Hellraiser, Hellraiser2 and Hellraiser 3

Basic Plot Overview

A Second world war veteran had found a puzzle box which he paid money for, and then disappeared. Frank finds the box in Morocco and returns home. He starts to play with the box and then dies in the house. Frank’s brother and his family move into the house. The box is in the attic until Larry (Frank’s Brother) picks it up and accidentally pricks his hand on the box. Blood drips to the floor, murders and mayhem starts as Kirsty finds out about the box.

Kirsty returns to the demented hell as she is in the hospital. Two doctors are looking after her and one who has studied her case has bought so many items. Somehow the mattress from Kirsty’s step mums’ was brought to the house of the doctor who is in charge of Kirsty’s case. The young doctor soon comes to believe her after he investigates at his colleague’s house and he witnesses a murder.

A television reporter investigates a man who is a key figure in a certain number of murders but she soon finds that her theories were wrong. As she came to be involve with the criminal who owns the club and here Pinhead and his Cenobites raise hell on earth for those in the club.

Note – Movie is R Rated.

Overview of Hellraiser 1, Hellraiser 2 & Hellraiser 3

Loved Hellraiser even though the second had made a big mistake in continuity otherwise it was okay. The third did continue from the second and it made sense why they did the third movie.

Obviously the first was better for me because it was particular to the person who wrote the short story and the script writer – Clive Barker. He also directed it as well. It was for me the quintessential part to the formula for Hellraiser.  In the eighties there was what I called B-movies in horror and even though I would not class this as one it was at the time to be the best movie for I heard at the time about Pinhead. The most diabolical creature who ever invented such is a hero of horror fans. Of course, I found out after when I could afford the internet and now I watched it over the week of the end of October, 2015; I enjoyed it immensely that I want to buy it and keep it in my growing collection.

The continuity issue was obvious from the first to the second movie. The first movie the house was burnt down and in the second movie, everything in the house and the house was for sale(If my memory is right). Apart from this, I left my imagination follow the movie so I could enjoy it. It was a good movie but comparable to the first it needed more and it did deliver more with the maze like existence of something more greater, as another world. In a way hell can be anything and it looked liked a world from a H P Lovecraft novel. After the initial doubt of the movie, everything came to be enjoyed but it did keep you in tune to Pinhead’s reality.

The third movie also had a good story and this made up for the continuity as you’ll find out. I hate spoilers thus the feel was such that it also satisfied me. The same terror of torture was partly gruesome, but delicious to my alter ego Mr. Vampire. I think it is the human condition which abhors such things still like to watch it, at the same time. I think fear plays a part and this brought loads more on the plain sense that Hell on Earth could be a possible reality. Yet, the news on TV has given us fear to last us for a long time – real life is more upsetting than a movie.

Hellraiser is a ♥ rating, Hellraiser 2 is a ♠♠♠½ rating and Hellraiser 3 is a ♠♠♠♠ rating.

Please note – my budget could not be anticipate that I could get to rent the movie Hellraiser 4 but I hope in the new year I’ll be able to rent it and it will be a movie to review for 2016.



Books I Read Over and Over Again

Over the months I started the review site, I have watched more movies, DVDs  or rental movies than reading books.  Some of the movies I have seen has been written as books before the movie was made. For example, one such movie is the The Host which I couldn’t read the book thus the movie was better than the book. Another is The Great Gatsby. Hey you are wondering, why the Great Gatsby? Well its about the roaring 40’s and its a good story that really shows how the science of the engine itself  in those vintage cars. You’re not buying that explanation, are you? Okay it was the first movie I saw on 3-D at my sisters’ place and a little bit tipsy which was one hell of a 3-D experience. Later I watched on pay TV in normal view and got the better experience of the movie itself and more sober. But movies these days seem to have that 3-D effect as the object seems to come at you for a split second but doesn’t reach you. Oh, the Great Gatsby version with Leonardo DiCaprio is the remake from Robert Redford’s version.

What am I saying in this post?

Well I seem to watch more movies than read books. Not necessarily true. I have been reading many books and sometimes there are books that after reading them seem like all the other books I’ve read before. Even though I reread a few of the books like a person devoted to a religion, who can pass the yearly reliving of the Tolkien’s Middle Earth. I certainly cannot pass this yearly foray of pleasure, or returning to the David and Leigh Eddings’ world of magic and gods playing with the humanity senses of what make them human. Or even going into a the dark worlds of the Dark Elves of the Forgotten Realms.

No matter what I read, I rarely get the pleasure of the worlds I have visited when reading JRR Tolkien, Eddings, Raymond Fiest, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, George R R Martin, Robert Salvatore, Sara Douglass, and many more to mention here. All the series of the mentioned authors, and on occasions, I do find some new author appealing but I do find it hard to read first persons stories(I did this and that scenario.). The beginning usually and more precisely should capture the reader. Usually the first sentence does it but the next one usually becomes I get frustrated and throw the book to the floor. So I jump ahead to the first chapter, then its like reading from a different persons view. Then, I cease to read it. After a number of days I go back and reread the book and… sometimes the writing of the author pulls me forward.

Here is one author Ian Irvine, I had trouble reading from the beginning and it wasn’t like I mention above. It was entirely third person point of view – if my photo memory is correct – which usually is at 95% of the times. The language was purely a high standard, for me. Like the above paragraph, I reread the book at a later time and it astounded me. The Three Worlds Sequence which is a four book series became one of my favorites, yes I get to reread it again.

There are times when I feel that rereading the books I read before, an exhilaration of wanting the stories to keep going forward and onward. Of course, in the end, the worlds I enter seem to be pale illusions to the world I live in. What do I mean by that? Pale Illusions is not what I wanted to say. Vivid is more a better word that encompasses the state of the pictures that the words on the page create in my mind. My senses are alive in an imagined world written by my favorite authors I mention above. Is this reasonable assumption? In a way, I lean toward a yes.  It is very simple, I read to leave my world that I know and travel to a fantastical world where I can forget the pain I have.

This is the criteria I look for when reading a novel. Can I be transported from the trouble world I live in to a world of fantasy. The escapism of the novel is the point for me. Thus rereading the novels by my favorite authors makes me want to relive those moments again and again.


Empire of the Sun

Since Anzac Day on 25th Friday, I wanted a movie to watch something to do about war in particular such as this awesome movie which was based on a novel by JG Ballard. Well on Saturday, I watch this movie as the title of this post. Even though some of you may know of the band but this not about the music band.


Director – Steven Spielberg
Screenwriter/s – Tom Stoppard
Cast/Actors – Christian Bale, John MalkovichMiranda Richardson and more


Jamie Graham a young  British boy live in Shanghai with his parents, whose life turns upside down when Japan declares war.  The struggles Jim goes through to stay alive in a prison camp alone with no parents.


This movie I watch it when it came out and it was to me the basic strengths of our human condition to survive. The young Christian Bale’s character emphases the strengths of humanity in a form of a boy coming of age story. A boy whom became a man with values which portrays well in this 1987 movie. The incident where Jim stops the commander from hitting a POW by taking the chair and smashing the windows and spoke a few words of Japanese is a classic scene of which epitome the strength of standing up for a friend. I think there was such brutality and none would help then. The words may have been stop hitting him please hit me… Even though I might be wrong with the translation but the meaning behind the words is absolutely clear. That scene is the finding moment for me which made me think Christian Bale is an actor to watch out for. Funny thing I was right.

The ending of the movie show how the tribulations of Jim’s life in a POW camp changed him. There were defining moments of friendship between a Japanese youth who is soldier. A note also is this movie may be based on the life of JG Ballard. Even though some of the scenes may have happened in real life – like the scene of the hitting of the POW would have died. Of course, it was a time, when the Japanese knew they were loosing the war. Maybe this movie was based on JG Ballard but it also shows the defining moments of boy becoming a man. That in itself is the reason this movie stuck so well in my mind back when I first saw it and even though I watched it on Saturday, it still stirs the emotions of one boys’ life in a war. ♠♠♠♠♠


Anzac Day is a day where we remember the fallen heroes of two wars and all other wars that to me should not have happen in our history. But it did. And we must take in pride what the soldiers did for us. But I also want to remember the countries of the world who lost their heroes but most of all the families of those who stand proud in remembering them. I too remember them and lest we forget.

January Review 2

Last post I gave a review on the DVD movie Stake Land from the AWHA pack I won. Here is the next two:



DVD by Umbrella Entertainment
iFM World Releasing Inc
Director :- Richard Franklin
Writers/screenplay:- Everett De Roche
Feature Length:- 107 Minutes
Stars/cast:- Susan Penhaligon, Rod Mullinar, Robert Helpmann, Julia Blake and more
Age Restrictions:- MA


Patrick has a way with people. His way… Or else. After an incident at home, in Room 15 of Roget’s Clinic, Patrick is in a coma meanwhile a young female nurse Kathy Jacquard becomes the night watch nurse to Patrick. Roget the doctor and owner of the Clinic comes into examine Patrick while Kathy starts and notices some unusual things.


Well this 1978 movie when it was released as you see the first two sentences I stated in the plot how I remember when I saw the trailer. I was too young to see it and anyway I wasn’t into the horror then as I am now. Telekinesis was at that time a new thing but I did however can remember the movie Carrie after many years later watching it that when I watched this DVD of Patrick was similar in a way. Something with Patrick had me wondering why would he be in a coma after the incident with his mother and her lover. This only breached something which made me think – Why? It was only after watching the features that made me understand that there is another sequel – a screenplay script(I haven’t read it yet).  There is a remake of Patrick that came out in October 2013 and haven’t seen it yet.

Sir Robert Helpmann acted as Dr Roget who is the owner Roget Clinic in which is looking after a comatose Patrick. Nurse Kathy is having problems with her husband, is intrigued with the patient in room 15 – Patrick. She soon stumbles on a few things about the clinic and the matron who is also wanting to end the patient in room 15.  Robert Helpman an actor, ballet dancer and etc. has also work on Chitty Bang Bang movie, play the rolled of Dr Roget as well as a mad scientist who wanted to experiment on a lab rat. Even though the overall story took place at the clinic and some places at a the nurse’s flat, her home and the nurses fling’s place – the amount of the supernatural power that Patrick has seemed so chilling to think on.  To compare this to stake land which was the first DVD I watch, which I can not do. I prefer to watch Patrick – again and again. But I think this version is fairly the best I seen in the Australian horror movie  which has Telekinesis in it – Very Ozploitation.

Child’s Play


DVD by Umbrella Entertainment
United Artists, A David Kirschner production and A Tom Holland Film
Director :- Tom Holland
Writers/screenplay:- Don Mancini, John Lafia and Tom Holland
Feature Length:- 87 Minutes
Stars/cast:- Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif and more
Age Restrictions:- MA


A six year old boy, Andy gets a “Good Guy Doll” for his birthday present. This doll is possessed by a soul of a serial killer which brings mayhem to Andy’s  babysitter. When he tells his mother and the police that he did not do it but his doll who is called Chucky. Chucky plays with murder and almost gets away…


I don’t sit alone when watching a horror movie at all. My mum sits with me because its where I pick up the best parts in the movie(I’ll explain; it usually after the movie that I get my mum opinion and usually she tells me if she likes it or not.)  Its the only thing that I get to know if it was good or not. Anyway its usually at the point that mum jumps and screams that I know that she is enjoying the movie. Child’s play was in a way a child’s toy gone bad. It is one movie that give the tingles down the spine when you see the toy talking except for when the mother finds the batteries come from the empty box to the floor. that when she starts to believe her son as Chucky start to attack. This scene seemed to be the spine chilling effect that last each time I think about. If you are into such voodoo stuff or demonic supernatural horror then this your cup of tea. Then there is a selection of the sequels such as Chucky’s Bride and Chucky’s Seed.

More than any doll movie I’ve seen before – if my memory can think of its the only doll movie that slashes. ♠♠♠♠

Hobbit – The desolation of Smaug and Ender’s Game

Oh I did forget to say that the two movies I saw at the end of last year were so excellent I could only say that Ender’s Game is more the better than the Hobbit. The scene of the barrel in white rapids and the red dragon coming out of the dwarfs homes as the molten gold dripped off the dragon’s skin is the only thing that stands out closely to the book.

Enders’ Game is my best movie of 2013 pick because I once long ago read the book of the same name by Orson Scott Card and remembered that as I watched the movie I could not believe how close the movie was to the book. Even though I knew the ending of the movie it still played so beautifully on Ender Wiggins. One Excellent movie for 2013 in my eyes.

Hobbit ♠♠♠♠½ Reason for this is because of two things 1. I like the movie and Tolkiensique is always my favourite and 2. the director also was on the big screen in the beginning eating on a carrot.

Ender’s Game ♥

The Wheel of Time turns

A Memory of Light

The final book of the Wheel of Time series has been out a while at shops and online stores everywhere. I come by this book at my library and read it in about three days. I think this series will be the most talked for this century and many more to come. Okay, it is a little big of me to say this, but you just have to read it to understand why. Interesting way to start this post, but for those of you who read Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time Series know that the first line in the first chapter starts is like this post’s title. One thing this book does certainly ends the series.


Essentially it is about the most profane story of one man’s power to defeat the Dark One. Rand al’Thor – the Dragon Reborn – sets to bring peace to the peoples of the Main Continent from Dragonmount to Tremalking (which the Wheel of Time series fans call Randland). Of course, all the peoples are called to help in the Last Battle. Rand’s one thought all through this is to kill the Dark One.

My Overview and Thoughts

Without putting too much of SPOILERS to the ending of this book – I rather say that you must read the first book through to this book. I got a question from my local librarian and this question is – Is it written like Robert Jordan? (Similar to this question.) First, let me say; since Robert Jordan died in 2007, the last three of the series is written by Brandon Sanderson. So this question my librarian asked is relatively a question – the reader must come to on their own answer. For me, I will answer this – yes it is because Brandon Sanderson had notes by Robert Jordan already at hand to help to write to conclude the series. Please, take a look at the back of the book, where the blurb is and there is a few lines state it more better than I. Also, I must urge you to read all of the Wheel of Time Series from the first to the eleventh by Robert Jordan and then read the twelfth to the fourteenth that is written by Brandon Sanderson.

Compare it with any other works out there and I would think, Lord of the Rings. I could compare it to others but it does no justice to the Wheel of Time Series as a whole. I believe the Wheel of Time series is definitely an Epic Fantasy for the modern reader. It is at its best.

Well with the characters of “A Memory of Light” is just the same ones I came to love. Rand al’thor strength within him was very much on a thin line of whether he could defeat the Dark one or lose everything. His friends – were either caring or making sure he was on schedule to the prophecy. Perrin Aybarra is called Lord Goldeneyes is the best friend who has Rand’s back. He searches in the World of Dreams for Slayer. Matrim Cauthon is also a Rand’s friend, who is a gambler and dice is his game he prefers. Between these three as Ta’veren which is a term used for drawing the thread of the pattern where Rand is the most important.

From the unsuspecting ending, which for me was one that I knew was coming will shock most fans but also after knowing it would end and say “I should have known it would end like that!” Well the clues are there in the story from the beginning of the series to the end. Just like to say one thing: As the wheels turns and a new age begins, the wheel knows as it wills.(I just wanted to say that.)

Note: This took me a long time to finish this post and life gets so busy with medical appointments and time goes so fast.

Crew, horns and falls

The Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, is a collection of short stories by the king of horror. The Mist is a motion picture which I haven’t seen yet. It was the most vivid piece of all the short stories that had me picturing the characters and the creatures in the mist. What can one say about the rest, King has out done himself by a mile. I have read all and most of King’s novels and short stories. This is a reread from a number of years and it recapped the essence of why King’s horror is so compassionately real, that I would reread it again and again. I am rating this as     *****

Horns by Joe Hill, is his second novel published. Heart-Shaped Box is his first, has a sense of horror that is typical to King, yet it has such a different and eerie sense that plays on my mind when I read Horns. It had me getting in touch with the main character from the beginning and his senses was felt as he was going to meet each person telling their truths. That in itself was excellently executed.  I am rating this as     *****

Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding, is speculative fiction at its best. I mean if adventure is what you want then this has bags full, if science fiction you want this has it, fantasy and horror then this has it, too. It has romance, sex integral to the plot, pirates and freebooters and each page as action pack as one likes. If the Ketty Jay is a spaceship then Firefly has the same corpus of captain and crew. I kept picturing between the two samples but with one difference, the detail and beautiful story of Wooding is richly rewarding and reading in book format.  While I can’t fault Firfly as a TV series, the similarities were non-existent by the time you read to the end.  If Wooding ever gets someone to do this as a movie, then I predict Joss Whedon to direct it. I am rating this as   *****

PLEASE NOTE:  This is my own thoughts and opinions; these reviews are done after I finished reading the whole book.

Harry Potter: It All Ends

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2; starts with Harry, Ron and Hermoine on the continue search for Voldemort’s horcruxes and for the great ending. After three times of looking at this picture every detail on the cgi is such that I could pick it up very well. However it does show a sense of wonder. I am not getting into more of the story because we all know it if you have read the books.

The very first movie, when Harry’s Christmas present was the Invisibility Cloak sent to him by no other than Dumbledore.  Then the subsquent stories of Voldemort changing form is the reprising theme of the subsequent movies, brought you up to the time of the dark prince and the death of Dumbledore. Of course, the elder wand was in the hands of Draco and then it was in the hands of Voldemort.  The compelling thing about the elder wand in this movie was felt by Voldemort and could not pick up the reason who should have been using.  With each of the horcruxes being distinguished, the strenght of Voldemort seems to wane. Just go and watch it.

I know the books is very detailed than the movie. I enjoyed it more than I could afford.


NOTE: Here is my thought about the movies and the books – the book brought the detail, while the movie brought the book to life. In that sense I feel reading and watching Harry Potter is such a joy. Even though reading fills the gaps of the movies, your imagination could actually put the characters in sync with the movie or vice-versa. The people who played the characters will always be in my imagination when I read the seven novels of Harry Potter series. My food for thought.