of course, the scene I had just explain did happen two days after I sent the story(that is about a year ago) to a press which is closed down – now. Please know also that the gunman in the US incident at the cinema/theater was a completely different to my story. Okay writing something from the imagination and coming true in real life is eerie and spooky but its what my muse likes to write. I’ll make a page about the muse and the subject of writing.

Good News

Well its time to say that the results of my mums further tests are very good. No further action required. Well that is certainly a good news. Its was a little of what to do next.

Now as you can see that I have change the theme again. Well it was getting to me the black background on white words and it reminded me of the old computers mono led screens – where I get migraines from. I was really looking for an Easter theme for this month because Easter is coming. So I got this one.

More news is that I am also changing themes for next month because it will be my party month since I started using WordPress. I’m not sure what I’m going to do next month but something will be planned.

In fourteen days, I’m will post a little about a holiday which I celebrate every year. Until then I’m writing stories for a few places and one competition and hopefully more good news comes later.


First I like to say, that as of a couple of days, I have been live with the website on the right sidebar; where the Official Website title is – just click. And if you want to return to here just go to the News Blog on my website and below the menu and next to picture there is a button where you can click and opens in a new window tab and you can read the rest of my blog. Meanwhile reading my blog  here, the website is for you to read as well and visit at your leisure. I hope you enjoy it.

Updates from 28/01/2013

Pill Hill Press Announces that they are closing down the press.
As of now, I have the sad duty to announce that my stories in Daily Frights 2013 – 365 days of Frights Flash Fiction, my accepted story – Lord Captain Victorus at about 500 words and Daily Flash 2013 – 365 days of Flash Fiction, also the accepted Brewed Coffee at about 500 words will be stored until I am ready to send them out again.
It’s not a good start to the year where a free marketing submissions service company decided to become a paid subscription. Earlier this month this company which I looked up to has now given limited use – very limited; well, haven’t seen an email since the first week of January. And now, one of my favorite and first press decides to close permanently. Well as some of you might will say the year has the dreaded 13 number but I’m not as suspicious as that. Not at all. I considered 13 a very lucky number. (I consider 666 as the worst number…) Seriously, only one thing, I hope not another problem comes then I’ll not going to say it here.
So why would a Small Press Close? Well, I gathered that there is a few factors. First I must say that I know next to nothing about the publishing world(a little bit) but I do know how a business is run. Well slightly, that is the ending of a business – even though the paper side I had not touch. The stock of the business, it was my duty to sell as many as I can, and packing up the remainder of the stock and other assets that the business had. I’m not saying which business it was but it was the hardest thing I had to do. That was the moment, I burnt the wick on both ends – physical and emotional.
However, let me get back to the question. There is many reasons for going into a business but stopping a business is entirely a different kettle of fish. Let me explain, one reason why I thought a lot about starting a business and with what I had done was to experience some sense of it. The outcome is very good but the jobs were less. Factors of the job tasks in my experience of working and looking for jobs to do was not an option. Lucky I had found a job which could help me until health.
Health is the most important part of any business that is for the person who owns the business and the business itself. Also considering the world we live in the almighty dollar – money in short dictates the running of the business. As I said there are many other factors but ultimately the two I have mention is the main reasons for closer. I hate the word money but I’ll not explain why here, but to suffice to say it is a need to survive.
I know that the owner of Pill Hill Press has become a mother last year to twins, and yes it would become a job where one can burn at both ends. May be closing down is a bit drastic but with a three times the normal job load; I would want to say there is a point we can go. I would like to applaud the owner in her case to close the press. Even though I’m sadden I must say I hope it is for the best.
Now that I have almost finished, there is one thing that I must say, my writing career is a business that has started with Pill Hill Press who first accepted my first flash fiction in 2010 for the Daily Flash Fiction 2011. Ever since 2010 I have been accepted as you can click in the published and upcoming works in the above menu.

A time warp surprise

Interesting title for a post even for it matters a title for a short story. Well sadly, it is a post title. As you might know or not by following me on here; I have had a few problems with computers and the internet and since I started partying in November, it certainly feels like a time warp has become a loop. Old desktop went kaput, laptop is now as slow as an ant, internet security program slows it even more like a worm digging through soil. From dinners out and partying and trying to fix my own computer problems, I seemed like I was in a loop of a time warp of some kind.

Well in the last few months, its been like I have shifted through a shifting tool (whatever you call it) and then put back together like a Time Lord going through a regeneration process without changing his look. It must have been something that my head must have taken a sense of “What the Frac is happening to me” or some wires seem to be crossed in some other place. I had to scratch out a story in the Upcoming Anthologies and put a note with it. (Did you notice the two mentions of my favorite shows, I let you think about it.)

Okay, wires were crossed for a while, but with Nanowrimo on I decided not to worry about the story and concentrate on the rest of the novel I was writing – which I didn’t make the 50,000 word mark, as per previous posts. I did do one thing and that is finish the novel at about 80,000 words. Well its not finish until I have read it and edit it at least six times.

I was looking at my new website and talking with my webmaster at the same time, and he asked me what should your home page contents be like? I answered with this: It should show my stories and stories I wrote, that is on sale now, coming soon and upcoming stories with their covers.

Because of this, I went to one of my publishers forum and thus a big surprise, my story is at the printers and getting published. So when you all look up the new professional website next year, it will have a caption about my story with the anthology’s cover.

What was a bad situation turned out to be a beautiful outcome.