Star Wars VII:- The Force Awakens

Before I start on this review, I think you should read this, if you have watch it then you know what my review will be.

Just before I go on about the review

given in bags, with magic dust of gold.

I want to say this some of my thoughts and dreams of prediction has come true. Everything in my dreams has come to be as expected. Firstly I like to say that J J Abrams has given the scope of the Star Wars Universe with a great vigilance to the works of George Lucas’s universe. Respect to the creator of the Star Wars Universe, this film has given in bags, with magic dust of gold.

Can I predict that next year this will be nominated for an Oscar and will win a couple Oscars. Okay it is too early but hey, it is that good, and I must say it is worth the look.

Those that think of Space Opera as a genre, can name Star Wars. Of course, it is the first thing that come to my mind when I think of Space Opera.

How can one write a review without spoilers? It has been a week days since I went to watch the film on the day it went viral. I do mean viral as I just read that they made $238 million USD and the reports are stating that it could reach $2.7 billion USD. Here in Australia, it reach 18.9 million dollars and I believe it will rise in the coming weeks. Let these fact sink in for a moment. Before I go on my review, I have been doubting my review would help anyone but when I went to my dentist I thought, what could be a spoiler? Of course, spoiler alert warning below is for those who have not seen the movie. If you are bold enough like me to venture pass this warning, please be aware you have been warned.


Thirty years after the Galactic Empire’s defeat, is rebuilding as the First Order and the galaxy face a new evil in Kylo Ren. A Stormtrooper in the First Order is having doubts, and with these doubts comes to save a Rebel. The Rebel, Poe gives a name to Stormtrooper – Fin. The escape from the First Order brings the Tie-Fighter that the two Poe and Fin crash land on Jakku. A scavenger name Rey lives on Jakku and saves a BB8 droid and eventually meets Fin. A short time, The First Order come in search for Fin. As Rey and Fin escape the First Order, they steel a spaceship and encounter a tractor-beam from a ship of the First Order. From the meeting of Han and Chewie to the Rebel Resistance; the search for Luke Skywalker gets underway…


I eagerly waited for the opening credits and I can say it was just as it should be. What more can one ask for? If I could say one thing every part of it was in my opinion – excellent.  I feel more, like I was watching a Lucas Film but then I have to remember Abrams directed it. I see why he didn’t want to write or direct it. I must say who would have done a better job. I know I can’t. But I do know one man and it is J J Abrams – look at Star Trek and its new look – excellent in every way.

Even though he was part of three writers, his direction was beautifully done. Kylo Ren – Adam Driver is an excellent actor and it is so beautiful that I get so fan-like to see an evil character grow into the moment when he questions himself. This was done by Anakin Skywalker, again by Anakin as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. The old is new is exactly, as the new cast are good and of course the old cast need to bring the connection to this new three part series of Star Wars.

Of the casts of the old, Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and the people who did Chewie, R2D2 and C3P0 all return in this movie as their characters which made the Star Wars in 1977 and the 1980’s as great and popular as I had foreseen it to be. Just for one moment in the movie it will be sad. It will wrench in the hearts of fans but for me, I expected this sad moment. I knew it would come and who it was – even before I saw it.

Like I said in the link above which goes to the post called, “Star Wars is coming” – I have seen the movie in my dreams. It is even before the movie comes out that I smile knowing to well what will happen. It is such that I smiled my ear to ear grin, as I watched this movie. As with all movies I watch, my Mum also comes to watch it and from her I get the reaction which I also expect. You see I look around to gain the audience attention. If kids are in the cinema, and there was, I look at them and they were all jumping on their chairs with excitement. It look like those Facebook video posts where the hands pointing and shaking at the tie-fighter. Well this gives me a sense of the audience enjoyment.

Of course, the excitement was like a kid opening his gifts at Christmas. This was what it was for me as I watched The Force Awakens. Yes and like any fan, the battle of spaceships flying around a star-destroyer that has been through a battle and scavengers taken parts to live on Jakku. One of the theories out on the internet say that Jakku is Tatooine. If you think about it, it will be possible but not so. Jakku is in a different start system with a sun, this is where Rey is introduced and the accident of the tie-fighter, where Fin and Poe part ways.

Where did The Force Awakens? In the beginning where the Stormtroopers pick Poe where Fin was a number, and Kylo Ren stops to see Fin standing there. Is it when Kylo Ren questions himself as he feels the Force within himself. When Rey holds the Lightsaber or the end of the movie. Or when Fin holds the Lightsaber. How will it be answered? Go and see it. I’m not telling  but if you insist then it is all of it.

Looking at the film and getting to the end for me was the best part. There is more questions? It satisfies the fans – old and new. I for one will wait patiently for the next installment of Star Wars in May 2017 for its 40th anniversary. Until then I must finish this review. It feels fairly obvious that I enjoyed it all and I will watch it again. ♥ I’m a fan.


Hellraiser, Hellraiser2 and Hellraiser 3

Basic Plot Overview

A Second world war veteran had found a puzzle box which he paid money for, and then disappeared. Frank finds the box in Morocco and returns home. He starts to play with the box and then dies in the house. Frank’s brother and his family move into the house. The box is in the attic until Larry (Frank’s Brother) picks it up and accidentally pricks his hand on the box. Blood drips to the floor, murders and mayhem starts as Kirsty finds out about the box.

Kirsty returns to the demented hell as she is in the hospital. Two doctors are looking after her and one who has studied her case has bought so many items. Somehow the mattress from Kirsty’s step mums’ was brought to the house of the doctor who is in charge of Kirsty’s case. The young doctor soon comes to believe her after he investigates at his colleague’s house and he witnesses a murder.

A television reporter investigates a man who is a key figure in a certain number of murders but she soon finds that her theories were wrong. As she came to be involve with the criminal who owns the club and here Pinhead and his Cenobites raise hell on earth for those in the club.

Note – Movie is R Rated.

Overview of Hellraiser 1, Hellraiser 2 & Hellraiser 3

Loved Hellraiser even though the second had made a big mistake in continuity otherwise it was okay. The third did continue from the second and it made sense why they did the third movie.

Obviously the first was better for me because it was particular to the person who wrote the short story and the script writer – Clive Barker. He also directed it as well. It was for me the quintessential part to the formula for Hellraiser.  In the eighties there was what I called B-movies in horror and even though I would not class this as one it was at the time to be the best movie for I heard at the time about Pinhead. The most diabolical creature who ever invented such is a hero of horror fans. Of course, I found out after when I could afford the internet and now I watched it over the week of the end of October, 2015; I enjoyed it immensely that I want to buy it and keep it in my growing collection.

The continuity issue was obvious from the first to the second movie. The first movie the house was burnt down and in the second movie, everything in the house and the house was for sale(If my memory is right). Apart from this, I left my imagination follow the movie so I could enjoy it. It was a good movie but comparable to the first it needed more and it did deliver more with the maze like existence of something more greater, as another world. In a way hell can be anything and it looked liked a world from a H P Lovecraft novel. After the initial doubt of the movie, everything came to be enjoyed but it did keep you in tune to Pinhead’s reality.

The third movie also had a good story and this made up for the continuity as you’ll find out. I hate spoilers thus the feel was such that it also satisfied me. The same terror of torture was partly gruesome, but delicious to my alter ego Mr. Vampire. I think it is the human condition which abhors such things still like to watch it, at the same time. I think fear plays a part and this brought loads more on the plain sense that Hell on Earth could be a possible reality. Yet, the news on TV has given us fear to last us for a long time – real life is more upsetting than a movie.

Hellraiser is a ♥ rating, Hellraiser 2 is a ♠♠♠½ rating and Hellraiser 3 is a ♠♠♠♠ rating.

Please note – my budget could not be anticipate that I could get to rent the movie Hellraiser 4 but I hope in the new year I’ll be able to rent it and it will be a movie to review for 2016.


Star Wars is coming

As you may be aware, Star Wars The Force Awakens is coming to cinemas in December 17. I thought to do something that is a little different to my normal reviews. I thought to do a memory down the lane post. I just read an article on the Empire magazine about the movie and a certain eleven year old J.J. Abrams went to a cinema to see the first Star Wars – A New Hope. I was a seven year old who watch it with a wide grin and to this day, I had always an an inkling there was more to this movie I watched.

I watched a young Mark Hamill plays Luke Skywalker who wanted to be a star fighter but as a farmer for his uncle on Tatooine, and they buy the two infamous droids R2-D2 and C-3PO. From the cleaning of the two droids and the message, the movie became the best of all time, in my book of films. But from the opening score to the infamous Darth Vader in shining black helmet and leather attire and that black cape bellowing behind him, became the best evil character I’ve seen and this movie made me dream of another movie which later came out ten years later.

The most it did is that I dreamed of myself as Luke and was fighting the Empire but for me, as a kid of seven; Darth Vader was much bigger than he was in the film, and it was this that I always wanted to see the man behind the mask but the funny thing I saw a man wearing with spectacles with round frames. As I waited for the next installment of the Star Wars, even though I knew it was coming back then in 1977, I waited for it patiently for three years.

In the meantime, my dreams had played out the story of Luke and Vader, and little did I know my dreams showed in almost eerie rendition of Empire Strikes Back, and the excellent ending; “Luke, I’m your father.” in Darth Vader’s voice. Of course, I started to write when this movie came out, but it still gave me the best sense of what George Lucas had written(this come later of course). As I loved the movie of Stars Wars The Empire Strikes Back, I actually copied the poster from memory for the heck of it. I think of the moment my fascination with Star Wars was and still is my favourites of movie trilogies ever. As it happened another three years passed by and still the Darth Vader with the big helmet chased me in my dreams. Little did I know until the Return of the Jedi that came clear that is two years later came a Spaceballs a parody film which had the actor Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet. Funny thing to dream a Mel Brooks story but its one of my crazy gifts I have had since a child – dreaming the future. But I cannot tell the future at all, to anyone. The reasons are for the future self to reveal on his own time that is if he wants to.

Getting back to Star Wars, I knew when I saw the Return to the Jedi, when Vader said to Luke “You have a sister.” This didn’t register to Vader that he had a daughter as well. This was open to another set of options for me when I dreamt of the following episodes of Star Wars. I can’t reveal my dreams because I can’t tell you at this time because they need to be reveal to me when I watch The Force Awakens.

However I can reveal the first three movies of how Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader, the dream I had was very close to the movie trilogies. Even though a little predictable, because my writer side had depicted it that way as we seen the boy turn to the Dark side of the Force also mirrors to my dreams when The Phantom Menace came out. I have no way how a casting director gets the actors to play the characters of the movie but my dreams seem to get the actor right at once that is effing creepy. This is why I don’t like predicting futures to anyone and its this feeling that creeps me out. I hate the dreams but I somehow leave it in the back of my mind to forget it but only one thing a mark or face is a point to remember that this has happen before in my dreams.

The ending of The Revenge of the Sith, where Anakin becomes Darth Vader, the exact moment when Obi Wan said not to that was the defining part in my dream as well. Anakin arms from the elbow and his legs from the knees is chopped and then burnt. That was the burning beginning for Star Wars which is where we remember.

Now comes the speculative offering from my thoughts of The Force Awakens. Please bear in mind that this is my theory of the next trilogies which may be the end but I wonder. Why you ask? Well let me start on the Timothy Zahn novel trilogy where we know that Leia and Solo must protect the Jedi twins that Leia has and an Admiral of the old empire is after them. The second teaser trailer of The Force Awakens has Luke speaks, The Force is strong  in my family…  my father had it, I have it, my sister has it and you have it. Of course this has Mark Hamill voice and I knew that next trailer would be Harrison Ford’s vsaid – Its good to be home.

I feel this is where we think of the title of this Star Wars episode –  The Force Awakens – is very self explanatory, my meaning the dark and the light side of the force comes to arise, again. Yes it is not so simple as that. In my theory, the first order as per internet views and the magazine I just read states is this; this and others in the old Empire hold on to the fact that Darth Vader was someone they want to revere. In fact I have these few questions as follows –

Does Leia secretly hold her secret of the force in secret of the New Republic? Does Han Solo and Leia stay together? Does Leia have twins like Padame Amidala? After all Padame Amidala is Leia’s mother.  Han Solo is a father figure to who? Who is Kylo Ren? Is Kylo Ren a real name? Who are the Knights of Ren? Is Finn a Knight of Ren? Is Finn a friend to Kylo Ren? Who is Rey? Is she a daughter to Leia and Han Solo? Is Rey and Ren are siblings? Does Luke keep The Force in balance within himself? This is because he is scared to become like his father – Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader. Is the remembering of Darth Vader, is important to the new order of the old Empire? The second trailer teaser shows the old helmet of Darth Vader and who has that helmet? Who is General Hux? The first trailer has a voice that almost sounds like Palpatine but it also sounds like Andy Serkis. The real question is did Emperor Palpatine really die? Then the next would be – Is Darth Vader alive? Think of General Grievous as an android.

Boy what a lot of questions. Well it looks like my thoughts got the better of me again. Three months and counting for Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

Terminator Gensys


John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor from termination. Once Reese is there something doesn’t add up and he wonders what has happened.


The point of view has changed in this movie – Kylie Reese is telling his story and how he was found by John and to the time when John send him back to 1984. Let me explain this movie is the fifth installment to the franchise of The Terminator. To view this and if you can remember the first four movies then its a thing about the time. Like all science fiction – Time plays its part also in this movie.

Let us go back to the 1984 movie, The Terminator  – the plot – is the same as this fifth installment; John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to protect Sarah Connor from termination. With this came Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator to  kill Sarah Connor. Kylie falls for Sarah while on the run from the terminator and in the final battle Kylie Reese dies and so does the terminator.

The Terminator 2 – Judgement Day – another terminator in a liquid-type model to come to kill John Conner, and once again, Arnold returns as the Terminator to protect the younger John. After destroying the liquid-type model and getting the parts of the first terminator sent back in 1984, John and Sarah survive.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – an upgraded female liquid-type model comes to kill John’s wife. John at 19 travels to different place for fear of another judgement day scenario encounters the wife and the terminators.

Terminator Salvation – judgement day has come and gone, and the resistance are to attack Skynet. A half human and machine has come to warn of a new weapon on the eve of Skynet’s demise.

Time as I started to explain before the recap of the four terminator movies is a problem. Lets look at the first movie to the third movies, it seemed that John Connor has put a terminator programed to save his mother. The question is why?

The simple answer is to make sure he is saved to destroy Skynet but the problem time has change the flow of the future.

Just like the Back to the Future movies, time has played a factor as the nemesis. This sounds like there is another movie to come and I believe it will be a spectacular movie to come – this is my prediction.

In essence even though the time line is disjointed, the main story itself is there; you just have to pick it up. The different directors who directed the Terminator movies has literally kept the main story there – a terminator to terminate a Connor, a savior that is a human or a programed terminator to save a Connor.

As action packed as you can get. Loved the graphics of the younger Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting against the older Arnold. I believe the computer graphics did a copy of the 1984 film made a still of Arnold and then computer graphics 3D program made it look excellent. Remember that computer technology in 1984 was just a baby and only those who had money could have a computer.  Computer graphics were too marginally grotesque to form a 3D character like a terminator. Special models and make-up departments made a terminator look real.

Nowadays, in a short 30 years, 3D graphics is bloody wonderful, that is it looks believable. Just the reason I like this Terminator Gensys. It is plausible to create a robot/cyborg today but it is a long way from creating a terminator. Of course this is just a film that may not happen.

Time is my issue in this movie. The timelines does not match from the first three movies to the last and this one. In a way it does and like Back to the Future; it shows that going back to a certain time can change the events of the pass and the future is different. Even going to the future is also altering time.

This is getting long. Yes it is but with this review, I needed to remember the past movies because this has the same plot as the 1984 with a twist. I like the way we see Kylie Reese coming from the future to 1984. This is spot on but Kylie sees a terminator trying to kill John. It may be that this altered time but this is was done in the Terminator Salvation.

The reasons for the older terminator likeness, is fairly plausible also and may be that John Connor had programmed Skynet to have a terminator to save Sarah Connor. As you may have guess, I have some reservations if there is another movie that can depict this in the true depiction from the 1984 version when it first came out.

Can time be altered again? The answer is yes, time can be altered again. Let’s look at the second movie which was suppose to be Judgement day but that was stopped. Yet in the third movie, judgement day came, even though, if it was the end of the trilogy. However like most science fiction, future movies there is always another. Will there be yet another movie of the Terminator? My answer is yes! My prediction of the next movie title will be Terminator Revelations. If I’m right, I’ll have to do something special.

I loved this movie and if it wasn’t for Matt Smith who plays Gensys/Skynet in true form, one of the Doctors of TV Doctor Who, you will see in the first twenty minutes or so. Jai Courtney a good actor to be the Kylie Reese of this movie. Emilia Clarke plays a different Sarah Connor, a tough young woman instead of the waitress of the 1984 Sarah Conner.

From other reviewers, I’ve read their reviews, I get what they are saying and agree with them. But I watched this for I knew the way it was going to look like. Its my writer side of me that gets the pleasure of knowing that every part of the movie was so like the way I wished to see it again.

As I think more of the movie after I seen it, since two weeks from Tuesday it still grows on you, as you think on the movie and you want to see it again. I hope they make another movie, which will fix the time issue from the Terminator to Terminator Gensys.

♠♠♠♠½ This is my score because what more can you ask for an action packed film and Arnold as his best since his short career change with his classic call sign, “I’ll be back.”

Review 2 – Cube Trilogy

With this review, is another three movies that was on Pay TV on Demand which I watched. Each movie has the same plot thus this review is going to be a short one. Cube, Cube²: Hypercube and Cube Zero are rated R because of the horror elements in the movies are very horrific.


Main Plot for Cube – Seven people of different background come together in a maze of rooms that has deadly traps.
Main Plot for Cube² Hypercube – Eight people awaken with no memory in a cube room where they must find a way out.
Main Plot for Cube Zero – A young man enters the cube to save an innocent woman.

Overall plot – has a number of people usually up to 7 or 8, knowing not how they got there, trying to find a way out. Each of the people get to know that each cubic room they go to are either have sensors or are manually set of deadly traps and on the way each one of the certain number dies off. Does any of 7 or 8 survive?


With the first was made in 1997 and with this Canadian movie has an actor from the Stargate TV Series Franchise – David Hewlett – who plays a person who knows something about the cube. But he tries not to voice for the fear of what will happen to him as he get to know the other people he meets in the cube. Even though he has a small part within the making of the cube, it is not until the third you understand the Cube. It seems each room that is a cube is also moving like a Rubik’s Cube. These rooms were counted to be twenty-six cubic rooms. A mathematical sense is also added to the whole three movies. Yet in the second has alphabets instead of numbers, they still notice a mathematical problem. The problems these eight had to understand the problem was to get to the one room that they had all joined in the first place.

The useful boot they had to use for the room they had to go into was either booby-trapped with deadly wires, gases, acids and such that one dies from. Each person has been a part to play in the second Cube movie. There was one who knew only one thing was to get a USB type-stick from a person. She was the one who came out of the Cube. Does she live? The hypercube is based on a theory that if a cube is created many times it would collapse on itself – physics does not apply. It was playing with your mind as well, it would show a person on the other side and like a mirror see the self. It was this that made me watch and how time flowed in the Cube.

Then the third was such that you find that the Cube is an experiment by a multimillion dollar company who employs a heap of people; if they question the objective of the job and they would end up in the cube. Even though, the story open in a building and it two workers, you wonder if this company has more of these Cubes in different places in the world. Then you find that they were being watched by the two who control the traps. It seems very awkward that the result of the Cube was that the head of the company wants these Cubes of mazes be set with deadly trap.

These three movies remind me of Cabin in the Woods scenario or should I say the reverse. Yet this is very much a longer way to do like Cabin in the Woods but I fear this trilogy had come with a sense of sensationalism of the fear of the greater power. Even though these three movies were good to watch but I felt the third seemed like another movie should have been done after it. If you like Lovecraft type stories, because this felt like them for me; then Cube ♠♠, Cube²:Hypercube ♠♠½ and Cube Zero ♠♠.

Insidious and Insidious:- Chapter 2

Horror movies is fairly my kind of cup of tea but what I hate is movies that shows a video camera within the movie. Ghost movies or paranormal movies that have people videoing  themselves is so old like the Blair Witch Project or more precisely like reality TV. Well these two movies for review are different and felt more real than reel.



A family moves to a old house, when things start to strangely scare the mother who is a music composer. These strange things soon develop into the first born son and it puts the boy into a comatose state. Things get worse as the mother of the boy calls a priest but that is when the husband couldn’t believe her of their son’s troubles. This sets the whole family to move to another home but the same problems occur and that is when the priest intervene but after that the husband plays along because his mother calls in help from a specialist in paranormal activity. Soon the grandmother of the boy, tells her son that she went through the same thing.

Overview of Insidious

The story was there if you looked carefully at the movie. The signs were there. The father didn’t like taking photos because of his past experience. The story of “an outer bodily experience” in a horror sense is beautifully done with this movie.

Imagine you go to sleep and before you know it you wake and see yourself from the bed and enter in a world of limbo. Where you see souls living in darkness wanting to return to the world you know. The Further as the specialist puts it is where you travel further than anyone could in dream land and it is where demons stay and latch on to the dreamer whose soul roams limbo and the Further. Kids have this ability and sometimes they develop it into their adulthood. But it is not as horrible as this movie.

In one of these experiences, Dalton traveled to far into the Further that he became lost in the limbo world.Because of Dalton was haunted by a demonic entity which resulted in a comatose state.

This was a rented movie I watched and I enjoyed this than the Paranormal Activity movies put together. This had the story down pact to a T. The ending was such that it felt like it ended abruptly. (Of course it did and there’s a reason for this in the next review.)

Insidious – Chapter 2


After returning from the Further, Dalton and his father is returned and after a few months Dalton’s father started to show unusual behavior that comes forth so much that Dalton’s mother takes her thoughts to the grandmother.  The specialist had died in the first movie but the police are investigating this while Dalton’s father show unusual habits.


The roles are reversed this time, Dalton must face the Further again but it was such that a visitor from the further had latched on Dalton’s father’s body. This soon became what a more can the director give. It was another story that is wedge in with a crazy man who dressed as a girl when he was a boy for a domineering mother. The history of this man seemed to seep through the videotape of Dalton because Dalton’s father’s spirit was there asking for help.

It was the story that pressed me forward and it was also a beautifully portrayed story of a outer body experience. A story solely generated around a boy and his family experience in these two movies is so exquisite and intricate that compass the netted story to more than one event. With this movie ending is really a what more can happen and before I give away the ending, it also seem to show that another movie should be coming. (I know that this as a prediction that Insidious is going to be a franchise and possibility a cult movie classic.)

Insidious ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠½ and Insidious – Chapter 2 ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠½  are rated as such because I enjoy them so much. I could not rated it any higher because horror of the psychological kind; Insidious is the first movie that shows outer bodily experience so correctly.

The Hobbit:- The Battle of the Five Armies Review

Well my precious, where do I begin with this movie review. Oh before I do and this is for those who read the reviews of The Hobbit:- The Battle of the Five Armies from other reviewers –  I must say this before I do this review – forget the reviews and just watch it for what it was. I did.


It started where it left off with the Desolation of Smaug and the Laketown up in a fiery uproar. And the Dwarf King going through his own madness to find the heart of Erebor – a jewel which bring madness to the kings of the Dwarves. Bilbo holds the jewel in the fear that if Thorin’s madness escalates, he gives the jewel to the elven wood King. During which the Orcs and the darkness of Sauron comes to the fore in which Men, Elves, Dwarves and two type of Orcs fight a war which bring tensions to each race.


The Hobbit movies has come to the end with this last movie which I feel compel to agree to some of the reviewers out there. However, I feel that the whole story of Tolkiens’ Middle Earth is shown with the three earlier movies, this and the last two movies of The Hobbit. It is very much the reason why I feel that a marathon will be need to watch the whole six movies at once – that is, starting with the first of The Hobbit trilogy and then The Lord of the Rings trilogy of the movies. Why you may ask?

Well its fairly simple, this movie seemed a little less epic in the feeling of it. But think of the story that follows from this movie. If you feel then that this movie is  good enough then follow me with this review.

Thinking back to the beginning of the first movie where Bilbo decided to sign the contract and he stated that he was on an adventure – with a rough group of thirteen Dwarves and Gandalf. It was this hobbit as a burglar and the one ring which he took off Golem by a riddle  put the first sub plot which came to blossom in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

The same sub plot with the dwarf king and Bilbo, where Bilbo had to lie to his friend because of the dragon sickness. Similar sub plots played through the last two movies which could be picked up if you remember that The Hobbit was the prequel to The Lord of the Rings.

Saruman the White, Elrond and Galadriel came to rescue Gandalf and here is where Saruman felt he was doing a good deed but we all know, he fell to Sauron’s power. This sub plot unfolds in the Lord of the Rings. When Legolas and his father spoke together also starts the main plot for the Lord of the Rings.

Yes it was not enjoyable as the other two but this movie also sets the plot to the trilogy movies to The Lord of the Rings. For this movie I found that this was actually a tie-in movie to The Lord of the Rings movies. Even though, I enjoy it as well.

Peter Jackson put the Hobbit movies into three parts with three main plots from the book. This is genius, in a way because it showed the basic story from the parts of the book I enjoyed. I really enjoyed the Hobbit :- The Battle of the Five Armies.

The reason for ♠♠♠♠½ is really this, The Hobbit:- The Battle of the Five Armies is the binding glue to The Lord of the Rings. It really is funny to think like this, but for me it was how I viewed it. And as a writer I could see the flowing subplots joining together with the epic that is Tolkien’s view of Middle Earth or more precisely Jackson’s view of Middle Earth in film.

Remake Movies

In my Halloween is coming post, I stated that I will explain the reasons for remake movies. First I must say, I’m not an expert for remaking a movie that has been done before.

The issues could be many from the technical to just retelling it with new actors and new story-lines.

Technical – is usually from the film perspective that is the 8mm to 90mm negative gauge from different company’s formats which would have been analogue. I call this analogue. Lens and cameras that uses the formats that is specific to the negative gauge  are then given to cinemas. These cinemas have projection devices which used the special format range from 8mm to  70mm until 1992 when Digital started. From 1889 to when sound came in the 1900, the film gauge was black and white with no sound Silent Movies. Those sound films were short motion movies in 1923 took flight with synchronized sound which was then recorded to the motion film. As the technology progress in the 1950’s, the widescreen was made for cinemas to view. Color had been used in 1889 as the primary colors (usually painted on the film negative gauge) but it was a very dull look on the film’s negative gauge. These are what made the negative gauge film on the projection units to make the negative film burn. Sometimes those films fade and the exposure to excessive use made those films difficult to fix.

As the computers came out in the 70’s and every home in the late 80’s and early 90’s could afford a computer, this soon helped the film industry. This is were color and sound and the film gauge excelled in; as videos tapes became a part of watching and buying those films at home. The digital age had started in 1992 but the slow technical marvels that the film industry use to restore the old movies was such at first was a miracle. But those early films negative gauges were either damage beyond repair or they wanted to do remakes.

If I was to go through every train of thought and sometimes it is hard to explore the fore thought of the whole film industry. So these changes could be explored to greater detail if you are interested in the search engine you prefer. For me the technical side was either old or damage to replay even though some of the old movies are played constantly very year. You see how dull it looks, as if the color has faded, as the streaming, constantly flickering seems to start and some places seem to be lost.  Then the Videos came into effect which were copied from those film studios for mass market. This seem very idyllic but they too soon would fade until the Compact Discs came out. MPEG is a movie file format which was used in those movies that were digitally remastered. Not long after that DVD’S came out and they were able to fit a hole movie on a compact disc. This showed the film industry the beauty of technology but they had a problem as technology grew faster the money for the technical aspects of a film became a costly endeavor. Old technology was phasing out as the new 3d formats came to the scene which was another medium for viewing motion picture. The red and blue filter lens fitted to the cardboard frames to resemble glass,  have leaped in bounds since the first 3d movie that came out in the 1980’s. Now there is UHD – Ultra High Definition which enhances the colors but don’t quote me on it because its only relevantly new technology.

Oh boy, I veered of the path and summarize the technical reason  because I love the technical side of things. Back on topic about remake movies. Okay, let me state again technical is usually the major issue to remake movies. Also money is the other issue which we all agree is an issue we all understand. A good example is the movie King Kong there is three remakes. The first King Kong in 1933 was a black and white feature in a film gauge which was analogue and aged with time. In 1976 the remake of King Kong was my first movie I watch with my father, mother and sister. The actress Jessica Lange had a beautiful figure and my comment about the breasts was the last time my father did come with us to the picture theater. A little side track but reliving the remake which I saw in 1976 and later the original in 1933, I liked the 1976 version better. The reason was because of Jessica Lange who incidentally became my first crush of the movie world. Of course, the remake again with King Kong in 2005 was such that it was also beautiful to watch. A little different to the original and 1976 remake, it was the story line that was fantastic. Well Peter Jackson directed this version and it was in itself different to the original and the remake. Of course the basic story-line where an expedition to an island to its last inhabitants are still savages and believe in a monster and their rituals to live free from torment from the beast. Those of the expedition thought of the money they could get from a giant ape/gorilla. Then havoc ensues in the vicinity of the Empire building. May be this was the idea of the movie that was thought by the writer and then screenwriters write a screenplay script to match the idea.  If I think like a writer and its possible that this was exactly how the first movie became the original.

This is my issue here, the screenwriters have these ideas and then they have to sell those ideas to become great movies to watch. Even though the technology in the 1933 was first and only; a miracle of movie magic, it also was the only available technology at the time. Costs were as high as they are now even though the dollar value was lower then. A film that costs $100,000 to make in 1933 could well cost about 1 million to make now(of course this is my thought patterns and the value of money could be different).

The screenplay scripts are what makes the movie watchable but the director and the editor is the persons to show the screenplay script it visual aspects of a film to a success in the box office. There is the cast and crew behind such things that make a movie beautiful to watch also plays a part in the remakes of old movies – as my example with King Kong, the main story was showed well but the subplots of the movies or action scenes were different to the original and the two remakes.

Another is the Halloween movies by John Carpenter and Rob Zombie; the story line in the John Carpenter’s were hinted at an unstable child life of Meyers as a kid and he was after his sister but this was not as clear as it is in Rob Zombies’ version.  I like both versions and I stated in the review posts in 2013, that they complemented each other.  Sometimes remakes are good like Halloween. The script of movies sometimes feel amicable and it shows the rhythm of pace to be slow and disjointed. The flow of one scene to the other needs to be fairly tight and thought out to speed the action scenes.

I like reading books like I watch a movie and I like watching a movie like I am reading books. I have the uncanny way of reading between the lines in the book and I have the same ability to read between each scene of the movie. It is this that starts my basis in this question; Why make remake movies? My thoughts is either the screenwriter who wrote the screenplay to the producers wanted to remake the movie and use the new technology that was not available when the film was made. Whatever the reasons, the objective is simple and its what I watch for in any movie – Is the movie like a book I read that keeps me wanting to watch and make me forget the world problems for 80 minutes or more.

The Great Gatsby is a film which was made in a remake since the original in 1926 which was a silent film. The original was adapted from the stage production which is an adaption from a novel of the same name. Of course, the second film in 1949 for copyright issues is not ready available which I haven’t seen at all – know it exists because of wiki*. The 1974 version  with Robert Redford is the version I watch and remembered and it was a good love romantic movie. There is another version which was made for TV and it setting was in a different place. The 2013 version with Leonardo DiCaprio had the 3D effect and it was this that made me watch it for the technical.

As you noticed the 1949 version of The Great Gatsby had some issues with copyrights, that is truly the problem that most movies in the film industry have trouble with especially if it is a remake. That is the ultimate problem, the legal issues of making the remake movie. Thus that is why when you watch a remake the basic story line is there but slight changes are made for legal reasons especially copyright. The person who writes a screenplay must ask permission for doing such a remake but it is another long process with lawyers that take months and even years before a said remake movie is done.

As with all copyrights the owner of the said novel has copyrights and the publisher have the right to sell said novel depending on the publisher’s terms of the contract. I believe it would be the same in the film industry but its a longer contract with lawyers of the big movie-makers. Of course, it is the reason for such remakes that flop and others excel.

Well here end the long post but it is informative enough to understand it. It seems so plain and simple but usually the most common issue in making films is the legal issues from the adaption of the novel. I think we movie goers seem to want it to follow the book so much but never consider the legal issue of copyright. I have considered the copyright issue and if the film industry did follow the letter that would breach the copyright law.  I think most importantly is to enjoy the movie for what it is and then consider the full impact thus is what I do when I review movies and books here – especially copyright. I put it in my own words and how I feel when watching or reading the film or novel.

* Research at Wikipedia website.

Deliver us from Evil

Finally I reached the last movie that I watch in the beginning of August. Sorry for the long wait on the review, life had me going into many directions and still getting back to the right path.


From Iraq,  a group of four soldiers entered an underground tomb which a darkness is unleashed. A New York police detective is set on a case after a case of an abandoned baby who died in his hands. The case of the baby seemed to be connected with other cases with some supernatural cause. A Jesuit priest living in New York also is on the case of finding pure evil. Together they meet and join forces in the solving of these cases. Each the cop and the priest must fight their own demon before getting to face the demon in human form.


One of the four soldiers is possessed by a demon from Iraq, which somehow the possessions is past to the other three. The one who really is the possessed one controls to others and also kills them. The house the detective enters from a report of weird occurrence enters the house and finds a dead body in the basement. Then a lady through a baby in the ditch, between the lions cage and where people sees the lion in the zoo. When the zoo calls the police, the zoo is in total darkness as Eric Bana who plays the Detective searches for the lady. He see her digging with her hands.  Horror Crime Drama is the first three words I came up with this movie. Reasoning that it is based on a non-fictional book by the once detective – which I did not think of it as it was on true events.

Is this true? Its up to you as a viewer of this movie. Its also up to the belief system you believe in. There are things in this world that is inexpiable or thought to be either true or not. Exorcisms and being possessed like movies like the Exorcist and other supernatural thing do seem to be movie effects and such. It is hard to believe in this movie that is based on true events.

Well that said, something in me still felt the juicy story line to be a fiction none the less. It is horror and yet psycho enough to perpetuate to unreal possibilities. This leads me on a case  like the detective crime dramas such as Law and Order SVU, CI and CSI; however with one difference supernatural themes thrown in. Even watching and knowing it was based on events can be corkscrewed into fiction if it wasn’t for the fact that two people actually witnessed this for real.

Its not a movie for the faint at heart or those like me who doesn’t want to watch movies based on facts. This is questionable if this happened as the movie describes. But I leave this to you to decide whether to watch it. I really enjoyed this movie and much of the special effects made it for me to watch it. Horror crime thriller and real drama… ♠♠½


Before I start the plot and overview of this movie, there has been many versions of this legendary character played by different actors over the years and many adaptions in TV series. There is another movie a week or so before or at the same time which has a different title but a different version. This one has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in it and for me it was the sole reason I like to watch any movie with him in it.


The story starts with the twelve labors of Hercules told by Hercules nephew who admittedly is tied up over a spike pointing directly to his bottom. As he tells his captures the story of his uncle, Hercules is coming to save him with his band of friends – which consists of a fighting soothsayer, a dog-like fighter, a fighter who likes gold and an amazonian woman archer. From there he and his band finds a inn to celebrate but a woman is asking for Hercules help to save the kingdom from wild creatures and a bandits. Hercules felt something is amiss but he had no choice to follow the task at hand. But he had one thing that haunted his memories which he needed to face, which seem what was not his fault.


As all movies or TV series of this mythological character is centered by a demigod –  half human and god – Hercules, son of Zeus. The first person I knew who played this character is Steve Reeves, from the Italian films from the 1950 to 1960 and these actors also played Hercules – Gordon Scott, Kirk Morris, Mickey Hargitay, Mark Forest, Alan Steel, Dan Vadis, Brad Harris, Reg Park, Peter Lupus (billed as Rock Stevens) and Michael Lane. Steve Reeves was the best actor for Hercules and still is for me(even though he died in 2000). The others were good for their parts. Kevin Sorbo in the Hercules TV Series was okay in his role. I liked Dwayne Johnson’s version better than the others. It also felt like I was watching the old Italian movie with Steve Reeves – almost. I can’t compare the two movies at all but say one thing – they seemed to complement each other.

Even though this was like a remake of the 1958 film but it was not the same – different. Where? Well like all legends of Hercules,  each story points are almost the same but each writer who wrote the screenplay shows it differently. The movie Directors direct it to their vision with the screenwriters and even though the Hercules I remember showed all the labors through the movie until the last; this movie showed it all the eleven  in a few seconds and his last labor was the Cerberus – a three head dog. This was the haunting dream of Hercules where his wife and his children dies – thinking he killed them. This is what was his last labor was about.

The wild creatures and Bandits were considered as centaurs – half man and horse. But of course this movie dispels such creatures as fake unlike the first movie I watched. This was a movie that is as close to fact if there was a real Hercules as a man. If we were to look at this movie as a real factual account then a man’s sheer strength can be seen as a falsehood if Hercules had a band of men and a woman. Of course, the way this movie portrayed the story is very excellent in such a way that it may look like Hercules was a son of a god.  Oh his band of friends, Hercules save them from dangers we know nothing about them(just that the characters say it). Then there was a part in the movie where Hercules pushes a giant statute down the stairs in the advancing King’s army who he trained. If that is only the sheer strength of a man then we must come to the conclusion if he really was a son of Zeus.

This seems to me that fact or myth; is it possible for a man to push a statute at two-storey house or more tall to be pushed by a single man.  Can a mere man push that much tonne of rock? Sheer strength and will power is possible … but not a marble rock statue. All I know is this and by this I mean in my own thoughts; this movie is up to the viewer to sort out whether to watch it or not. I liked this movie because it showed that myth can be false at times and may be true as well. This movie also shows that soothsayers can be wrong as well but they can also be a help when they are needed.

It show fact as truth and myths as false but some of these facts and myths seemed to be the other way round; eg, centaurs were really men on horseback. Another example is the Cerberus is really three hungry wolves. Hercules as the man is the only thing that I found to be something to wonder about. Was he real or myth? That is a question mixed in mythology. I must say I really enjoyed this movie to the action and almost mythological atmosphere that portrays well. ♠♠♠½